Haka Game Park, My Solo Travel Experience

Haka Game Park is about 12 kilometers from Harare city centre. You can either use the Cleveland Dam entrance along Mutare road or when you’re along Mutare Road turn left into Harare Drive at the roundabout. Haka Game Park entrance will be to your right after about 1.5 kilometers.

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My favourite shot of part of Haka Game Park 🙂

It’s the perfect place to go on a solo trip or with friends. I needed a solo trip to breathe some fresh air and take in some exquisite views. I asked a friend who had been there before what I needed to take with me. He advised me to pack a picnic basket filled with all my favourite things and a bottle of wine. Thankfully I’d eaten so I settled for my bottle of water, crisps, and bar of chocolate. Just incase…

10 Things I Loved About Haka Game Park

  1. The cool breeze and crisp clean air.
  2. Silence. A welcome change from all the hustle and bustle of Harare CBD.
  3. Viewing zebras and buffalo so close up. You have the option to take a walk with them if you like but I haven’t reached that level of bravery just yet.
  4. There are braai areas and a lot of sitting space.
  5. A lot of available sitting areas are available. Most are tree stumps. A very clever idea if you ask me.
  6. There are a variety of activities you can take part in. Horse riding, canoeing, volleyball, and soccer. 
    Haka Game Park Game Viewing

    Image courtesy of Kelvin Motsi

    Image courtesy of Kelvin Motsi

  7. Bins are available. Please make sure you tidy up and bin your litter before you leave.
  8. You can bring your food, alcohol, and snacks.
  9. Any car can use the route to Haka Game Park. I’m not sure if the same applies when the rainy season hits hard.
  10. It’s close to Harare CBD, you won’t have to travel far and wide to experience a taste of the wild.

When I went the entrance fee was 120ZWL or USD6. They also take Ecocash so that’s a bonus!

Have you been to Haka Game Park before? What was your experience like?

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3 Things You Can Do When You’re Spending Time Alone

“Sometimes you need to be alone. Not to be lonely but to free time being yourself.”

How many times have you gone for an outing with family and friends when you’d have preferred staying at home or doing something completely different? I know I have. I had a phase in my life not too many moons ago where if any event was happening I’d be there. Nothing wrong with being out and about right? However, truth be told I wasn’t having as much fun as I thought I was. Almost all the time I’d get home and I’d be completely drunk and had to deal with a killer hangover the next day. Was it worth my time and money after all? I decided I’d start spending my energy on things that matter. Part of the process meant me focusing on figuring out what made me truly happy on my own.  

Here are 3 things I tried out to start my journey of self discovery.

MaKupsy spending time alone

1. Stay In Your House

Considering I spend a lot of money on paying rent I figured why keep running away from my apartment every weekend? Let me stay here and get to use every single dime of my money; facilities included. Also, the electricity supply has improved so why would I need to step out of the house? More time for me to read, research, write and improve my digital skills.  

2. Travel Solo

My motto this year is 2020, My Year Of Travel. What I like about speaking things into existence is that they almost always come true. Yesterday I visited a place I had on my “travel to list” and I didn’t have to invite my entire contact list for this adventure. It was something I needed to do for myself. I wish I’d done so earlier because I left that space with my creative juices on steroids. It’s a good thing I carried my notebook with me to take down the ideas. Sometimes all you need is a new experience to open your mind to fresh possibilities. 

3. Clean

I’m a huge fan of this exercise. Personally, cleaning is a therapeutic experience that I can never get enough of. Last month I went through my things to see if there was anything I needed to get rid of. I was shell shocked when I had not one but two huge bags full of clothes, linen and cutlery that I hadn’t used over the past year. Here they were, taking up space and yet they had no purpose in my life. That night I slept so soundly. It felt like I could breathe better because I’d let go of things that were “holding me back.” I highly recommend you try this out yourself.  

*Side note*. In our Shona culture. When you die your relatives get to inherit your earthly possessions. It’s the other reason I’m always cleaning up. I’ll be thinking when I die I don’t want people to adopt broken things. They’d be pissed off with me for keeping dated things…I know I have a strange way of thinking. 

MaKupsy alone time.jpeg

Spending time on your own is a great way to get to know who you are and what you are or aren’t about. When you’re always around people it’s easy to assume that you like the same things. You don’t have to suddenly disappear from your friends and family’s lives. You simply have to take small deliberate steps each day to reserve some alone time.

The list of things to do when you’re on your own is endless. What are some of the things you get up to when you’re alone? I’d love to hear from you.

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How Dropping These 4 Habits Can Change Your Life

1. I don’t eat bread. It’s been nearly three months now. The main reason is that I’m not willing to spend 20ZWL on food that I know is bad for me. I’ve observed that most people aren’t buying bread and it’s stuck on the shelf for days on end. The chances of buying a nearly stale loaf are highly likely, I’m not taking that chance with my money. Just out of curiosity, have you noticed how you feel so hungry after a few hours of eating bread? The reason behind it is because bread has low energy density and your body uses it up quickly.

2. I love my coffee; I have it black, no milk no sugar. It was hard to stop taking sugar but I had to wean myself off it one day at a time. Studies have shown that having black coffee without sugar keeps your mind and body young. (I wish it had the same effect on my boobs😂)

new habits makupsy.jpg

3. I no longer run long distances. My current body type isn’t meant for that form of exercise. I only found this out when I was taking my fitness certification classes. It explained all the aches and pains I’d been experiencing the past few months! However, after running for weight loss for the past 5 years it came as a shock to discover that I didn’t have to kill myself with running insane distances. When I reach my goal weight I’ll get back to it but for now, I keep my runs short and sweet. The maximum distance I’ll ever do is 5km.

4. I’ve stopped buying exercise gear. I have more than enough of it. Lack of space in my wardrobe is also playing a huge role in that decision. Nevertheless, I’m still considering getting more custom made apparel instead and then give away the exercise gear collection I currently own. Sounds good to me.

What habits have you dropped along the way? They don’t have to be fitness related, it can be anything you know has made a positive difference in your life.

Let’s talk.

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New Year Resolutions Are A Waste Of Time

New year resolutions loading…Does this sound like something you have said or read on social media lately? My guess is yes; a million times over. There’s something about new beginnings that gets people all excited about what lies ahead. I used to be a part of this bandwagon. Each year I’d take out my journal and write a never-ending list of things I wanted to achieve or change in the coming year. Guess what? I hardly ever went through half that list and sometimes I’d misplace the journal and just go on with my merry life with the same attitude I had the previous year. So much for that! 

New Year Resolutions MaKupsy.jpeg

Cons Of New Year Resolutions

  1. You bite more than you can chew. At some point, you’re bound to lose track of your resolutions. Last year I intended to read at least 12 books by the end of the year. I stopped at book 7 and never got back to it. 
  2. It’s close to impossible to achieve all the resolutions you set out to accomplish. This is the part where you feel you let yourself down. That one thing can discourage you to stop working on everything else you had planned out. 
  3. In the fitness world, I’ve encountered a lot of people who tell me they want to start exercising on a Monday. Why not today? I think it’s the same effect as telling yourself your new year resolution is to start exercising in January. Dear reader, if you couldn’t get yourself to do anything about your health for a whole year what guarantee do you have you’ll be motivated to do something about it in January 2020?  

Pros Of New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions 2020 MaKupsy.jpeg

  1. You’ll likely land yourself a cool gym discount. This time of the year most fitness centers are aware that most people’s top resolution is to lose weight. They’ll lure you in with an irresistible offer.
  2. Working with a list of things of what needs to be done will help you stay focused. Just make sure the list is somewhere you see it all the time.

Do I make new year resolutions? I don’t. From personal experience, this has never worked out well for me. What I have instead are monthly goals that I break down to weekly then daily goals. I find it easier to keep track of goals.  

I’ll share one of the goals I currently have:

In order to accomplish these goals I’m going to make sure:

  • I’ve paid up my gym membership,
  • I’ve concluded on the start dates for self-defense classes,
  • I’ve invested in a second bathing suit for my swimming sessions and
  • I’ve given my custom made apparel contact a call to finalise on designs.  

I dare you to try this out for yourself and see how much it will greatly improve your life. You don’t have to wait for a new season to make goals, you can do so today because frankly speaking, change doesn’t need a timeline.

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Sweet Chilli Chicken Kebabs with Avocado & Mango Salad

I will tell you this for free, cooking for one is a real pain!  That’s the only downside that comes to staying on your own and personally, I can count the number of days in a week I whip up something to eat at the end of the day.  I mainly survive on fruit and water and on a good day I will grill some meat but trust me, it feels like a mammoth task! However, after seeing some of the pictures on Instagram the past few weeks I had a change of heart because following Tanyaradzwa will have you bringing out the Chef in you.  She makes mouth watering meals and she was kind enough to share a recipe for a delicious and healthy meal that won’t take forever and a day to prepare.

Here’s a free healthy recipe you can try this Christmas.

All the ingredients:



3 chicken breasts
3 peppers, different colours (red, yellow and green)
Fresh tomato
Red onion

Dice the chicken and season spices of choice. I used:

Ground black pepper
Jerk seasoning
Cajun seasoning
Extra hot chilli powder
Mild curry powder



  • Chop peppers roughly to the size of chicken pieces
  • Using large skewers, assemble chicken kebabs alternating between chicken breast piece and a chopped pepper.



  • Place chicken kebabs on oven tray and cover with foil
  • Cook in the oven. Cooking times will vary according to size of chicken chunks.
  • Remove foil for approx 10 minutes to allow kebabs to brown. Glaze with sauce of choice if you wish. I used sweet Chilli sauce.
  • While kebabs finish cooking, chop up the vegetables (and fruit if you wish) to make a side salad. I used mango to add a sweet element to the dish!


Plate and enjoy !

I am still trying to figure out why I decided to share this post at this time of day because now I feel very hungry!  I will make sure I get some of the ingredients today and try this out because it is just the switch I need in my meals and it also looks easy to prepare.

In case you did not know some of the benefits of eating chicken are:

  1. Helps build muscles
  2. Keeps your bones healthy
  3. Relieves stress
  4. Promotes heart health

A big thank you to do Tanyaradzwa for featuring on my blog.  I hope you start on a Food Blog soon because you are really great at what you do.  You can find Tanya on:

Twitter and Instagram you will be sure to follow her because she definitely has a Smile So Bright!

Merry Christmas!!

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What’s The Coolest Thing That Could Happen To You?

I’m an avid reader, sometimes. My excuse is that occasionally life gets too busy and I don’t get a chance to sit down and indulge myself in a good read. However, the times when I do read I find the most priceless information. This one book had a chapter where the author asks you to write down a list of the coolest things that could happen to you. You have to put down all your wildest dreams and get to work. I did exactly that and now that I’m going through my journal I’m in awe.

2019 Goals MaKupsy.jpeg

I Got Certified!

This was technically a goal I had set up for December 2018 but I couldn’t find a place locally that offered a Fitness Certification program. The best I could find was a First Aid Certification but I didn’t want that. My enthusiasm for fitness wanted more than that. I decided I’d start saving up and whenever the time came I’d be ready to make a payment. As the universe would have it a Facebook friend appeared on my Newsfeed sharing pictures of her graduation day after completing a fitness program. After sending her a congratulatory message I asked her for all the details and she shared them with me. A few months down the line I had paid up and spent all my weekends of November attending classes. The hard work paid off and I graduated and I’m officially an ACE Certified Fitness Trainer.  

I’m Obsessed With Social Media

I love social media. I live on the platform most of my day. I’m always looking out for new ways to spice things up. I don’t like staying the same, normal gets boring. A friend recommended I try out a free online course and I figured why not? Given the amount of money I pay for WiFi may as well be put to good use. After weeks of learning and unlearning digital marketing skills, I took my final test and aced it! You’re officially reading a blog post penned by a Google Certified Digital MarketerI believe in the age we’re living in, you have no excuse whatsoever to not be continuously learning new things. I published a post on things that successful things people do a few months ago. You can read about it here as a reminder that if you want to do great things you need to cultivate good habits.

All My Dreams Came True

There are other hopes and dreams I had for the year. If I put them down here you would think I was showing off. I wouldn’t want you to see me in that light. Instead, I’ll have you know that sometimes all it takes is time. Before I’d get frustrated that things weren’t going according to plan. I soon realised that had I not gone through the things I went through in the past I wouldn’t be prepared for what I have now. 2019 was good to me in so many ways, It’s the one year that I will forever cherish.

Goal Setting MaKupsy.jpeg


I was going through a challenging time emotionally. I felt like I kept giving out to the world and my cup was running on empty. I had to take a step back and start taking stock of what mattered to me the most. Unfortunately, I thought depression can be cured, it turns out it can only be managed. I didn’t know how to explain how I was feeling to anyone I was in a difficult dark space. I managed to get past it through unplugging from Twitter for a month and focused on finding ways to bring back the light inside of me. It was a difficult time.

I’ve learned different lessons throughout the year. The ones that stick out for me are:

  • Life is short and unpredictable. One day you are going to die. That day can be today, tomorrow or years from now. Knowing that we aren’t here for eternity is the very reason why you should go out and do everything that will make you happy and leave a positive imprint on this earth.
  • Appreciate what you have. There’s more joy in being grateful for what you have than constantly worrying and complaining about what you don’t have.  
  • Everything can’t always go right. You will face setbacks that will make you stronger or teach you a lesson. Don’t be too hard on yourself, life’s like that.
  • If it doesn’t make you happy or make you better don’t make time for it.

That’s my 2019 in a nutshell. I hope you had a beautiful and fulfilling year and you’re ready to step into 2020 with nothing but positive vibes only.

MaKupsy 2019

Saturday Is Going To Be Epic AF!

She’s talented, she’s beautiful and she does makeup so good you want to start taking classes to upgrade your skills. She’s also eloquent and enthusiastic about her craft. Best of all she’ll be gracing us with her presence at the DJ Stavo and Friends Concert as one of the Masters of Ceremony. Meet the lovely Miss Becky.

You still have time to grab yourself a ticket. For a small fee of USD10 or Zimbabwe Dollar equivalent you’re guaranteed to look forward to an event that going to be worth every dime of your money.

I enjoy all the musicians on the line up but the one act I’m looking forward to is WinkyD. He always brings the house down! I’m ready to lose my voice singing along to all of his songs.

My outfit is set and ready to go, my bank card is loaded with money to buy drinks until the sun comes up and my transport is sorted.

I’ll see you tomorrow. Gates open at 1pm sharp!

MaKupsy 2019

5 Things You Need To Know About The DJStavo & Friends Concert

Who is DJ Stavo? He’s a popular Zimbabwean DJ, Afro-Jazz artist, and music producer. His government name is Steven Sanders. He has partnered up with artists from different genres for a concert that promises to knock your socks off! 


DJ Stavo

Here are 5 things you need to know;

  1. There will be Craft Beer at pump price! I’ve never had a beer in my life but the pump price sounds very attractive to me. I’m going to give this a try.
  2. It’s going to be a budget-friendly event. You’ll afford to treat yourself to an assortment of savory foods and not break your bank balance.
  3. Expect nothing but world-class performances. AKA Worldwide; the South African rapper, songwriter, record producer, singer, and entrepreneur is also on the lineup.
  4. You can enjoy your outing with a settled mind knowing there’s tight security and secure parking.  
  5. The best part? There will be full weather cover! Let the weather switch up all it likes. It won’t stop the concert that’s going to shut down Zimbabwe from taking place. They’re well prepared.

DJ Stavo and Friends 2019.jpg

P.S DJ Stavo is also doing this super cool thing of delivering some tickets to his fans. You can check out some of the lucky few people who got an opportunity to meet him on Twitter. Simply follow the hashtag #DJStavoAndFriends2019

So…are you coming?

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30 Things Women Want Men To Know

I was really trying to avoid blogging about anything concerning sex but I guess it was highly inevitable.  Today I am sharing those things most women wish men knew but simply don’t tell them.  My personal thoughts are points 1-10 and 30 and the rest of the points are from the women I asked.  Here’s hoping no one takes offence but maybe takes notes instead and make sex something both you and your partner enjoy.

Sex Tips MaKupsy.jpg

  1. It is not about the quantity but the quality of sex. Why are you trying to have 8 rounds of 2 minute sex??  One session of good sex is good enough and if you are doing things right and hitting the spot then by all means rest assured I am fine.
  2. Size does matter. For me that is, that motion for the ocean line doesn’t hold water.  I am a big girl, I like big things.
  3. Sex in the dark? NO, switch on the light please I want to see what’s going on.
  4. If you have to ask “how was it” you know the sex was lousy.
  5. Do no keep asking me how it was; you are not ready for the truth.
  6. Just because the last woman you slept with liked anal sex does not mean the next woman does. Ask before trying to sneak your dick  into my ass hole!
  7. I don’t fake orgasms, if I didn’t cum I didn’t cum, it is really that simple.
  8. Oral sex is a big turn on. Eat that pussy like it’s the cure for some life threatening disease!  Note I said EAT not small little licks!
  9. Do not bite the clitoris! Just because it is shaped like a jelly bean it does not mean it was made for biting.  That is a sensitive organ, be gentle.
  10. Don’t be lazy, put your back in it!
  11. Take off ALL your clothes. Why do you leave some clothes on? Socks, vest, take it off we want to see all your body parts.
  12. Screaming doesn’t mean we are enjoying it. It can mean one of three things. Maybe we just want to stroke your ego and make you think you are pumping us proper, we want you to stop or it’s actually painful. LOL
  13. We don’t always orgasm, but that’s okay. Do not make it a big deal because if you do we end up faking orgasms.
  14. Sex should not always be about a good fuck. Sometimes a woman wants some good old deep, delicious and slow love making.
  15. Change of scenery will definitely spice up the sex. The bedroom becomes boring. Sex in the shower anyone?30 sex tips MaKupsy.jpg
  16. We love surprises; introduce goodies like chocolate, strawberries, yoghurt, edible lingerie…
  17. Take a bath! Who do you want to climb on top of smelling like you were ploughing in a field all day?
  18. Sweat is a NO NO. Show up smelling divine and maybe a different cologne every now and again is a huge turn on.
  19. Do not be a selfish lover, wait for the woman to orgasm.
  20. Do not keep switching tempo. We do like variety BUT constantly changing tempo interrupts our flow. Worst time to switch is when we are about to orgasm.  Do you have any idea what it takes to finally get an orgasm??? Do not tempt us to punch you in the face during sex!
  21. If a woman is not in the mood for sex she is not. No amount of parading in the room naked will change her mind.
  22. Foreplay is more than just sticking your fingers up her pussy.
  23. Enjoying sex does not make me a freak.
  24. Sex is meant to be fun.
  25. If you expect to get head you better wash up your dick properly!
  26. Women probably love sex more than men but our society has raised us in a way where showing that labels you a loose woman.
  27. Most women are shy to initiate sex but in her mind she has ripped off your clothes and done all sorts of unimaginable things!
  28. Women are horniest when they are on their period. Some actually don’t mind sex during that time of the month.
  29. You don’t know women like that. Just because your friend told you his woman liked this, it doesn’t mean I will like it.
  30. TALK, TALK, TALK! You must communicate during sex. That way you both say what you want.  Laughing is even welcome when things go wrong.  That’s the whole point of sex, to have a good time.  Give specifics and help each other to enjoy amazing sex!

*Side Note – Remember to practice safe sex.  If you have sex without any form of contraception, then you may be at risk of a pregnancy (as well as a sexually transmitted infections).

My friend uBu has a Podcast that you should listen into.  In this episode they talked about women who fake orgasms to keep their man happy.  Like who would do something crazy like that?

MaKupsy 2019

What To Wear To The Biggest Concert In Town!

I’ve always been a fan of concerts, especially the ones that have a whimsical vibe. If you don’t find me there chances are it’s a yawn fest. I only show up at the best concerts in town! Let me tell you a little story about the last one I went to.

I had a VIP pass, courtesy of being a Blogger. If anyone had told me these were some of the perks of being a creative I’d have started writing a decade ago. My biggest challenge when it comes to going out is deciding on what to wear so I was held up for a good hour trying to figure that out. As luck would have it I remembered that my very good friend and Fashion Blogger, Delyse lived and breathed fashion. A few WhatsApp messages later she helped me whip up the most delicious outfit I’ve ever worn! I felt and looked like a million bucks! See the picture below for visual details.

DJ Stavo and Friends MaKupsy.JPG

The weather report says there are chances of rain on Saturday 21 December. You have two choices. Either you tell yourself I’ll be a fashion diva even if it kills me or you go the safe way and dress according to the weather. Here are your options to rock at the DJ Stavo and Friends concert that will be held at Long Cheng Plaza.

DJ Stavo and Friends 2019

Image from Pinterest

Why I love this look?

  1. Your feet will be happy and comfortable. You can dance the night away in these shoes.
  2. The bag will keep your valuables close to you. Alternatively, you can carry a fanny pack.
  3. If the weather switches up you’ll be prepared.
DJ Stavo and Friends Concert.jpg

Image from Pinterest

For the guys

I’m not a fashion guru but one thing I know is you can never go wrong with a white tshirt.  Dear men, make a statement with a look like this and the ladies will want to take a tonne of selfies with you on the day.

Additional things you’ll need for the DJ Stavo and Friends Concert include:

  • A designated sober driver
  • Fully charged phone incase you need to make payments via your phone
  • An extra jacket
  • Toilet paper
  • Your own boyfriend or girlfriend
  • A fantastic vibe to party the day away

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