Free The Boobs

On Saturday I made a  decision to free my boobs!  I’ve been wearing a bra since my late teens and frankly speaking I’ve had just about enough of them.  They are uncomfortable, if you’re unlucky you sometimes get scars from the wires underneath the bra, some days they fit perfectly on both breasts and on other days one of your breasts chooses to have a mind of it’s own!  I will not be wearing a bra on weekends anymore.  I’m tired of having to conform to so many things that concern MY body!

#FreeTheBoobs MaKupsy

This was my Tweet on Saturday;

I’ve dedicated my weekends to not wearing a bra. Can’t be imprisoned every single day of my life please.

  • I rarely wear one. People need to stop staring at my nipples as if they’ve never seen any before. @NessaNess_x
  • I have dedicated 2018 to not wearing a bra or only wearing on certain occasions. Bra pain is real! #tateendah
  • I’m with you! @Laurah_Tapiwa27
  • It’s the first thing I remove when I get home. I can’t stand that peice of necessary evil. @lavendertsitsi

As you can see, I’m not alone on this.  I just want to live a happy and comfortable life and clearly this bra life is stealing some of my joy.  I went on to go bra-less on Sunday and it felt so damn good!  I’ll be doing this more often, floppy boobs and all, life is too short.

What are your thoughts on freeing your breasts every once in a while?  Have you tried it before, if not, what are you waiting for?





My Skin Care Routine

I’ve never had an actual skin care routine but thanks to declaring 2018 as the year of the glow up; I decided to start researching on ways to take better care of my skin.  My first stop was my facial skin.  I have really oily skin and my face is prone to break outs.  I can’t believe that at my very big age I still have to deal with acne.  Turns out that some of the reasons why this is happening is because:

  • Good old monthlys; I break out a few days after just like clock work.
  • I’m always man handling a phone and the handset is obviously swamped with germs.
  • I use any random lotion on my face after I wash it. (not a very bright idea!)

Once I figured out WHY I was breaking out I set out to work on the how to manage the situation.  I read a few articles from the internet and I needed to get anti-bacterial wipes for my phone, serum for my face and continue to drink a lot of water because I already do this religiously.  I’m a woman on a budget so after shopping around I settled for Gentle Magic Serum; it’s just $2.50 and $5 in some supermarkets but my secret spot has it for a very cheap deal!

SkinCare Routine MaKupsy.jpg

Image from Google

I can safely say that 3 months later my facial skin is in a very happy place!  This is my everyday routine.

  1. Wash my face with white soap and cold or warm water.
  2. Pat dry and apply gentle magic serum.
  3. Done

It doesn’t take much of my time to do this and if I choose to wear makeup on the day I simply apply it after applying serum first.  Gentle Magic comes in an entire range which includes the bar soap, lotion, cream, mask, oil, and the serum.  I tried the bar soap, it smells horrible so I dropped it and went back to using my good old white soap.

Skin Care MaKupsy.jpg

Scars on my cheek before using Gentle Magic

Skin Care Routine Makupsy.jpg

Scars have cleared 3 months later 🙂 

The only worrisome thing is that everyone around me is telling me that if I continue to use it I’ll go lighter in complexion.  That isn’t the plan for me; I just want to have even  skin tone.  I’ll do some more research and figure out how I can use it less often and find a face cream that will still work wonders for me.

Why I love Gentle Magic Serum:

  1. It’s affordable!
  2. The first ingredient is water.  If you’re anything like me you want to know what’s in the product you’re using.  The importance of having water as the main ingredient is that water hydrates the skin, a well hydrated skin is a glowing skin.
  3. It contains glycerin, glycerin is an emollient; making skin not only oist, but soft and supple to the touch.
  4. It contains sunscreen.  Have you seen the prices for sunscreen on the shelves?!  I’d rather buy Gentle Magic Serum any day!
  5. It lasts for weeks. I only bought my second tube a few weeks ago.

This is what has worked for me and I’m really excited about it because I’ve tried so many products before but none gave me such a positive result.  I also make sure I eat right, exercise, clean my phone with anti bacterial wet wipes as often as I can and stay hydrated.  My next step is to work on my hands, I do so much house chores they’re starting to look like they belong to someone else!

Gentle Magic MaKupsy.jpg


What’s your skin care routine and how long did it take you to finally figure out what works for you?

It’s the year of the glow up baby!

MaKupsy 2018

When The Heartache Is Over

Heartache eventually melts away I promise.  Depending on your healing process it might take a few weeks, months and if you’re unlucky like me in that department it will take you years to get back to functioning normally.  Thankfully I come bearing great news; this heartache you’re currently going through, this too shall pass and you will come out stronger!

I never thought I could be happy again.  I never imagined I could make plans that go past a few days without feeling or thinking something could go wrong.  I never thought I could ever move on from my past, but here I am moving on and sh*t.  Today I celebrate life!  Life is beautiful.

MaKupsy 2018

Single On Valentines Day

This was the first Valentines Day I was single.  I’ve spent most of them with someone special but 2018 was different. A good kind of different if you ask me because it gave me time to have some reflect on relationships I’ve been in in the past.  I wasn’t expecting to receive any gifts or flowers because I know my relationship status so not receiving anything didn’t come as a surprise.  I had planned to treat myself  to coffee and cake but thanks to committing my money to other important things that didn’t materialise.  However, that wasn’t a train smash, the year has so much to offer and I have other entertaining things I plan on doing as the year progresses.

MaKupsy Single On Valentines Day.jpg

Image from Pinterest

I need to do better when it comes to relationships.  I used to be really good at this.  My very first boyfriend taught me how to put someone first.  That boy had me running around town trying to figure out what to gift him.  Not because it was his birthday or it was Valentines Day but because he was so good to me and I had to find ways to reciprocate.  Loving him was easy.  Then life happened and well, let’s just say I made not so clever decisions and ended up dating guys who didn’t take time to learn my love language  and that was frustrating.

I’m taking time out for myself to love myself fiercely and learn exactly what I’m about and what makes me happy.  I know I deserve all the love I keep giving to everyone else.  I can’t keep hoping and wishing for the perfect match when I’m not practicing being a good person myself, how on earth will that work out?  I made a decision on Valentines Day that the next time I’m in a relationship I’m winning that Girlfriend of The Year Award!  I’m going to take time to learn what makes my partner happy and do exactly that and more.

Relationships are a two way street.  Everyone wants to feel loved, adored and celebrated by their significant other.  Ladies, let’s pay more attention to our men, sometimes we expect to always be the “takers” and give nothing back.  Receiving gifts is lovely but take time to spoil your significant other as well; it doesn’t have to be anything out of this world, it really is the thought that counts at the end of the day.

MaKupsy Single on Valentines Day (2).jpg

Seeing that I’m in such a wonderful mood today I would like to do a give away some Golden Pilsener beers to two lucky readers.  How to enter:

Ladies: What is one of the most memorable thing you have ever done for a guy you were dating?

Men: What gift have you received from a woman you were dating that knocked your socks off?

The ones with the best answer will win themselves a 6 pack each of Golden Pilsener.  Don’t forget to take a screen shot of your comment and share it on social meida; don’t forget to use the hash tag #ShareTheGold 

MaKupsy Golden Pilsener.jpg


Share the moment. Share the experience. Share the gold.


#ShareTheGold MaKupsy.jpg


MaKupsy #ShareTheGold.jpg


#ShareTheGold golden pilsener.jpg


MaKupsy Golden Pilsener.jpg

©MaKupsy 2018

5 Reasons Why I Love Banting

I follow Tata on social media and she has her banting game on lock!  If I didn’t love carbs so much I would have tried out her diet because her plating is too pretty to resist!  Today she shares with me the reasons why she loves banting.

MaKupsy Banting Egg Muffins.jpg

Egg Muffins

MaKupsy Banting Stuffed Squash.jpg

Stuffed Squash

MaKupsy Banting Egg Roll.jpg

Egg Roll

MaKupsy Banting Chia Seed Pudding and Fresh Cream.jpg

Chia Seed Pudding & Fresh Cream


MaKupsy Banting Caulie Hash Browns and Poached Egg.jpg

    Caulie Hash Browns & Poached Eggs
  1. It doesn’t feel too much like a diet, imagine eating all the bacon, cheese and eggs in the world and still loosing weight!
  2. I don’t feel bloated as much as I do when I’m on high carb which means no burping all day long anymore, thank the stars!
  3. I love it because doubled with intermittent fasting (8pm-12pm) I dont feel like I’m starved and quarter to death anymore.  Hunger doesn’t come rapidly like when your glucose levels go low.  Fat adaption means staying fuller for a longer time.
  4. Did i say bacon?
  5. For the first time I have found a diet which doesn’t make me want to quit after a few days. I wont lie, its hard walking into the grocery store and not reach for Oreos,chocolate, fizzy drinks and all the scrumptious enemy of progress junk food God created… (sometimes I grab them anyway, I’m human after all). But for some reason I find banting to be sustainable, doable and also fun. I really enjoy making my meals and getting creative, the kitchen is now my favourite place to be in!

A big thank you to Tata for taking time out to share her mouth watering meals; you can find her on:

Instagram: #girlversusketo


Do you have a food diary?  If yes, which methods of documentation do you use and where do you get your meal inspiration from?

Fitness Bae®



Fighting Demons

I have emotional demons that I’m fighting and I’ve made a firm decision that I will stay away from getting myself into a relationship until I heal from them.  I can’t accommodate anyone else with the state I’m currently in.  I’ll drown them with me and that will not end well.  It’s time I work hard on myself so that I become a better person and future partner. I believe that the better you know yourself, the better you’re able to match yourself with someone when the time comes.(I can only hope)

After talking to a friend of mine about what I’m currently going through he said:

“I also think it’s the best thing you can do for yourself.  It’ll help you shed a lot off things that you carry around that you think are you but have nothing to do with you.”

However, this doesn’t mean I won’t stop admiring lovey dovey couples, it’s part of my favourite past time.  Love is still a beautiful thing and when it does come my way I want to be ready for it, physically, emotionally and financially; I’ll give it my best shot!

This is one of my current favourite feel good love songs.  You should check it out, you will probably fall in love with it at first listen the same way I did.

Have a lovely weekend ahead.

©MaKupsy 2018


The Life Colour Run

The number 1 reason I’m going to attend this colour run is because it’s in my neighbourhood and I have zero excuses not to show up!  I’m going to register for the 5K run because February is my month of 5K runs besides, the uphills in Hatfield can kill someone so I’m not taking any chances thanks.

Fitness Bae The Life Colour Run.jpg

See you at the colour run!

Fitness Bae®

UnPlugged Faves

The first UnPlugged Zimbabwe event for the year 2018 is just a few days away.  Are you ready for an electrifying day packed with music, friends, food and fashion?  I know I am!

MaKupsy UnPlugged Faves.jpg

I asked a few UnPluggers what their highlights from last year were and this is what they shared with me:

The November UnPlugged Zimbabwe;  I think it was Souljah Love or was it Killer T who performed that night not too sure anymore but somewhere along the ZimDancehall genre that month was epic! – Luwy

November! I also don’t quite remember the performances, but all I remember was it was lit!!! – Esy

I don’t remember the month maybe it was October I guess but Winky D performed.  It was lit, his band is 🔥 – Tatenda

I loved December with DJ Zinhle ❤ – Xtina

May, July, August, October, December…which UnPlugged Zimbabwe event did we go together last year?? I feel like I left another month out but all the same, too much fun was had! – Fungai

UnPlugged Zim MaKupsy.jpg

Photo Credit : Luwy & Gaultier

From the UnPlugged Zimbabwe reviews I’m certain of a few things:

  1. I should have been there when WinkyD performed it seems like he did the most and I missed out, here’s hoping he performs again this year.
  2. Reverb 7 is the actual plug!  When he shows up on stage and starts working his magic on the decks you know you won’t be sitting down anytime soon; you will dance till it’s 10pm and you won’t even want to go home, he’s that good!
  3. I was happy to finally watch Sani Makhalima perform, I was right there in the front row taking pictures and videos, my iPhone is a happy phone.
  4. My favourite UnPlugged Zimbabwe experience was Mokoomba performed.  I have no clue what they will be singing half the time but they have massive stage presence, they are talented, their music will shock your entire being with rhythm, soul and afro fusion and they are a serious crowd puller!
  5. UnPlugged Zimbabwe is my highlight every month and I hope you will make it a part of your lifestyle as well, it’s worth every moment of it.

What have been your UnPlugged Zimbabwe faves to date?

UnPlugged Magic: Love. Live. Music

©MaKupsy 2018

The Truth About Open Relationships

An open relationship according to Walter is this; from a more practical perspective that is:

  1. You explicitly state what you want in the relationship from day one in this case it’s sex and fun; though fun is relative.
  2. It should be clear that prospects of a future together is non-existent.
  3. Each party is free to see whoever they please besides you without repercussions.
  4. Each individuals independence is important in ensuring the sustainability of such a responsibility.
  5. This type of relationships is typically based on Mr and Miss Right “Now”.
MaKupsy truth about open relationships.jpg

Image from Google

I would like to believe that everything has it’s pros and cons and open relationships are no exception.


  • Transparency.  The pair that gets into an open relationship knows exactly what they are setting themselves up for.
  • There is room to meet someone else even though you are technically seeing someone else.
  • You get to enjoy the best of both worlds.  We all have different needs and if one person isn’t meeting them then the next person certainly will.  You certainly can’t rely on one person to fulfill them all.
  • You will have a great sex life!  We all know that you can’t always be in the mood for sex and sex drives for couples are different but if you don’t have to rely on one person to fulfill your sexual needs you’re in for one sexually charged experimental journey.
  • There will always be some sense of adventure going on in your life.  Boredom will definitely be a thing of the past.


  • Disease and pregnancy will be one of the many things that you will have to worry about because you won’t know if your partner is protecting themselves when they hook up with someone else.  I don’t even want to imagine the stress that might come with falling pregnant with someone you only wanted to have a good time with.  Hello depression!
  • Chances of getting emotionally attached to your open relationship partner are highly likely and that will put some strain on the relationship.  Expect jealousy to creep in at some point.
  • Time management will be hectic.  You can’t be everywhere at once and having more than one partner will mean having to let down one of them at some point.
  • With time one or both parties will start developing hidden expectations and that right there will be the death of all the fun.

In my opinion an open relationship might work best if you’re both attached to someone else, that way you will play it safe because you both have something to lose.  If you plan on trying this out try it at your own risk!

Cheating is easy but staying faithful is hard! What do you choose?

©MaKupsy 2018


Brown Rice Zucchini Stir Fry

Brown Rice Zucchini Stir Fry anyone?

For most people eating veggies is a chore; unless you’re MaKupsy, I love me some veggies, I actually can’t live without vegetables!

Even though a plant-based lifestyle is a lot of work it’s well worth the benefits that come with it which include but aren’t limited to:

  • Lower blood cholesterol.
  • Heart health , improving your body energy.
  • Good protein.

A bonus is that you can add in small amounts of fish and lean meat here and there so that you don’t feel too deprived of meat.

Preparation Time: 45 minutes

What you need:
Olive oil
1 cup cooked brown rice
1 med sized zucchini
2 reg sized carrots
2 cups mushrooms (your favourite type)
Half of each bell pepper (green,yellow,red)
1 onion
1 potato
2 tablespoons Tomato purée
3 tablespoons soy sauce
Half squeezed lemon
Salt and black pepper to taste.

What you do:
1. Fry-the mushroom until golden brown. Add diced potatoes, diced zucchini and fry till golden brown. If you have spices, this would be the right time to add them.
2. Fry carrots till tender , add half squeezed lemon , together with chopped bell peppers.Add an onion to your taste.
3. Mix 1&2 , tomato purée and soy sauce.
4. Add the rice and mix with all your ingredients, add more salt and more oil to your taste.

Serve with a side dish of your choice 

Brown Rice Zucchini Stir Fry MaKupsy recipes.jpg

Baby spinach in peanut and corn added as a side to the main dish.

This delicious recipe was shared and prepared by Prudence, she makes some very eye catching and mouth watering dishes.  You can follow her on Facebook: @PrudenceTaika and Instagram: @vinasdrew  Below are my other favourite dishes that she has prepared and shared on her social media platforms.

MaKupsy recipes 2.jpg


MaKupsy recipes.jpg


MaKupsy Recipes 3.jpg

I think I might try this plant-based life after all; I’m sold!

What sort of diet are you on?  Have you tried going vegan at any point?  How did that work out for you?

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