4 Reasons Why Men Cheat

I know for a fact that each time someone cheats we are left with the big question WHY?  Why would someone who claims to love you put you through pain you can never explain.  I know us women go through a lot of theories trying to think what we could have done differently to stop our partner from cheating.

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Today I am doing something different on the blog.  I was having a conversation with a friend this morning and the topic of infidelity came up.  He wishes to remain anonymous but I will share his thoughts on the subject.  My comments are in italics but you can join in the discussion in the comments section.

Reason Number 1:
The biggest reason why most man will always cheat or cheat on their partner at least a few times is because its in our DNA. Whether you believe in Science Evolution Theory or The Biblical version of things, man in both backgrounds have always been known to have more than one partner. While change is inevitable and these days equality suggests that one man for one woman, the evidence is there that this is something that will likely never change because its deeply rooted within us.  Men naturally have a huge appetite for women and pure satisfaction can unfortunately never be fulfilled by one woman.
This dude has some mad jokes!!  Men have what?  Oh, okay, so does this mean women don’t have a huge appetite as well?  Who says only one man can satisfy a woman?  While one can completely satisfy them say in bed, how do you know they satisfy her emotionally, financially or in any other department.  It’s not just men who have an appetite darling, even some women feel that way but they have this one thing, CONTROL.  You have to learn to control your desires, you can not have everything you want in this life. 
Reason Number 2:
For historic reason, society is more accepting of a man’s transgressions in a relationship than it is for woman. And this is again closely related to reason number 1 where history shows that back then (and current as well in some cultures) societies accept that a man can have more than 1 partner. Most African cultures before western influence, believe(d) that a man can have more than 1 partner. This subconsciously influences some of our decisions to be unfaithful. “The all because I can” factor.
You see why I am not getting married anytime soon.  It’s things like these.  How do men feel so much entitlement.  Kutoita hake chihure munhu achiti mungandidii?  (Going on to cheat because he knows you can’t do anything about it)  The unfortunate thing is that men know that most women will complain, cry and do all sorts when they find out that their men are cheating but very few will leave and in my opinion that just gives them more fuel to cheat on their partner.  I think that if you want to be in an open relationship then go ahead and be honest about it from the get go and not say you are in an exclusive relationship but you can still get to be doing all sorts on the side.  That’s unfair because men know very well that if the tables were turned they would not be amuse, AT ALL.  Anyways, society, do tell me why we are allowing men to get away with cheating in broad daylight????
Reason Number 3:
Sense of dominance over their partner. Once a man starts to feel that “I have this one wrapped around my finger” It’s highly likely that he gets a big head and decides to have another woman enjoy what i have to offer. More often that not you do it knowing that even if you’re caught, you’ll twist in a way that she’ll forgive you. 
I read this as when a man starts making money he starts feeling like he needs to get more women to spend it with…I don’t know about you guys.
They know our weakness!!  They know we will continue to take back their lying and cheating asses back!  What must happen now?  Sometimes you think to yourself I am going to leave him but you think what are the chances of the next guy cheating as well and then you stay…I blame society.  I remember the infidelity stories I would hear growing up and aunts and relatives would always advise whoever was going through the most that they had to stay strong because that’s what men do.  Imagine all that emotional abuse that comes with cheating and someone just says “stay strong”? THE FUCK? 
Reason Number 4:
This is the last reason. The most common reason why men cheat on their partners is because they are not satisfied. It can be because of many things but it all comes down to dissatisfaction. Please get me well, this is not directly to do with sex; although sexual dissatisfaction is one of the many reasons such as your character, your attitude, your physical features, the way you handle yourself, your dressing, the way you take care of yourself.
Then he goes on to say more jokes.  How am I supposed to be taking care of myself when you are busy cheating on me?  That will be the last thing on my mind isn’t?   Dressing for who, for the why?  You men never get satisfied, even if we do the most you will still do the most!  Okay fine, maybe I am just being a tad bit dramatic here.  I might have to agree with him on this one.  Sometimes I can’t help but feel that some women tend to relax and let go of themselves because we know we are now hitched so need to keep working at keeping our men. We all know that one woman who used to be such a flame before she got married and once she was she has turned into this unkempt woman because well, she is married now so why go the extra mile?  I guess things like that get to men and they start looking elsewhere.  There is actually a Shona song that says something about your man will leave you if you stop taking care of yourself inside and out.  That said, I think communication is of paramount importance because without that the next person will never know that they are doing something that is killing the vibe.  This goes to both men and women!  

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The reason why men cheat can be one of the above. Though I can not substantiate this with any formal research that I have done or refer you to one that is out there.  I would want believe that it is highly likely a man will cheat on partner in his lifetime.
I could safely say the same for women, read the story here.
What are your thoughts on this?  Will you take back a partner after you found out that he was cheating?  Would you still love him and trust them the same way?  Would you cheat on them as well or just leave it at that?  I have so many questions on this topic but I would like to hear from you.  Let’s talk.
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3 Phone Apps I’d Die Without

If certain phone apps were wiped away from the digital world I promise you my life would never be the same again.  I love technology and all the benefits that come with it and that’s why I’m constantly on the look out for new apps.  However, I have three favourites and when it comes to choosing which apps need to be updated they always come first and everything else can wait until I have data to waste on them.

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  1. Period Calendar 

Before technology I had to keep a diary and mark my calendar to keep track of my days.  It was a cumbersome task and half the time I couldn’t locate my diary so “surprises” were almost always a thing every month.  Thanks to technology someone decided to make life easier for women.  With the period calendar :

  • I know exactly when my period will be.
  • I love the ovulation tracker feature.  I’m NOT trying to get pregnant so I know when it’s an unsafe time to be having sex.  It’s also great for those who want to get pregnant; you can increase your sexual pleasures around that time and hopefully get pregnant.
  • If you’re a woman you know that half the time you go and see your doctor one of the first questions he will ask after you tell him what’s going on with you is “When was your last period?”  Thanks to the Period Calendar you know exactly when it was and not just give him a vague day to work with.
  • I like that it gives you a reminder a few days before your period is due.
  • I like that it backs up data so even if I change phones I don’t have to struggle to remember when my last period was.
  • If you’re dating both you and your partner can download this app it’s not for the ladies only hey.
  • I can plan in advance.  Nothing like arriving at your weekend getaway with your partner only for your period to show up.  All that anticipated sex out the window…
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2. Twitter

Twitter is very addictive once you get the hang of it.  I’ve been using this application for the past 6 years.  If I had to use one social media platform to use for the rest of my life I would choose Twitter a million times over.  Twitter has everything you need in one app.  News, motivational quotes, fitness, food, gossip, twars, challenges, trolls, you name it it’s there.  You just need to make sure you follow people that actually tweet things you like to read otherwise you will be in for a disappointment.  Am I the only one who has never changed their Twitter from night mode for nearly two years now?  Also, the Edit button please, we NEED it!

Over the years I’ve made very good friends, grown my own interests, partnered up with amazing brands, fallen in and out of love, watched people I follow get married, have children, start businesses and recently heard heart breaking news that one of the first few bloggers (@RaeLyric) I started following when I embarked on my blogging journey passed on.  May her dear soul rest in eternal peace…

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3. Nike Run Club

2917 kilometers later and I’ve stayed true to my NRC app.  I remember when I switched form an Android phone to an iPhone and I couldn’t figure out how to download applications.  I was so close to taking the phone back because if I couldn’t access my NRC app there was no point in having the phone at all.  I was up for the greater part of the night and once I figured it out I went to sleep.  That’s how much I’m addicted to both the app and running.  My life is empty without running or fitness and without this application to track my records then what’s the point of it all?  I have so many reasons why I love NRC; I’ll try not to bore you and just give you a few.

  • I can track my runs with or without data.
  • There are medals for milestones that you reach.
  • Challenges are back so you can partner up with friends or join an existing challenge to keep your runs interesting.
  • My favourite has to be the Guided Runs.  I love the speed runs, they really put my body through the most.
  • I can track my running speed progress and adjust accordingly.

My friend and I are currently hosting a July Fitness Challenge and you can join in anytime.  Check out my Facebook Page for more information @thefitnessbae

There you have it, my top 3 phone apps I’d die without.  What are your favourite phone applications?  Which one have you used the longest and are there any that you’re dying to try out?  Please share, I love to try out new things.

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It Ain’t Where I’ve Been But Where I’m About To Go

I’m a mother.  The father of my child and I separated a few years ago.  I was bitter, heartbroken and mad at the world for the longest time.  I felt like the world owed me something for all the pain I was going through.  It took me a whole 5 years to finally get out of that zone.

One morning I woke up and asked myself, what would happen if something were to happen to the father of my child and I had to look after her on my own?  Would I remain bitter or would I have to gather myself up and show up for my one and only daughter?  I chose the latter.  I stopped sending him never ending text messages wishing him ill, I stopped crying myself to sleep every other night, I stopped complaining about how I hated my job, I stopped speaking negative things into my life and chose to start working on myself one day at a time.  I realised it was time to get my shit in order and the moment I made that decision and started taking action; my life has been full.

This video stirred so many emotions within me.  It brought back flash backs of some of the things I’ve gone through in the past but still came out stronger and wiser.  It will take 17 minutes of your time to watch this but every single minute will be worth it, I promise.

These are some of the lessons I learnt from the video:

  • Success leaves clues, we’re just not picking them up.
  • Go through every toxic behaviour in your life and start unlearning bad habits.
  • My job is to like myself everyday.
  • You can’t take everyone with you on your transformation journey.
  • It takes more than one thing to change your life, it takes EVERYTHING.

I would like to know what lessons you learnt from watching this video?  Please share this post with as many people as you can, it will change a life.

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20 Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Laid

Blogging about sex gets me all giddy.  It’s winter this part of the world and personally when my mind isn’t busy with thinking of different ways to make money, blog better, spice up my runs; I’m definitely thinking about sex.  If you’re getting some most times you don’t have time to think it you just do it.  I asked a few of my readers to share with me some of their reasons why they aren’t getting laid regularly and this is what they had to say.  Please note that my comments are in italics.

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  1. Lack of attraction.  Especially after spending a lot of time with someone and you now know how much of an ass they can be.
  2. Hygiene at bed time.  I don’t know about you but I’m one of those people who are very fussy about this.  I already take a bath before bedtime on my own and if we’re going to be sharing a bed best believe a bath shall take place.  All that sweat from the entire day can’t be rubbing against me; mind you washing and ironing linen is NOT a fun activity.
  3. Love language.  Every marriage or relationship has a love language or rhythm.  There’s a spark that’s ignited when you do something that gets you turned on by your partner.  Example; some women (me) get turned on by being given money or random acts of kindness.  My pussy gets wet for days!
  4. Children.  Once you have kids say goodbye to sex with loud vocals.  You have to master the art of quiet sex and sometimes that’s the last thing you want to do.  Having kids also comes with them randomly barging into your bedroom so you always have to make sure your room is locked up, sigh...
  5. Mood.  Sadly for most women you are either in or not in the mood for sex and this works against men.
  6. Stress.  For the most part the more problems you have the less likely you want to have sex.
  7. Weather.  I agree with this one 100%.  Sex when it’s hot isn’t the best of experiences, sex in winter though? AMAZING!  But chances of taking off my clothes off are close to none, dude will have to insert his penis through a hole in my tights or something.
  8. Distance.  My partner lives far away so getting sex regularly isn’t an actual thing.
  9. There’s no one readily available.  I don’t know about you but this makes sex sound like a meal, which it probably is hey?
  10. Fatigue.  I think it’s worse when the one person is pulling in all the weight.  Imagine a situation in Zimbabwe were only one person is the bread winner and they still have to get home and cook, clean, take care of kids; the last thing on their mind is sex.
  11. Boredom.  Newsflash!  Sex does get boring especially if you don’t spice things up.  It’s not encouraged to change partners because of it but perhaps imagining someone else might help?  Then again life is short to be having boring sex… 
  12. Different schedules.  Everyone is busy with life, sometimes one person is working day time the other one on nights and you hardly get to see each other so that works against you.
  13. There’s no one to have sex with.  Believe it or not but it’s not that you can’t get laid but the options that present themselves are just not what you would want to be getting freaky with.  Can’t be accepting every dick thrown at you.
  14. My period.  Period sex is a thing!  That’s the time when most women are horniest, just know that it will be messy, try it at your own risk.
  15. Sometimes you are just tired at the end of a long day and you want to rest. Once I sleep I’m out cold.  No chance of midnight strokes here…
  16. Lack of base (Zimbabwean slang for a place to have sex)).  Living situations make things very complicated.  Sometimes you are staying with your parents and your partner stays with perhaps her sister and husband.  You might never get laid at all but if you have friends with their own places you might get lucky.
  17. I’m avoiding the question what are we.  This sounds to me like a person who wants no strings attached relations, which is perfectly fine, it boils down to preference.
  18. Being with one partner for a long time.  You now know all their moves, too much of the same thing and with zero creativity sex included is certainly not good for you.
  19. Strained relationships.  Sex generally feels really good when you and your partner are getting along. 
  20. Technology.  We spend way too much time on our gadgets we rarely ever have time to even talk to each other.  If someone isn’t on their phone, they’re watching something on TV or doing anything but taking time to speak to their partner.  That right there kills all the fun.

I think one of the top reasons most people aren’t getting laid is because of body odour and bad breath.  My suggestion?  If you’re sharing a bed with someone methinks the first thing you should do when you wake up is go and brush your teeth and wash your face.  Studies have shown that people have broken up over bad breath, for real for real.

From my findings a lot of people mentioned stress as a barrier to sex.  What are you doing to help manage your stress?

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I Love You, And It’s Killing Me

You are everything they said I should not find in a woman. But I am everything they want to see in a man because of you. Child rebel monster, it seems like all my life I have been preparing myself to love you. While at the same time taking just enough to paint you with a slightly begrimed color of love. Yet you low key have been seeing me from a boy to a man.

You are older they said. By quite a lot and this bit is nothing but true. It bothered me at first but not you. “What’s the worst that could happen if we gave it a shot?” you asked. We have a shelf life we agreed, and it was to be fun and games until we both fell hard. And I fell even harder. Into an abyss of love, I fell, mind my corny nature on this but trust me it would have been worse had I settled on penning an ode to unexpected love. My deadbeat uncle is quick to gossip about you like that other lady from church I told you about. Surely I cannot take the advice of one who fails to feed his own son. If he had a woman like you he probably would not be the filth that he is. I am not letting go of you because I do not want to become what he is.

love MaKupsy.jpg

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I hate everything to do with your past life. Simply because you are flawless and it is hard to get over the fact that I am the beast in this relationship. You are the beauty in it. But a scar from your past makes many doubt your ability to love and care. But I know you better than many, your forgiving nature is apparent; like that wart under your nose. You once told me you married a man you had no business marrying, and I feel the pain because I cannot be to your kids what he is to them. Something is wrong with her they say, she couldn’t hold her marriage together. Like that makes it reason enough to stop loving you. But I know something is wrongwith all of us who fall in love with you, because a countless number of times we hurt you but you still rise from the ashes a bigger man. Cursing us but loving us still. Scars.

You need your own is what many say to me. There is no pride in the seed that grew from “your” field I am advised. But I grew up under the tutelage of a single mother, who withheld her craving for attention and I watched her suffer in silence as she supposedly did what was best for both her love interests and me. Your kids are a beautiful part of you that makes me love you even more. But to some around me they are a weapon to dislodge me from you. I hate to love when your kids call me dad. Because it reminds me of that other person, but also accentuates your regard of my importance in your existence.

She comes from those other people. The filthy people, like we are any cleaner. My family’s hate for Shona people is beyond me. Given that our ancestry points out that we are one half Shona ourselves. Selfish much are those close to me. Wanting what is right for themselves so much so not to realize that their wishes could cost me you. And you happen to be what is good for me. Moreover, you are what is good for them. I wish they knew how many of the meals they have enjoyed were funded by your kindness. If they found out how much you do for them, will they then spew their guts out because they have been fed by the enemy?

love hurts MaKupsy

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My best friend called you crazy. He felt that your confession of undying love was an indicator of your schizophrenic nature and I had no business dealing with a crazy lady. But he never thought I would go on to cry come back baby. So damaged I am I could not stand being loved truly and honestly. I shared with him the messages I had no business showing to another soul. And compromised our fortress of trust. I allowed a Trojan horse into our troy of love. And gave one person the power to look into your eyes smiling while in his heart taking you for a fool.

No man is an island. But I would love to be trapped in an island with you. I am difficult to love. But you have made it an easy job because that is how amazing you are. I appreciate women better because of you, and respect beyond what society dictates. I have been told I deserve better. I have been convinced I am worth more. None of these have ever considered I am what I what I am because you have helped elevate me. You are all they said I should not find, but none of them told me I would find love in you.

This piece was penned down by a writer who wishes to remain anonymous.

Have you experienced a love like this before?  If yes, in as much as you were told that someone wasn’t good for you what lengths did you take to stay together?  If no, how far are you willing to go for love?

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Hairstyles That Make My Hair Happy

My love affair with braids started exactly a year ago when a friend referred me to her hairdresser, Christine.  Ever since then I’ve had no one else touch my hair when it comes to braiding.  There are thousands of people who can braid your hair but I keep going back to the same person because:

  • Whichever hairdo you show her you want if she can do it she’ll tell you she can and if she can’t she’s honest with you from the get go.
  • She keeps time.  If you set up an appointment with her best believe she will be there at the agreed time.
  • She’s almost always fully booked so you have to make an appointment in advance, sometimes a whole week in advance.  It will be worth the wait because your hair will look good and all her attention will be on you on the day.
  • She does home visits.
  • Her prices are very reasonable.
  • She can do your hair while you sleep.  She actually prefers that you sleep and she gets on with her work with peace, quiet and maximum concentration!



More of her work…

Braid Gang MaKupsy.jpg


MaKupsy Braid Gang.jpg

Box Braids

Cornrows MaKupsy.jpg

Corn Rows

You know I love all things beautiful and when I say something is good it really is good.  If you would like her contact details please get in touch with me and I will pass it on to you.  I’ve referred a handful of people to her and they too have nothing but amazing things to say about her work.

Give her a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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Acrimony, Movie Review

I finally watched Acrimony a movie produced, written and directed by Tyler Perry.  If  you haven’t watched it yet I suggest you stop reading now because there will be spoilers along the way.  Acrimony means bitterness or ill feeling.  The movie touches on issues I believe almost everyone has experienced in their life.  You have felt jealousy, anger, unforgiveness, you have been heartbroken and it has taken over your entire life at some point.  This movie brought flash backs of a time I was an angry black woman and never again will I allow a relationship to bring out the worst in me.

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The element that won me over during the movie was when Melinda was narrating life with her husband Robert.  The part where she walked to the bathroom, looked into the mirror, washed her face, wiped it and they both went from young and energetic to 20 years older and Melinda more miserable than ever.  That was a great way to transition  the times.

Robert pissed the heck out of me the first parts of the movie.  He was working tirelessly on his battery idea for 20 whole years while his wife worked not one but two jobs.  I mean, this guy could surely have looked for part time work of sort to help out Melinda with the bills and upkeep but he didn’t.  What made me even more upset was that he kept approaching the same organisation with his idea, surely there are plenty of other options, it’s 2018 for crying out loud!

Acrimony MaKupsy movie review.jpg

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The movie had great picture quality; Tyler Perry movies are almost always like this.  However, parts of the movie had background elements that looked like it was shot in a studio.  A great example is when Melinda and Robert go for a walk after her accident.  I promise they could have done a better job by actually going outside instead of shooting that scene from who knows where.  It looked so unreal.

The sound track was honestly making me feel sad and depressed.  I suppose it helped to illustrate just how Melinda was feeling.  I’m not sure if that’s what he was aiming for but it worked.  I had to search for the movie playlist on YouTube and the artist is Nina Simone, I’m currently listening to some of her tracks while I type this.

The acting by Melinda (Taraji P. Henson) was fantastic, then again I’m biased towards her.  I still call her “Cookie” her character from the series Empire.  That’s the sort of impact she has on me.  She played her role perfectly and managed to portray the image of a bitter ex to the tee.

The costumes were a yawn fest.  Nothing out of the ordinary there.  Whoever was doing the wardrobe was probably uninspired or working with a budget.  I couldn’t steal a single idea for any look whatsoever. How disappointing.

I thought the movie was pretty okay until the end; the ending was horrible.  The set for the boat scene a complete disaster.  I’m assuming they shot it at a swimming pool because that’s what their budget afforded.  Surely in this day and age there’s a way to work around this to make things more believable.  The part that got me in stitches was when Melinda emerged from the water after being pushed over…she was back on the boat with the wedding gown she was wearing as dry as a bone and her hair still intact, didn’t she just get out of a whole ocean or sea or lake???  Oh wait, we agreed it’s a swimming pool from the looks of things.

Tyler Perry had an opportunity to dig deep into mental health issues but it only ended at; “Have you heard of Borderline Personality Disorder?”.  I had hoped he would shed more light on the subject.  Mental health is already a subject that’s hushed about in the black community and he could have done a world of difference but chose to just mention it in passing.  I’ve gone through phases of mental health issues myself (Depression In Pregnancy , My Battle With Suicidal Thoughts) I know how society makes light of the subject, I was completely let down by watching the topic swept under the carpet.  Melinda had a mental illness that went untreated and it’s a damn shame that she died in the end and never got any help.

To wrap it up, I’d say watch this movie in the comfort of your home.  Don’t worry yourself by going to watch it from the big screen because on a scale of 0-10 I rate it at 6.  At least if you don’t like it enough you can press stop and watch something else.  Tyler Perry wrote, directed and produced this movie, that’s a very big deal.  In my opinion input from other writers for his script this would have made Acrimony a 10 outta 10 movie.

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My Experience With Snooping Through His Phone

Unfortunately for me I learnt the hard way, snooping through your partners’ is never a good idea.  For the couples who respect each other’s space, congratulations to you guys, you are doing this relationship thing right.snooping through his phone MaKupsy

A quick poll before we get started.


I have never been one of those people who want to poke my nose in other people’s business but once you start dating a guy who leaves you wondering where you stand with him or what he has been up to believe me the curiosity will kick in and you will go through his phone like its nothing!  It becomes a very destructive and addictive habit though so if you decide to go that path be prepared to never have peace.

I have had some pretty heart wrenching encounters in the past and that just taught me a lesson (for that day only) to stay away from your partner’s phone.  For those who have always wanted to go through his phone and wondered when best to do it;

  • try when he is dead drunk,
  • when he is asleep or
  • the few seconds that he dashes to the loo.

Please be warned that you should do this at your own risk as you might not be able to deal with whatever you find in his phone.


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I will list a few messages I bumped into in the past, I remember word for word for some of them but for others I have a rough idea what they read.  I will also include who had sent the messages; here goes:

  • I am not in love with her.  I am only staying with her because I feel sorry for her.  I want to be with you and I am going to do everything that I can to make that happen. (my then boyfriend)
  • How was the evening with the girl you hooked up with from church, did you tap that ass? (my then boyfriend’s close cousin)
  • You shouldn’t marry her.  If you marry her you will be making the biggest mistake of your life.  You ex was a better fit for you and if you let her go you will be doomed. (my then boyfriend’s best friend) 
  • Send me some of your nude photos. (my then boyfriend)
  • Please send me airtime, I am low on credit. (my then best friend asking my boyfriend without my knowledge)
  • She is so fat I don’t even know why I am dating her, you know I like slim women. (my then boyfriend)

I can only remember the very juicy messages and the ones that really got to me the rest were really nothing to go on about.  What did this experience teach me?

  1. Not everyone who smiles at you actually likes you.  Take that then boyfriend’s best friend for example.  This guy used to come to our place and I would cook lunch, supper, breakfast, you name it just to make sure he was comfortable and yet his ass didn’t even like me!  What a fucking asshole!  Once I knew that’s how he felt about me I ended those privileges, what a prick!
  2. Even your so called best friend can get up to something behind your back.  I couldn’t help but wonder what else she used to ask for…
  3. Do not date anyone who bashes your self esteem, yes, I used to be fat, but you pursued me knowing I was fat, at what point did you realise that I was actually not your type?
  4. His friends are not your friends.  Do not be fooled!

These random experiences made me promise myself that I WILL NEVER GO THROUGH SOMEONE’S PHONE.  You will die an emotional death after you discover things you were not prepared to deal with.  To make things worse you can not exactly ask about the messages because you would have breached someone’s privacy.  You have no right to be going through a phone that does not belong to you.  At the same time it helps you see where you stand with someone but it really isn’t advisable to do that.  I would say talk things through if you feel there is something that is bothering you.  And even if you do decide to continue going through your partner’s phone and they do find out that’s what you get up to, trust me they will find ways to hide things from you and you will never find a single grain of evidence.  Bottom line is, if your partner is cheating the truth always has a way of revealing itself…just sit tight and relax.


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The amusing thing about going through your partner’s phone is if you find out something that hurts you the first thing you tell yourself is that you are going to break up with them and leave.  Sadly, most people stay and complain and bore us to death about how their partner is cheating…As for me, I stuck around for a while(that puts me in the boring department) but eventually things got from bad to worse, hearts were broken, words were said, trust went flying out the window but yes, that is life, we get to experience all sorts of things before we decide to make changes.  And that’s how I ended up deciding I won’t ever go through my partners phone because nothing good has ever come of it.  Ideally it would be nice to go through your partner’s phone and find out they are planning a surprise party or a getaway weekend but how often does that happen???

I would like to find out from you if you have gone through the Private Investigation phase of wanting to know who your partner has been talking to.  If yes, what did you find and how did you deal with it?

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Throw Back Thursday

Throw Back Thursday, way back in 2011 I was pregnant and expecting my one and only child.  A lot of changes happened throughout the 9 months and these are some of the highlights.


MaKupsy 2011

  • The morning sickness was from the devil himself! I had it for three straight months. I could not keep anything down and had to survive on water only.
  • I could not stand the smell of uncooked beef, heated oil, milk and eggs.
  • I could not stomach any form of fast food.
  • I used to sleep like there was no tomorrow. My lunch break at work was dedicated to making a makeshift bed under my desk and sleeping my hour away. Thankfully I had my own office back then.  The moment I got home after work I would bath and jump into bed. Imagine going to sleep at 6pm and waking up the next day at 6am, utter madness if you ask me.
  • Fruits were my best friend once the morning sickness wore off. The fruits in season at the time were masau and I would sit and eat a whole bowl of them by myself. Any other fruits were still welcome;  cucumbers were my favourite, I love loved them!
  • My then best friend ended up calling my baby bump lemon because I enjoyed eating lemons with salt. I would nicely peel them, put them in a plate, sprinkle lots of salt and enjoy.
  • I used to cry for no reason. The slightest thing would get me all worked up.  Pregnancy hormones are real.
  • I was crazy about sex; I could never get enough of it. My libido was at its highest. The father of my child used to complain. You would think he would be happy right?  I oversexed him I suppose…
  • I already am a neat freak but when my second trimester hit, the rate went on overdrive. I could not stop cleaning. I would wake up at 6am, clean the house, do the laundry, cook and bath and each time I thought of something that needed to be done I would get up and do it.
  • I used to bath not once but three times a day. I always left the house looking like I was going for a special occasion.  The number of men who hit on me was worrisome.
  • I loved long walks; I could not get myself to sit still.
  • The visits to the gynecologist were the most uncomfortable ones. For some reason I used to think he would ask me to open my legs and take a look at my vagina!  The other reason they were never something to look forward to was because for all the 9 months I went to there on my own and I watched other women with their partners, the father of my child had no interest and used to tell me he had a doctors rooms phobia.
  • My skin was flawless; I had absolutely no pimple in sight, or blemish or blackhead, nothing at all.
  • I terribly missed sleeping on my tummy after my first trimester. You have no idea how precious it is to lie on your tummy until you are pregnant.
  • The number of guys who attempted to ask me out for a date when I was pregnant was insane. I think some men just have a fetish for pregnant women. Either way I found it quite amusing.  My oldest sister used to complain saying “Can’t they see you’re pregnant?”
  • I read a lot on pregnancy, books, magazines, online articles you name it, I read it!
  • I listened to a lot of music when I was pregnant, and when I did so I could feel my baby move, I guess it was her way of saying she was enjoying the sounds.
  • I talked to my unborn baby from the second trimester till the day I gave birth. I read it in some magazine that it was good for the baby.
  • I have always prayed but when I was pregnant I prayed the most and the hardest. I asked God to bless me with a healthy baby and He did.

What are your Throw Back Thursday moments?  Do you have memories that you still cherish from way back when?  Let’s share and get nostalgic together.

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Read This If You’re Having Unprotected Sex

Amazing how some couples choose not to talk about birth control methods.  I get that it can be a very uncomfortable topic but you two already talk about everything else except this not-so-sexy subject.  A subject that might make or break you if you don’t take any action after reading this post…

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If you haven’t had the talk then you’re in luck but if you’re already deep in the strokes it’s not too late for you either.  These are some of the reasons why I think you and your partner BOTH need to go a health specialist to decide on the contraception method you will be using.

  1. You get to know the contraception methods readily available to you and the advantages and disadvantages that come with them.
  2. You can both make a decision on which method to use.  It takes two (or more depending on how adventurous you are) to tango so a decision you both agree on makes your sexual life a whole lot easier.
  3. Men need to be more involved in sexual health issues.  Too many of them simply assume the woman is covered but is she really?
  4. In the even that the method of contraception you choose to use fails you will both face the consequences so you may as well both know what to or not to expect in advance.

In my opinion this is round about the time you openly discuss how you feel about having child(ren).  The “what if the method fails” talk should also fall somewhere there because contraceptive methods are not 100% effective and anything can go wrong.  What’s the next step if you do fall pregnant?  Do you keep the baby, have an abortion, start a family, get married…lay down all the options before the situation happens so that you know how you will move forward.  Then again when things actually happen feelings might change but having a rough idea of how you will approach the situation will certainly help make better informed decisions.

Your health is important.  You and your partner should get tested not just for HIV/Aids but for STIs as well.  A lot of men in our culture are scared to get tested and get “tested through the woman.”  A case where if the woman is pregnant or goes for her routine checks he comforts himself saying that if she’s safe he is also safe.  Dear men, it’s unfortunate that it doesn’t work like that, if you are sexually active you both need to go for these tests.

You would think that being on a method of contraception would make your life easier but it comes with pros and cons!


  • It’s safe, at least you will have a goodnight’s rest after unprotected sex knowing you are protected from unwanted pregnancy.
  • It reduces acne for some women.
  • It helps ease menstrual cramps for some women.
  • Most contraceptive methods are cheap and accessible.


  • Forgetfulness; especially if you’re on the pill.  You run a very high risk of falling pregnant.
  • Personally the idea of going on a method of contraception is to NOT have unprotected sex but to at least know that if an “accident” happens I shouldn’t worry about it.  However, in most cases getting tested for HIV/Aids and being on a form of contraceptive method usually reads “Here’s to more raw sex.”
  • Possibilities of trust issues.  I’ve heard that most men aren’t very comfortable with the idea of their woman being on contraception because he thinks she will have multiple partners.
  • Unprotected sex is a mind blowing experience but with every stroke you stand a chance of contracting an STI.  It’s unfortunate that you can’t keep your partners privates in a bag to guard them from being used elsewhere but if you’re engaging in unprotected sex be prepared for unpleasant surprises.
  • I don’t have evidence or stats to back me up but some women have highlighted that some contraceptive methods pose a chance of being infertile in the long run.
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Frankly speaking if I had known that sex came with so many complications I would have remained a virgin!  As if that’s not enough there’s now a male contraceptive of sort and it comes in the form of a pill.  I don’t know about you but I know that I won’t trust a man having to be the one those kind of decisions in a relationship.  A guy can forget that he has to do so many things in a day let alone remember taking a pill; it’s simply not happening for me.  I may as well go celibate!

If you’re in Zimbabwe be sure to check out some of the contraceptive methods available from my Blogger friend’s page over here.  Apparently the withdrawal method is a form of contraception; certainly not the best method out there, I have a 6 year old daughter to remind me of this every single day.

My sentiments remain the same.  If you’re going to be having sex contraception should be a topic that should be discussed early on.  Men and women should both be very much involved in sexual health issues women especially because at the end of the day the woman is the one that bears the burden of contraception gone wrong.

What are your thoughts on the subject of birth control in a relationship?  Are you on any method, are you aware of the method your partner is on?  Are you planning on having kids anytime soon?  I’d love to hear from you.

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