14 Ways To Be A Happier Person

Happiness doesn’t come easy, it’s an everyday task.  From the moment you wake up to the moment you lay your head down to rest you have to choose to be happy.   I’ve tried for so many years to get happiness from other people not knowing that if those people left they would take their happiness with them.  Then there was trying to get fulfillment from material things.  I think trying to find happiness in material things is the worst kind of disappointment.  Imagine spending so much money on a gadget hoping it will miraculously change your life and make you feel happy only for it to be just that, a new gadget in your life and less money in the bank for you…

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Years later, happiness comes to me naturally.  I do have my bad days just like everyone else.  Each day I make it a habit to do things to keep positive vibes in my life.  Here’s my tried and tested list.

  1. I take on Monday’s by the horn.  It used to be the worst day of the week for me but ever since I changed my perspective where life is concerned I simply can’t wait for a new week.  I always have a to-do-list that I have to cross, new digital marketing skills I need to learn and try out and lots of content to read through and perhaps blog about.  My life is exciting, I’m doing things that nurture my creative side.
  2. I speak to my daughter over the phone every single day.  Hearing from each day is a sure way to add sunshine to any cloudy day.  She’s packed with new stories and adventures there’s never a dull conversation between us.
  3. I exercise 4 to 5 times a week and when I’m being an eager beaver I exercise twice a day.  The feel good hormones I get from that are priceless.
  4. I dance.  Boy do I love dancing or do I love dancing.  My favourite genre is Dancehall.  I listen to almost everything else but Dancehall takes me to a very happy place.  If my bedroom mirror could talk it would tell you all the moves I can put down when I’m in a musical mood.
  5. I listen to audio books.  There are so many to mention but my favourite one has to be The Powerof Intention by Dr Wayne Dyer, The Power of Intention.  You should get your hands on it, your mindset will shift for the better.
  6. I go out with my friends occasionally and party on.  My favourite outings are when I’m out with one of my few close girl friends.  All work and no play is not good for anyone.  Sometime in November last year I had the pleasure of being on the panel of this very vibrant festival.  Women, Wine & Words was a dream, I loved every moment of it.
  7. I blog.  I thoroughly enjoy it and I bump into interesting reads every day.  It’s a different and educative hobby.  I still can’t believe I’ve been blogging for all these years.  It’s the one thing that has become a part of me.  I’m always looking for new ways to perfect the art.
  8. I make sure I keep a smile on my face.  I read somewhere that, “Your day will go the way your corners of your mouth turn.”
  9. When a client gives me a hard time at work, I tell myself they probably have their own personal issues that they are going through and don’t take it to heart.  We’re living in a difficult economic situation and it’s easy for someone to take out their emotions on you.
  10. I surround myself with happy people.  There’s nothing as bad as having friends who are always complaining about something and never taking time to look at the positive things in life, no matter how small.
  11. I try and do something nice for those close to me, a phone call, a surprise visit, a small gift, anything to make someone else’s day.
  12. I continue building a positive parenting relationship with the father of my child.  Years ago I had nothing but anger towards him but over the past two years we’ve been getting along quite well.  He takes better care of our daughter and I don’t get upset with him at the slightest opportunity.  Life is good.
  13. I try to stay hydrated and mind my own business as much as I can.  This has helped me avoid drama and gossip and maintain peace in my life.  It has also helped me focus on myself more, you should try it too.
  14. Most importantly I pray, I put all my burdens and worries to God because if i didn’t do so I know I’d have probably lost my mind from worry by now.

Find out what makes you happy and do exactly that.  Start one day a time and before you know it each day will be better than the last.  Life is too short; make a list of things you need to do each day and make sure you make happiness an everyday goal!

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10 Tips You Need To Know To Start A Successful Vlog

Afronomads: Are two sisters (Tariro and Chiedza) based in Zimbabwe that create travel content on YouTube. They share their experience and tips on travelling around Zimbabwe and Africa.  They started Vlogging in April 2018 and they have been releasing content of places to travel in Zimbabwe including Chimanimani, Victoria Falls, Nyanga (Mutarazi Falls) and several African countries including Mozambique and South Africa.

Afronomads MaKupsy.jpg

Tariro and Chiedza at Mutarazi Falls

Vlogging and content creation is slowly becoming big in Zimbabwe.  Anyone can start a YouTube Channel; you don’t have to be a professional videographer or have gone to school for it.   What will make you stand out is consistency and the work you put in creating your vlogs.  If you are a blogger who wants to expand their brand to creating videos on YouTube or for Facebook, or you are just curious about the world of vlogging, here are tips that will help you succeed.

Find your passion

  1. Create content that you can build effortlessly.  It may be comedy, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, book reviews, fitness, travel, faith, food, technology, gaming, song reviews; it can literally be anything.Create content that will reflect your authentic self. Most viewers or subscribers are interested in something that will either entertain them or add value to them. As you grow, you are building a relationship with your subscribers and this is chance where you can expand your channel to other things that you love, it may be sharing bits and pieces of your life or other things that you find interesting.


  1. Once you have found your passion, it’s time to shoot your videos. Always film your videos in landscape (horizontally) especially if you are creating content for YouTube, you are able to fit more in the frame compared to filming vertically.  When you shoot your video in portrait form (vertically), they will have black bars which usually don’t look nice and well thought out. However, since Instagram introduced IG videosand when you want to create content for your Instagram followers, vlogging vertically will work perfectly for this specific platform. When shooting your videos, play around with your camera or phone.  There are so many transitions that you can do with just your camera. Sometimes, it’s great to plan your video before shooting, this will make it easier for you even when you start editing.


Start with what you have

  1. Start with the equipment that you have.  When we started vlogging or creating content, we used our cellphones.  To this day, we use our phones as well as a DSLR camera.  While quality is important, it’s the content that you are creating that will capture your audience.  Focus more on learning different skills that will improve your content.  When vlogging with your phone, use the back camera for better quality and when importing the footage, transfer the files with your USB cable or via Bluetooth to maintain the quality of your video. Applications such as WhatsApp and email will distort your video quality!

Afronomads MaKupsy

Capture the audience from the get go!

  1. Start your video with the most interesting part it can be a blooper or a hilarious moment or anything you feel might let the person who clicked your video want to see more.  People easily get bored and no one wants to waste their data #Whyisdatasoexpensive #reducedataprices #contentcreatorsneedlovetoo! So from the get go, start your vlog with a bang! This however doesn’t mean that it has to be staged, let it be organic moments from your footage.  Since data is expensive, try to make your videos short, making your videos under 15 minutes is usually good when you are still starting out.


  1. Being in front of the camera can be one of the hardest things to do.  The first vlogs you may feel awkward or uncomfortable but as you continue creating content you will get the hang of it and feel more comfortable.  Be yourself and have your own style of vlogging.  You can draw inspiration from other content creators and from that, you figure out how you can make it your own (this may take time but be patient your style will soon reveal itself).  Being authentic includes interacting with your audience and asking for their opinions on certain topics.

Natural light

  1. If you are a beauty or fashion content creator or basically create videos that don’t require too much movement; we recommend shooting in natural light, in most cases in front of the window. It works!  The more you progress, you can purchase a ring light or soft boxes (umbrella lights) but natural light is always the best.  Make an extra effort to film your videos during the day.


  1. This is probably one of the most difficult part of content creation or one of the things that stop aspiring content creators to start a YouTube channel; but this is the fun part  and where your video comes to life. There are a lot of free editing softwares as long as you have a computer or a phone.  For Microsoft– Windows Filmmaker is a good start although it is limited. Wondershare filmora is another great software that is free (although there is an option to upgrade).  For Apple users– iMovie is a great free software as well as Wondershare. For our first video, we used Wondershare Filmora. You can watch the video here.  As you progress with editing, Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro are great editing softwares that will take your content to another level! To level up your content, you can use sounds, emojis, photos or GIFs and all of these are a free download away from making your content great.  To put more information on your video about your social media handles search on YouTube for free lower third designs and you can edit your name on your videos.

Tariro and Chiedza in Mozambique


  1. Music.  If you are going to create content on YouTube.  It is best to use non copyright music. YouTube has a lot of free music and you can get some from SoundCloud. The risk in using copyright music is that your video maybe taken down or the audio will be removed. Another option would be to ask for permission to local artists to use their music.  Make sure your music is in sync with the mood of your video.
  2. Thumbnail and title of your video.   A thumbnail is one of the things that makes a person consider watching your video or not.  Let your thumbnail tell a story (a thumbnail is the cover of your video). A subscriber or non subscriber should be drawn to your video just by looking at the thumbnail. Canva and PicsArt are great free apps for creating thumbnails.  When deciding on a title for your video, choose an interesting title but never click bait (put a misleading title or a title that has nothing to do with the video). This will put a bad taste on the subscribers.
  3. Collaborate!  There is so much power in collaborations.  Link up with other YouTubers and creatives. This will be great for your audience as you are trying to bring more diversity to your channel.


Practice, practice, practice! The more you shoot and edit your videos, the better you become! Never stop learning and improving your craft. There is a lot of material on YouTube on how to improve your vlogging skills.  Your first video will probably be terrible but the fact that you uploaded that video means that you are willing to put in the work.   So enjoy the journey, don’t rush the process of wanting to be great, it will all come together as you continue to put in the work.


Thank you to Tariro and Chiedza for these amazing Vlogging Tips.  You can find them on social media on:

YouTube: @afronomads

Twitter: @Afronomads1

Instagram: @afronomadszim

Blog: www.afronomads.wordpress.com

Do you have any more additional tips and tricks for content creation?  Which ones are some of your favourite YouTube Channels?  Please share, I’d love to hear from you.

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Christmas Makes Everything Magical And Sh*#

The only thing certain this and every Christmas is I get my daughter a gift wrapped up in sparkly colours and glitter. These little people never tire of presents. Today I’m spending the day with my daughter and my oldest sister. The plan includes but isn’t limited to stuffing our faces with chocolate cake, eating a lot of take out, watching old movies; (we love Sounds of Music it’s definitely on our playlist), taking lots of pictures and drinking a lot of alcoholic beverages.

As 2018 draws to an end different experiences have shown me that as human beings there’s need for contrition, forgiveness, mending of fences and being right with the Almighty at all times. In as much as material things are lovely to look at and possess it’s important to nurture solid relationships with those around you. We aren’t going to be here forever and when we do depart from this earth you would want people to remember the positive impact you had in their lives and priceless memories you made. Spend your time and money on things that matter.

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Here’s wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a beautiful New Year ahead!

© MaKupsy 2018

Smile, You’re Beautiful

Thank you for being an awesome friend to me.  I pray God watches over both of us until we become millionaires even if we land 5 figures we will travel the world together.  Always remember you are special in your own way; don’t pay attention to what anyone tries to say or do to bring you down or try and make you love yourself less.  Smile more we want to see those small teeth they are perfect just the way they are.  Have you ever seen me hiding my skinny legs?😂  l flaunt them the way they are because they are mine and l love them as is.  No one is perfect but we cant go around hiding our imperfections if anything we should learn to embrace them.



After my friend Tanyr sent me that message a few weeks ago I now smile and show my teeth more when I take pictures.  What would I do without her positive words of affirmation?  She’s amazing!

What was your best compliment in 2018?

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3 Killer Fashion Trends For 2018

Fashion pieces that are comfortable, trendy and colourful easily win me over.  However, you must know that I’m not fashion forward I just buy what I like and what will stand the test of time because clothes are expensive in Zimbabwe.  Or maybe I’m the one who can’t afford them?  Chances of the following trends being so 2000 are highly likely; but I do know you’ll want to try out one or two of them.

Fashion Trends 2018.jpg

Image from Pinterest



I have something similar to that blouse in my collection.  I avoid showcasing my body flaws so this blouse works perfectly at hiding my flabby arms.  The earth tone colours are a bonus as they would compliment my beautiful brown skin.

Body Piercings MaKupsy

Image from Pinterest

Body Piercings

I have 6 body piercings and counting.  When I got my nose piercing a few months ago I vowed I wasn’t going to do anymore of this madness.  The process was traumatic.  Then I bumped into this picture and realised I lied to myself.  I want my ear to mirror those piercings, I want them all!

Winter MaKupsy.jpg

Image from Pinterest

Winter Dress

This look is perfect to showcase my thick thighs and legs.  I love the texture and colour but I might need to pair it up with a pair of black tights.

What were your 2018 must-haves in the fashion department? 

Have you read my other post titled I Love Being Naked?  If not you might want to head over there right away.

Follow me on Pinterest, I have a board dedicated to fashion, style and summer.

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Women, Wine & Words

Women, Wine and Words Festival was held in Harare for the first time on the 17th of November 2018 at Theatre in The Park.  I had the honor of being one of the three panelists at this event and spoke on the topic of Body Positivity.  All three of us put together were a recipe for censored content, we didn’t mince our words and kept it real.

I noticed that the venue had been repainted.  A job well done to the guys who took the time to make this place captivating.  You can read all about their reason for doing so over here. The colours they used were made for perfect selfies, I took more than enough of them.

Intwasa MaKupsy.jpg

Thembi Terry, Sokostina & Patience Phiri

Women Wine and Words 2018.jpg

Steph Kapfunde & Rumbi Takawira aka News Bae 

Women Wine and Words 2018 MaKupsy.jpg

I met different women in the creative industry who are making a positive impact to the community.  I enjoyed every bit of this event because women had a platform to express themselves and touch on different topics and talk about them at length without feeling judged.  There’s nothing as refreshing as talking about something the next person can relate to.  Think hair politics, body issues, what the media industry is like for women and everything in-between.  We need more of this please!


“The show; a full on celebration of creative women through music, poetry, theatre and art, has been staged at the Intwasa festival for the past five years and has been a hit among festival goers. This event has clearly been admired by Harare’s leading theatre venue – Theatre in the Park through Rooftop Promotions who have partnered with Intwasa to stage the show in Harare.” – Chronicle

The event was so good it trended first place on Twitter.  You can search for the hash tag #WWWFest to see more of what was shared on the day.

Have you been to this event before?  If yes, what was your experience like?

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What You Need To Know About Solo Travel

I’ve always wanted to solo travel but never been brave enough to actually do it.  I was meant to go with a friend but she cancelled last minute.  I considered not going but I told myself that if you wait on friends and those close to you to do something you might never get anything done.  After I did my first solo trip to Barcelona on my birthday I told myself that this would be a tradition from hereon.

MaKupsy Barcelona 2018.jpg

Nessa in Barcelona

1. Never wait on friends and family if you have the opportunity to do it just do it otherwise you will miss out on a great adventure.

2. I stayed in an Airbnb as I was meant to go with a friend but next time I’d rather stay in a hotel.  I bought some groceries which I never got round to cooking so that was a complete waste.  Hotel accommodation would be more flexible as I’ll have my breakfast and decide on what to eat during the day.

3. A lot of women travel alone . I joined Girls Love Travel, a group on Facebook of women of all ages and races across the world who are solo travelling.  It’s a great way to meet new people.  I met a lovely American young woman we spent the day sightseeing Sagrada la familia.

Barcelona MaKupsy

Sagrada la familia

4.  Don’t be afraid to ask people for directions or to take your pictures. I met another young woman who I spent half of the day with, she was solo travelling . We took a dozen pictures of each other.

5. Google Maps is your best friend. I got lost but this was a life saver and you can always save some directions to use off line for when you have no data or WiFi access.

6. Pay attention to reviews for activities you want to do.

7. I always book a 5 day or week pass to use both on trains and buses.

Barcelona Food MaKupsy.jpg

Food Market

8. I love booking classes especially cooking classes. It’s a great way to meet new people and also learn about the culture. Use Google via Trips Adviser and AirBnB to make bookings for these.

9. Plan ahead.  You get to focus on things you actually want to do especially things you may not be able to do with friends. I went to 5 or 6 museum’s.  I bought an art passport which gave me access to museum’s and art galleries.  This also gives you a chance to enjoy your own company.

10. To ensure my safety I didn’t stay out till late and didn’t drink much.

Barcelona National Museum.jpg

Barcelona National Museum


Barcelona 2018.jpg

A big thank you to Nessa for sharing her Best of The Year Travel Experience with me.  You can find Nessa on: Twitter @NessaNess_x  and Instagram@nessaness_x

All images courtesy of Nessa.

Which destination did you travel to this year?


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Three Time’s A Charm

Ox Liver MaKupsy.jpg

My version of Ox Liver 🙂 

I’m a huge fan of Zimbo Kitchen.  I used to boil ox liver for a good 30 minutes and then fry it afterwards.  The result was always  hard pieces that I didn’t enjoy eating.  (I want to sue whoever taught me to do this!)  I concluded that ox liver was trash and I should move on to other types of meat.  Then again, I don’t give up that easily so I decided to give it one last try.    Zimbo Kitchen saved me because I got a quick and easy to follow recipe with ingredients that I had access to. (Ox Liver Recipe My meals have been colourful and tasty ever since!  I was delighted when I met the face behind this vibrant website a few weeks ago.  I told her I was going to take a dozen selfies with her because I couldn’t believe I was in the presence of the one person who changed my attitude towards food preparation.  She’s a superstar!

Zimbo Kitchen MaKupsy.jpg

Rumbie & MaKupsy

Stylish and genuine accessories speak to me.  If I’m going to spend a lot of money on something it must be a versatile piece that won’t need to be replaced anytime soon.  I had two handbags in my life a few months ago and they were all worn out.  I decided I’d only buy a genuine leather handbag and the maximum I’d spend on it would be 100 Bond.  I’d kept a card from an open market event I’d attended months back.  I told the lady (Zenzima) I couldn’t afford her alluring collection at the time but I’d give her a call as soon as my money was right.  6 months later I was ready and I was in luck; she had a sale and she was accepting all forms of payment.  She personally delivered my hand crafted genuine Ethiopian leather handbag to my office!  She’s a pleasant woman and has a shop just a few minutes out of town.  You should pay her place a visit, she has affordable leather products in stock and you will certainly find something you’ll like.

Zenzima handbag MaKupsy.jpg

My first of many leather handbag

When I have a fitness challenge coming up; Elnathan  is always available to brain storm ideas with me then he gets to work and delivers a beautiful poster.  I’m thankful for him because I bother him every other minute asking how far he has gone and he still doesn’t complain. However, I made a decision to learn how to do Graphic Designing myself and stop waiting on anyone because apparently being pro active is very admirable.  Elnathan directed me to mypostermywall.com and after using it a couple of times I feel extremely guilty for pestering him…Designing a poster is hard work, it takes a toll on your creativity but the result is always rewarding. I’m still learning how to use it but I love the fact that I can now put my thoughts can now come alive, I’m a very visual person and this has been the best app ever!


While you’re here do join the movement on @fitnessbaeint

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2018 Has Been Magical!

My WhatsApp Status from the start of 2018 has read;

MaKupsy 2018.png

At the start of the year I was determined that for the first time I’d blog about a love story with a happy ending.  I’m with someone who truly loves me and my daughter I couldn’t want for more.  Everything I wrote down; been speaking into existence and working towards has come true.

My lesson for 2018 is that whatever you do, DREAM BIG.

©MaKupsy 2018

5 Tips On How To Write Attention Grabbing Blog Titles

Coming up with an attention grabbing blog title is often the reason why I sometimes get stuck.  You know the sort of titles that make you want to click and read more of what the writer wants to share?  I’m that writer who without a title can’t get herself to unleash the creativity within me.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who experiences this?  One of the few bloggers who’s work I truly admire does a brilliant job of coming up with compelling blog titles.  He took some time out of his busy schedule to share these tips with me.

National Sunglasses Day.png

1. Title – The titles to your posts are just as important as what’s in them.  You need to put thought into your titles, by making them both informative as to what’s in the post but also inviting to the reader.

2. Mind your language As writers, we have a tendency of repeating certain phrases in our work. You need to be on the lookout for this.  One word often abused is very.  However, it’s simple to replace it with other terms, for example very old can be ancient, very noisy – deafening, very often – frequently and so on.

3. Subjects – Target the subjects everyone is afraid to talk about as much as it might feel uncomfortable. Everyone is always looking out for unique points of view and things that challenge them.  A great example is Chronicles of Depression

4. Connect – Make your readers feel like they’re part of what you’re sharing. This can be done by simple changes in the terms you use to write, instead of I or me you can utilise you, we and us more often to keep your readers captivated and involved.

5. Lists – When it comes to catchy blog posts, lists are your friends and something almost everyone is interested in. Top 10 reasons a walk is good for you, the 5 best ways to drink alone, how drinking more can improve your mood etc. Incorporate one of these ever so often in your blog posts.

My favourite posts of all time by Tee that you should check out are;

Chronicles of Mental Health

The Last Time I Felt Alive

You can connect with Tee on;

Website: www.teemadzika.wordpress.com

Twitter: @teemadzika

Blog Indaba The Meeting Place Community is hosting a creative crush this and every Wednesday.  You will never run out of a good read from here on.

It's National Wine Day!

Do you have any additional tips and tricks to share to come up with a creative blog title that will hook your readers?  I’d love to hear from you.

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