10 Things That Used To Be Cool Before Social Media

I come from a generation that used to not have social media.  Right now everything goes by so fast if you aren’t careful you will miss out on a lot of things.  It’s not a bad thing to have information at your fingertips but nothing beats the good old times.  This morning during my run I couldn’t help but think of all the things that used to be cool before social media and here’s my list.

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  1. Calling each other on the landline.  If your family setup was anything like mine the moment the phone rang everyone rushed to try and pick up because we were all expecting a phone call.  My dad used to give boys who would call a really hard time!  I remember the one boy was told to wait till I finished High School before he could even think about calling me again.
  2. Recording music.  This is round about the time when audio cassettes were a big deal.  The DJs used to kill our vibe though, here you are trying to be the cool kid with a flawless collection of mix tapes and the DJ starts talking right in the middle of your recording!
  3. Calling a taxi.  You had to know someone who knows someone to finally get yourself one.  Then there was a time there was probably one taxi service provider and you called their landline and wait on them to come and pick you up.  That was a whole different life I tell you!  Now there’s taxis everywhere you turn and Uber in some countries!
  4. Keeping time.  If you had a date at 2pm trust that the next person would be there at the exact same time.  If they were delayed you would wait for at most an hour because there was no other way of getting in touch with them to know how far along they were.  These days people keep sending messages or calling every other minute for an update it’s crazy!
  5. Dating.  These men used to go all out.  They would express themselves, take you on well thought out outings, open doors and shit but alas, times have changed!
  6. Autobooks.  I remember getting into trouble for owning one of these in High School.  Each time I think about it my heart bleeds, it was the most beautiful book I had created and all my friends had signed in and then it got confiscated!
  7. Watching TV as a family.  Back then there was only ONE TV channel so everyone watched the same thing.  Who remembers the character who used to say “Laura my sweet potato.” ?
  8. Family photographs.  The whole town had one photographer and you had to make an appointment to have him to a house visit.  On the day everyone had to take a bath, have vaseline blue seal smeared on their faces to look fresh and wear their best outfit.
  9. Reading books.  I remember going through the entire Enid Blyton series during my primary school days.  I loved and still love to read but lately most things are digital.  I’m really old school, I want to read a book and touch, feel and smell it, am I weird?  Maybe I am but I love it that way.   Oh yes, and going to the library was something we looked forward to doing but now Google has all the answers, yawn!
  10. Writing letters.  Expressing yourself and actually having feelings and emotions was not a crime.  I still have letters from my very first boyfriend.  That boy used to write the most heart warming letters.  The whole process of buying stamps, envelopes, writing pads and then adding a dash of fragrance to the letter before posting it off was a thrilling adventure.

*Bonus point* PRIVACY!  People kept their relationships and their business to themselves.  Fast forward to 2018 there’s no more room for mystery because almost everyone let’s you in on what they are doing with their life.

I know some of the pictures below will take you back in time.

Things before social media MaKupsy.jpg

before social media MaKupsy 1.jpg

cool things before social media MaKupsy.jpg

life before social media MaKupsy.jpg

What are some of the things that you used to enjoy before social media took over? I know these can’t be the only cool things from way back when. I would love to hear from you.

©MaKupsy 2018



Dax 3 in 1 Super Curl Sheen Review

I bought myself a bottle of Dax 3 in 1 Super Curl Sheen a while ago because I was and still am out of coconut oil.  Members from the Facebook Page I follow for natural hair care highly recommend this product so I decided to give it a try as an alternative while I waited for my supplier to restock the product that makes my hair really happy.  I remember using Dax 3 in 1 Super Curl Sheen way back in primary school.  This is round about the time I learnt how to do my own hair.  How I wish I had taken it to the next level and learnt how to do cornrows, I could be making serious money right about now!  The country is on a serious natural hair movement and there’s no stopping us.  The product seemed to work just fine back then so I had no doubt it would work miracles yet again.

Dax 3 in 1 MaKupsy.jpg

The packaging is basic nothing too fancy.  Directions on how to apply the product are simple and written at the back of the bottle; they read:

Apply generous amounts of Super Dax 3 in  Triple Action Black Curl Sheen to your hair and massage evenly throughout your hair with your fingertips.  Comb into your favourite style.

I asked my Twitter followers if they had used this product before.  Their responses;

My clothing was always stained as a kid, especially collars – @SoulDeepZim

Awesome, my pubic hair had been flourishing ever since – @_iamTJ (I don’t know if he’s serious or just playing.)

Dax 3 in 1 Review MaKupsy.jpg

Dax is perfect if you want to rock the African Threading hairstyle (we call it “buns” this part of the world)

I’ve been using this product for a month and a half now.


  1. It’s cheap, I bought it in Bon Marche for $3.80.
  2. It leaves your hair soft and easy to manage if you plan on plaiting it.


  1. I don’t like the sticky effect it leaves on my hands.  After applying it my hair felt sticky, dirty and heavy I felt like I had to rewash my hair.
  2. Dax 3 in 1 leaves stains on my pillow cases and satin bonnet.
  3. There are no ingredients listed so I have no clue what I’m feeding my hair with.
  4. I didn’t see any positive changes after using it.  My hair felt and looked miserable.  I assume it works for certain hair types.  I’m still trying to figure out what my hair type is so there’s that.

The natural hair community hypes a lot of things, I’ve learnt that not everything that works for others will automatically work for me.  Thankfully the product was cheap and I wasn’t too heart broken when it didn’t work.  I gave it away to someone who made better use of it.

On a scale of 0-10, I rate the product at 3.  At least it will keep your hair moisturised until your reliable everyday product is back on the market.

What has your experience with Dax 3 in 1 Curl Sheen?  Would you recommend it to a friend?

©MaKupsy 2018

Don’t Follow Your Heart!

If you ask me, when it comes to love, I don’t learn, AT ALL!  I see things in black and white but I choose to add some colour to spice things up.  I’m beginning to believe I thrive on drama.  Let me tell you something that happened to me many moons ago; I look back now and simply shake my head but when it happened my poor heart was going through a lot of pain.

Love MaKupsy.jpg

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You already know the narrative, boy meets girl, both fall helplessly in love and start dating.  The universe always chooses to play a joke on me and has the “love of my life” move out of the country and I’m left behind with a whole sack full of feelings.  However, this time around there seemed to be hope.  Thanks to technology we were in constant communication and even had the same Display Picture on WhatsApp.  Stuff like that makes me feel all shades of mushy inside.  I like whoever is dating me to show me off, I love it!

There was only one problem.  My current flame still had pictures of his ex on his Facebook profile.  Initially I pretended that it didn’t bother me but eventually I communicated that I wasn’t comfortable with having to see her on his profile, he could hide his albums no problem but having them in my face felt offensive.  How I always end up with partners who still have ex issues beats me?

The flame told me that his ex was going to be in the country for some work related thing and she might pass through to see him.  It was at that point that all hell broke loose.  In my head I thought  why in the world would your ex travel halfway across the continent to probably see you at some point.  Why are you still talking to your ex, why are you even telling me about this??!!!  I felt so much confusion I couldn’t focus on anything for days to come.  After telling my friend what was going on she sent me a message and said, “I told you that woman was never an ex she has always been there it was just the distance that had separated them.” 

I asked him what was going on and I was told that she was still his friend and I was being crazy.  I recall him telling me I was being dramatic.  Me, dramatic for saying what I was seeing with my own eyes!  I was drinking on a Monday after work or any given day actually.  You see, alcohol is my coping mechanism.  I was sending voice notes and never ending messages to my flame asking why he chose to pursue me if he knew he still had unfinished business with his ex.  I was listening to all our favourite songs and crying buckets, I had headaches every single morning.  I was a hot mess!

After a few weeks I told myself I was going to delete his number, all our music playlists and all our photographs together and let go.  I said my peace and walked away from the most intense emotional place I had ever found myself in.  I loved him so much but I wasn’t going to risk getting a broken heart over someone who obviously lied to me from the get go.

Months later I went to check his Facebook account.  The so called “ex” was there alright, he went on to get a tattoo with her name…  Sigh.

I need to do better.  I need to be better.  I don’t want the kind of love that sets my soul on fire.  I’ve been in that kind of love, it does nothing but bring me pain and disappointment.  I want a love that is calm, certain and doesn’t give me sleepless nights.  I know things will not always be perfect but for the most part the relationship should maintain my sanity!  Anyone can tell you that they love you, they’re just three little words after all; what matters is what they want to do about this love they claim to have for you.  The plan is to write a beautiful love story in 2018 despite all the disasters I’ve been through in the past, it will happen, when the time is right, this much I know.

I have more love gone wrong blog posts for you to enjoy, at this rate I may as well move around with a gown to showcase my Masters In Failed Relationships;

How To Lose A Great Guy


The Rebound Guy

Catching Feelings

What are some of the things you have done in the name of love?  I can’t be the only one doing relationships wrong, let’s talk about this and have a good laugh at ourselves.

©MaKupsy 2018

Lie To Me

Men and women lie.  Lying is not reserved for men only, both sexes put in the work when it comes to this not so clever form of communication.  People lie for different reasons; SoProfound states that lying is necessary to keep emotions balanced, needs met, wants satisfied and happiness guaranteed.  I was on radio last night and we touched on this subject and turns out I still have more to say on the subject!

MaKupsy ZiFM.jpg

SoPround, Kuda Nyemba, Simba Sox and MaKupsy

Every woman wants a good life, show me one who says otherwise and I’ll show you a liar!  Financial security is one of the top priorities for most women and from what I’ve gathered men have figured this out and take advantage of it.  Some of these men will build castles in the air and you will fall for it.  The few lucky women find out it was just a farce months into deciding to date someone others are unfortunate and find out the truth when they are pregnant and have nowhere else to go.  Goodbye fancy dates hello reality which includes borrowing from friends to keep up appearances.

I’m pregnant…

If you’re a sexually active man I’m absolutely positive you have received this message a couple of times and you probably went into extreme panic mode.  Some women can be a handful but there’s a reason.  We want to “see” where the relationship is going in a very twisted and immature way.  We think that your reaction to our “pregnancy” will give us an idea of how you feel about us.  It will be unheard of if you even utter the words abortion!  Then again if you suggest it chances of you sending through money are highly likely and the money can be put to better use seeing you would have chosen to be a prick; in our eyes anyway.  Not all I’m pregnant messages are true, it’s just a little lie to get you feeling miserable for the fun of it.

Everyone is single depending on who’s asking.  A man or woman can be in a relationship but the moment a potential candidate presents themselves their relationship status goes out the window.  Our generation has become quite a greedy lot.  We don’t seem to be content with one partner, we want not one but as many options as possible to fulfill different areas of our lives.  I blame social media, too many options are just a click away.  If you aren’t happy you easily turn your attention elsewhere and therein lies the problem. People have paired themselves up with married people who have hidden whole spouses and social media has been thriving on these stories.  If a person can lie to you about an entire family imagine what else they can lie to you about?

I think there’s a lot of lying in relationships because most people don’t know how to communicate and think that telling a lie will manage whatever expectations that would have presented themselves.  Everyone has accepted lies at some point in their life because of how the lie probably made them feel.  A great example is a man telling you he loves you and chose you because you bring him so much happiness meanwhile he is in a relationship with someone else.  Deep down you know he’s lying but those words just leave you feeling so good you can’t help yourself.

MaKupsy ZiFM The Love Lounge.jpg

We were on the show for a good 2 hours that flew by so fast and that confirmed just how much fun we were having.  Thoughts from the guests on the topic that caught my attention were:

Women love being lied to! Sox

Men lie out of love.  Kuda

Men lie, women lie but the one thing I know for a fact is that liars forget and can’t keep a straight story.  One way or the other the truth will come out so if you want to have a stress free life I’d suggest you keep your life as straight and narrow as you possibly can, at least for the most part.

What have your experiences with lies been?  What’s the biggest lie that you have ever told?  Do you think it’s okay or not to tell lies?

©MaKupsy 2018


Do You Love Yourself?

I mean it, do you ever stop to ask yourself if you really do love yourself?  The decisions you make every single day that concern you, are they coming out of a place of love?  I realised that I probably don’t love myself enough, I mean I do but sometimes my actions speak otherwise.  There are times when I find myself making really bad decisions that will cost me in the future but I go ahead and do them anyway.  That can’t be love!  I guess loving yourself is a never ending journey so you have to find ways to perfect it everyday.  I have a few pointers that I try to adhere to for the most part and you might find them helpful as well.

Do You Love Yourself MaKupsy.jpg

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Stop Putting Conditions To Love Yourself

I used to be guilty of this.  I would tell myself that I would only start feeling happy or do certain things once I achieved certain goals.  A great example was not wearing a crop top until I got killer abs.  What if I never got them, what if they stopped making crop tops and I had been holding back on that?  I told myself  I would wear whatever I felt like as long as I felt happy and comfortable screw what everyone else thinks.  I hope you realise how short life is.  You will die this very minute and you would have been postponing your happiness when you could have been living your best life right now!

Know Yourself

You know how they say “To know is to love”? Well this love business needs to start with yourself.  Are you taking yourself through activities which will help you get to know yourself better.  One of my favourite things to do every once in a while is to spend time alone.  It helps me be with my thoughts and figure out what I need to do to make myself happier.  This little ritual has also made me actually cut out some of the activities I used to be a part of.  I used to attend almost every event in town because I mostly like things but now I only spend my time on things that actually matter to me.  Fitness, music, hair, food, entrepreneurship, digital related events, I’m there!  Ask yourself if the things you are doing are out of love or simply a fear of missing out.  Once you establish that you can save yourself money and have more peace of mind while you’re at it.

Love vs Vanity

It’s a thin line between love and vanity.  Unfortunately for me my self love is often mistaken for vanity and that’s okay.  I know my strengths and weaknesses but I tend to hype my strengths more so that obviously sends a different message to those around me.  My advice, no matter what others may think, celebrate your positive aspects while also working on your weaknesses.  Be easy on yourself, no one is perfect.

Pamper Yourself

I absolutely love hot bubble baths but only two problems almost always present themselves.  First of all too much of bubble baths will end up giving me some form of yeast infection and secondly water isn’t always there so having to use a bucket for bathing ruins the entire pampering routine!  In the end I have to make an alternative plan and take it out in the kitchen and prepare a scrumptious meal while enjoying a powered up music playlist.  Whatever you do, always make time to show yourself some love.

You can also try the following:

  • Read or listen to books that talk about self love
  • Attend events that encourage self development
  • Listen to music that makes you feel good
  • Have sex, okay I kid! Sex isn’t the answer to everything really and truly

Ever since I started loving myself more my life has never been the same.  Yes, some days aren’t easy but the moment I get back to a positive mindset it only gets better.

I once wrote about the reason why you are not happy, you can check it out here.

I would like to know; do you know who you are, what you want and what you feel?

Today is Tuesday, the perfect day to start to choose to love yourself.

©MaKupsy 2018

This Is What Happens When You Have A Guy Friend

I have a colleague who has turned into my close friend.  I’m a fitness enthusiast and when he started his journey sometime last year I was naturally his go to person.  I would share tips, tricks and encourage him to keep pushing because I love to see people living their best life!  A few months ago I moved house and I now stay in the same area as him and we have been inseparable ever since.

Having a guy best friend MaKupsy.jpg

Image from Pinterest

Turns out almost everyone in the office is triggered by our friendship.  Apparently a man and woman can’t simply be friends.  According to them there surely must be something going on between us because we are either spending too much time together doing lunch, going home together, swimming on weekends, going for ice cream and basically doing what any other pair of friends do.  I paid no attention to it because I know most of them are married and bored out of their minds with nothing better to do except pry into other people’s business.  Then the one the day my colleague told me that someone approached him and told him the following:

  • I was going to influence him to not get married.
  • He shouldn’t date older women.
  • The person wanted to find out if I was good in bed.

Like what the heck is wrong with people?  I found it both amusing and shocking at the same damn time.  First of all, why are people triggered so much by our friendship?  Secondly, what if he’s the one who is stopping me from meeting my future husband because we’re always together, thirdly, we’re the same age and having a big juicy booty does not automatically make me older; how are my bedroom skills any of their business and lastly, why oh why are they not coming to ask ME all these questions?  What a bunch of gossipers!

This experience just made me realise that people ain’t shit.  I’m single, he is single too.  Imagine if we were actually dating and people were going around saying things like that to my “boyfriend”.  How long would he stick around before giving into what people around him were saying.  From what my colleague tells me the majority of the people coming to him with negative things to say are women.  I’m not surprised, it seems women are really each others worst enemies.  Why wouldn’t you want one of your own be in a happy healthy relationship?  Turns out being a single mother is a serious disability, it will be an abomination for me to be with a single never had children before man.  Us single mothers should be left to date whatever comes our way as long as it’s not a single man.

It’s all too funny if you ask me but I’m used to this crowd, I’ve worked with them for a good 6 years and I know that they live for gossip and negative energy.  I’ve written a couple of pieces which you might enjoy and you should check them out;

Office Eye Candy

Miss Petty

If you have a friend of the opposite sex what has been your experience with people around you.  What’s the worst or best thing they have said about you two?  It’s Monday, let’s talk about it and chase the blues away.

©MaKupsy 2018

10 Tips For Every Zimbabwean Naturalista

Naturalistas are going to love this piece penned by my woman crush this Wednesday, Tasha is not only a Blogger but a mother, wife, fashion designer and passionate about DIY hair care!  Get your notebooks out, she’s sharing some priceless gems with us this morning.

Zimbabwe Natural Hair Tips.jpg


If you are like me and have 4C hard maShona type, deciding to go natural can be exciting. With the new found obsession for natural hair, it can be a little overwhelming sometimes. With these groups up on Facebook one can be misled with how fancy the trend can be. No matter where you get your DIY hair smoothies from, there are a few things you should already know:

  1. Don’t Rush the Process

The hardest part about starting your natural hair journey is having patience. Know that hair does not grow overnight.Hair grows about half an inch every month. Now that does not mean that it will grow a full half inch per month!  If there is constant breakage occurring, there won’t be much growing at all. Be sure to find a routine that works for you. Once you find what works with your hair, it will grow to its fullest length monthly.

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others

Create your own routine; it is very easy to follow what someone else is doing.  Don’t think what worked for someone else will work for you. Every naturalista’s hair is different. Know your hair texture, porosity and hair type as well. Once you accept your differences with others, you’ll be ready to handle your hair the right way.

  1. Less is more

When it comes to hair products, less is more. There are so many different products out there, and it’s okay to want to try all of them out; just not at the same time. Always remember using too many products at once will only weigh down your hair, and leave it feeling greasy.

  1. No Gibberish

A lot of products on the market appear to be “all natural” but yet you can’t pronounce half of the ingredients.  Be careful with what you’re purchasing ladies and gentlemen. Just because the bottle says “100% natural”, doesn’t mean it is. Use products with simple ingredients that are easy to pronounce. Water based products are the best because water is the best moisturizer ever!!

  1. Finger Detangle

This is rule number 1 for most naturalistas. Never comb your hair when its bone dry. When you do this you are asking for breakage galore, not to mention a tough time even getting the comb through your hair.  Finger detangle your hair with a gentle approach is the secret to easy and manageable hair.  Eliminate the usage of brushes or small tooth combs, to minimize splits and breakages. . I use coconut oil or aloe vera to help with detangling.

Naturalistas Zimbabwe.jpg


  1. Moisturise your hair

Water is the best moisturizer. Using products throughout your week is not enough. You need a touch of water to restore balance in your hair. Your hair is weak when it’s dry; you experience severe hair loss and hairline problems. Know your dry spot!  The centre seems to be my driest and kinkiest. Apply more moisture and conditioner on these areas.

  1. A great diet

This goes without questions, but still so many women forget about this part. What you put in is what you get. It’s as simple as that, for a glowing skin and popping hair take loads of WATER. Food such as fish, chia seeds, dark leafy green veggies, nuts and eggs among others are the best things to add to your diet. Our body produces natural lubricants for the scalp to promote healthy hair growth.

  1. Conditioner is your friend!

Try to deep condition your hair as often as possible. This will help with moisture issues and it will improve your hair’s manageability. Have a deep conditioning a simple regimen. Invest in a deep conditioning cap (plastic bags/shower caps work), wide tooth comb and use mild heat use steamers.

  1. Create a basic night regimen

To protect your hair at night, try out a simple regimen. Nothing too fancy just a simple satin bonnet or silk pillowcase will do you good. Make sure your spritz some concoction before going to better or any oil, butter of your choice to loc in moisture.

  1. Embrace Shrinkage

We all hate shrinkage but its either you beat it or embrace it. While every naturalista must choose their path; I choose to embrace my shrinkage and rock it nevertheless.

Zimbabwe Naturals MaKupsy.jpg

Tasha is hosting a Meet and Greet Brunch this Saturday, 14 April 2018 at Moto Republik.  The event will be her official blog launch and comes with an opportunity to network.  Bring out your crown; natural, relaxed, braided or with weave or wig, locs and bald. It’s all about self confidence!  You can look forward to some freebies, food and hair talk which happens to be the reason you’re going to begin with by the way. Oh, gentleman are welcome too.

Tasha is on social media: Facebook: @TashaMatHairDiaries , WordPress: www.tashamat.wordpress.com




Swimming In Summer

Swimming is your best friend if you’re looking for a low impact sport.  I started swimming when I was still in preschool because all my siblings were involved in different sporting activities which included swimming so I was bound to join in.

Swimming Fitness Bae

Fitness Bae


Some of the reasons why you should swim in summer:

  • Swimming beats any form of exercise on a hot summer day.
  • You can enjoy swimming on your own or with friends, it’s really up to you.  I like to time my workouts so I usually spend at least 30 minutes doing a few laps and the rest of the 30 minutes just floating about and enjoying the cool water against my skin.
  • Best stress buster after running!
  • Swimming is gentle on your joints.  After my half marathon a few weeks ago my body has been in all sorts of aches and pains especially my hips and feet.  After my swimming session my joints felt so much better.  I spend way too much pounding my feet on the ground during my road runs.  You should see my feet, my toes, my word my toenails are even falling off!!! Sadly that’s a topic for another day…
  • No matter how old you are, you can always go swimming.  I started swimming at age 5 and decades later I’m still at it.  I know I will still be enjoying a few laps of my favorite breast stroke even in my 60s.

Swim with Fitness Bae



Fitness bae weekend swimming.jpg

OMG look at those abs!

Fitness bae community.jpg

With my friend Tawanda

Weekend Vibes Fitness Bae.jpg

Saturday well spent 🙂

You might be reading this and thinking but I don’t know how to swim; fear not, it’s never too late to try something new.  Add swimming to your to-do-list!

What’s your favourite form of exercise, the one you can do for the rest of your life?

Fitness Bae®

From Communion To Cunnilingus

Do not play “Never Have I Ever”. It brings up stories one would have thought are dead and buried. I never would’ve revisited this experience if it weren’t for a group of friends, too many tequila shots, and that one statement:

“Never have I ever… had sex in church.”

I could see all eyes on me as I, the good church girl, slowly took a shot glass and downed it gingerly. In my defense, it was just oral sex, but all forms of sex counted, and now people watched as my 10 year old secret came out at the bottom of a tequila shot. Then came the questions:


“Church church?”

“How did it happen? I have to know what exactly happened!!”

So you, dear reader and my dear drinking buddies, are going to hear the story of how a good church girl lost a round of “Never Have I Ever”.

church confessions MaKupsy.jpg

Image from Pinterest


I don’t remember the day as vividly as I should, but that doesn’t really matter. All I remember is that he had texted me on that day, saying we should spend the day together, since I was on holiday, he was on holiday, and had flown in from the UK to Zimbabwe. Our… situationship started online. I had the biggest crush on him; he was a force to be reckoned with in our church. He was a powerful preacher, prayer warrior, and in a word, “anointed”. It helped that he was real good looking, with smooth chocolate skin, and a muscular body that hugged his suits in just the right way (places). His voice? Oh my word… I can’t describe it in any other way than “creamy” His voice, his voice, his voice!

For our first “date”, I wore a patchwork African print floor-length skirt, and a white off-the-shoulder top. My hair was in braids, and I did a simple bun with it. I was looking good! I got to the church just in time, and got to my hiding place with him waiting for me. I guess it wasn’t much of a hiding place, because it was his as well. He had brought food; I don’t even remember what, all I know is that it tasted real good. We talked about random things as we had our little picnic, while we watched the choir finish up practise. I took a look at him as he was talking… he was looking so amazing with blue straight-cut jeans and a plain white t-shirt. He smelled heavenly… what was that cologne…? I felt like I knew it… I just couldn’t place it…

“Yeah, so our church is really growing,” he said, cutting through my thoughts. I quickly stuffed the rest of the… burger, I think… into my mouth and nodded like I was paying attention. He looked straight at me and smiled. I tried to smile back with my mouth full. Yikes! How awkward. I finally managed to swallow the burger, and we cleaned up.

“Sounds like the choir has left,” I said, suddenly shy. He was still looking at me, observing my every move. I saw his eyes dart down briefly, taking in my body, and then look into my eyes, his lips curving into a smile.

“Yeah, they have,” he replied.

“Only an hour left before we go to our meeting,” I said, my heart beating fast. He was still looking at me, smiling.

“Mm-hmm,” he said, his voice deepening. “You know, you got a crumb stuck to your cheek.”

Before I could respond, he had brushed off the crumb. His hand lingered on my cheek, rubbing it gently, his index finger going down to my lips, tracing the outline of my lips. My heart started racing. Is he going to kiss me here? Now?

He moved closer, drew my face closer to his and kissed me. His lips were soft, and tasted of the apple juice we had been drinking. His tongue darted in and out of my mouth, and he gently grabbed on to my bottom lip with his teeth. I felt him suck my lip ever so softly, before he let go quickly and engulf my lips with an ever harder kiss.

His hands went to the small of my back and pulled me even closer. As he continued to kiss me, I felt his hands go into my shirt, and caress my breasts firmly. My goodness, it felt so good!! I responded with the same amount of vigour, digging my nails into his back. In one swift move, he had unbuttoned his jeans, pulled down his fly, and had guided my hand into his pants.

Ah, his penis. This was our first official date, but not our first make out session. After a long day studying, he offered to take me home. We took a short walk, where he led me behind a tree along the road, and I proceeded to give him an impromptu blow job. It was my first time doing it, and hearing him gasp and moan quietly was the best feeling ever. He even came into my mouth and I swallowed.

sex confessions MaKupsy

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So when he guided my hand to his penis, I was ready. I was going to blow his mind again. It was hard, it was ready. I started to coax him out of his jeans and his boxers, until I felt his dick escape. I cupped his balls, rubbing them as I continued to kiss him. Suddenly, I stopped, and took as much of his dick as I could into my mouth. Listen, I was an awkward girl, I had no time for kissing down and up, or whatever other people do. I was horny and I wanted him now!  That man smelled so good! I breathed in his scent, as I sucked up and down, licking and sucking, changing the intensities of my sucking while rubbing his balls. I felt him start to thrust in my mouth, and I began to match his thrusting. Oh my gosh, I was so turned on right now!! I felt like my heart was going to explode, it was beating so fast!! I grabbed his butt, and let him go as deep as I could manage, as my mouth tightened, then loosened around his shaft. He thrust faster and faster, and with a soft groan, came into my mouth. I smiled internally (my mouth was still busy), and with one final suck, his dick was out of my mouth. I looked at him straight in the eye, and swallowed, and I could see him shiver just that bit. He dressed up, and whispered to me, “Time to return the favour.”

He lay me down onto the carpet, and because he was way more experienced than me, kissed my forehead, nose, lips, neck (ooh, he lingered on my neck… shudder), nuzzled my breasts, then stopped. I opened my eyes; he was looking straight at me, smiling. That smile… He kept his eyes on mine as he knelt between my legs, his hands disappearing under my skirt, and then I felt a gentle tug on my panties. I lifted my butt up so he could remove them, my heart in my throat. He stuffed them in his pocket, and one hand rubbed my inner thigh, and I felt a finger go into my pussy. Not breaking eye contact, he brought up his hand, and examined his finger.

“You’re so wet”, he said, licking the finger that entered my pussy so easily. “And you taste sweet.”

I was wet. I was so turned on, I couldn’t say a word because I was afraid many swear words would start coming out. And I did not swear. I was thinking though come on! Do it! Why are you teasing me???

And he did. Disappearing into my skirt, I felt him blowing onto my pussy, before giving me one long lick! I gasped, but before I could catch my breath, he continued, licking round and round my clit, then sucking it gently before licking it some more. Dying of pleasure is a thing!  I couldn’t moan, I couldn’t scream… we were in church, who knew who was around? So I bit my lip, dug my nails into the carpet and arched my back, as he continued. I felt his hand part my lips, and his fingers penetrate my pussy again, going in and out, while he licked and sucked my clit. I was going insane. Yohwe maiwe! Man knew his way around my anatomy. Suddenly he stopped, and I felt his hands go under my back, cupping my buttocks. This time, his tongue parted my lips, and thrust in and out my pussy. I can’t even describe it properly; he would thrust with his tongue, come out ever so slightly and make circular motions just inside my opening. I started chewing on my lips to keep silent. He made one final thrust, then went back to licking round and round my lips, my pussy, and my clit. I could feel the waves of electricity spread from my clit to my legs, and up my body… I was having an orgasm! I couldn’t keep quiet this time: I let out a loud moan, as my body stiffened, and then release.

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You know how it is when you orgasm? You want to crawl into a ball and enjoy the sensation. He wouldn’t let me. He emerged from my huge skirt, looked at me again, before licking his lips, and making a huge show of swallowing. My goodness… then, without letting go of my buttocks, went back in and gave me one long lick again. My clit throbbed wildly… it was not ready for any more stimulation. I didn’t know what to do, I was squirming so much. It was a perfect balance of pleasure and pain… it hurt so good. I couldn’t take it. I felt his hands dig into my butt as if to say, “Relax, I know what I’m doing.” So I did. This time he went straight for my pussy, thrusting in and out with his tongue, taking breaks to lightly blow onto my pussy. I was going insane…then he circled my clit again with his mouth, sucking very softly, while licking gently in between. No weird flicking movements with this guy; it was full on tongue. I couldn’t hold it in anymore; this time I was moaning softly as he pleasured me. I felt his fingers enter my pussy again, as he licked and sucked my clit softly, and then harder and harder. I felt myself starting to orgasm again… I mumbled, “Oh gosh, I’m coming again!” He looked up quickly and said, “Go for it,” and continued to lick me, nice and slow… I dug my nails into the carpet again as my body stiffened again with another orgasm. When I relaxed, I felt him kiss my inner thighs, and give my pussy one last lick. He pulled me up into a sitting position and handed me my panties. I was spent, my body had never felt such pleasure. In church, no less… my gosh!! I put on my panties, stood up, and checked out my skirt. Shoot, the back was all wet. He looked at me and laughed.

“Let’s go, the meeting is going to start in a few minutes.”

Oh no! I quickly turned my skirt around. I’ll just fabricate some lie about water splashing my skirt when I was in the toilet. As I caught a whiff of my scent on my way to the toilet, I realised I’d have to wipe myself down as well. I smiled though… no regrets at all.

Confessions booths are open daily from 4pm to 6pm. If the parish priest is unavailable call me…

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It’s Not You, It’s Me…

“Alcohol is not in my vodkabulary.  However, I looked it up on whiskeypedia and learned if you drink too much of it, it’s likely tequilya.”

I had so much alcohol last year.  If I were to collect all the bottles of wine, ciders and vodka that I went through I would be embarrassed for myself.  You see, I have a love looove relationship with alcohol, something about it just makes me feel better.  After a few glasses my spirit is lifted and I can take on the world again.  Unfortunately that relationship has come to an end.  I spent the entire Easter break sober and it was NOT by choice.

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I’ve stopped drinking for medical reasons.  Don’t think I didn’t try to have a glass or two over the weekend.  I did; but two sips into a glass of wine I knew this was a bad idea and I threw it out, I couldn’t stomach it.  Last night with a splitting headache I attempted a bit of vodka which never happened because soon after mixing the drink I was sure going to throw up.  My heart is breaking, what we had was unique, alcohol has never let me down, why is it doing this to me?  I thought we were in love, I thought we had great chemistry, I thought we were in this together forever but here I am, alone with no one to turn to.  What the heck am I going to do with myself on weekends?  What do sober people do with their time.  Surely there must be more to life than drinking fruit juice?

Let me take you a walk down memory lane…

Vodka+Berry Blaze/ Berry Nice/ Red Grape Juice + Ice

If I wanted to have the best time of my life this was my drink of choice.  The only problem with vodka is that it will take you from 0 straight to 100.  There’s no in-between.  However, I only have this drink from the comfort of my home or when I’m around friends I completely trust, black outs are real.  The hangover was from out of this world if I had Russian Bear but Skyy and Absolut never gave me such problems.


White wine made me feel relaxed, I could have a few glasses(or the bottle) while reading a good book or watching a feel good movie.

Rose isn’t all that, I only had it when I couldn’t find anything else.

Red wine made me so freaking horny!  Oh, and the confessions, I would start telling my friend about all the naughty things I used to get up to.  He used to look forward to those messages, it’s a pity it’s all over.  Red wine had a bitter taste and gave me a headache the next day so I tried to have it moderation.


Give me Hunters Dry or Hunters Edge and you would have made my day.  The perfect drink to have when chilling out or going for a road trip.  It had zero effect, just felt like I was having a nice cold drink.  No hangover too.

You see.  This time around I know for a fact that I won’t be drinking again and it’s hurting me so badly I don’t even know how I’m going to manage.  Ideas of how to still enjoy this life thing sober are sincerely welcome, help me.

Dear alcohol, it’s really not you, it’s me…