Are Any Of These Songs On Your Playlist?

I remember telling my sister that when you’re going through a heartbreak and you try to listen to music the greater part of the time you don’t even hear the words; the melody alone is enough to send you off to a crying fest. I love my music and not a day goes by without listening to some feel good track of sort.  Lately I try and avoid the sad songs because I’ve realised that what I listen to easily influences my mood.  Are you like that as well?  Today isn’t about heartbreaks though; I’m going to take you back in time musically…

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Thong Song : Sisqo

High School days are the best days!  I’m sure every school had a DJ play this song at every Variety Show around the 2000s.  This is the time when the latest fashion for the boys was a bandana, a pair of shiny jeans and a summer shirt; if you got yourself one with a dragon you automatically made it to the cool kids club.  Wearing your jeans below your belly button for the girls as well as guvhu outs (crop tops) was a thing.  I remember I had a black one which was written 90’s in silver glitter.  This is also the same time when writing letters was the most romantic gesture ever and waiting for your boyfriend to call you at an exact time was the highlight of your day. I saved up my pocket money to buy the cassette, Unleash The Dragon.  It was gold!  The song still sounds really good in 2018.  Take me back!!!


He Is : Heather Headley

This was back in the days of CDs.  I was working at my very first job and asked one of my colleagues what she was listening to.  She let me borrow her Heather Headley This Is Who I Am Album.  I fell in love with her music at the very first listen.  You have no idea how happy I was when weeks later I watched Breaking All The Rules and she was in the movie singing this very song!  Couple that with getting very excited about watching Jamie Foxx, he was a very big deal back then and I couldn’t get enough of him.  Sexy sexy 🙂


Better In Time : Leona Lewis

I know I said sad songs are a no no but I can’t help myself.  This song takes me back to nearly 8 years ago.  My heart was raw with pain.  I was going through my first and promised myself it would be my last heartbreak.(I was delusional)  I remember listening to this song while taking a walk during my lunch breaks and I would just sit by one of the park benches and cry my eyes out.  I honestly thought life was no longer going to make sense without my then partner.  I thought death was a better alternative to the pain I was going through.  Thankfully life teaches you that whatever you think might never get better will eventually be but a distant memory.  No regrets.  I healed from all the pain; I let go.  I learnt my lessons the hard way and I know that indeed it does get better in time.


Dip It Low : Christina Milian

The choreography and visuals won me over the very first time I watched this video.  Back then we actually used to enjoy watching ZTV and they had really good programmes lined up.  That time you’ll be singing along to things you had no clue about.  Now I’m like how on earth did our parents even allow us to watch and listen to this stuff?  “I’ma show you how to make your man say ohhh.” 

Fun Fact: I had no idea there were weave ons.  I genuinely thought that was Christina Milian’s hair.  I used to think wow, it must be nice staying in America, there’s something in the food or water that makes your hair grow so long!

I could write up a post with nearly 100 of my favourite songs but that would bore you to death.  The idea is to keep you coming back to my blog not chase you away.

Music keeps memories alive.

Do you remember any of the songs from my playlist?  If yes, which ones?

©MaKupsy 2018



My Birth Control Experience

I didn’t grow up with vast knowledge on Birth Control.  You can read all about the only ever sex and reproductive health talk I got the day I got my first period here.  The only form of birth control I was aware of were Condoms and well, that didn’t go very well seeing that I got knocked up.   (please note the Withdrawal Method failed dismally in this case, use it at your own risk).   A few months after having my daughter we decided that we were going to try and not have another unplanned pregnancy so off to New Start Centre we went.  (Contraceptive is free at New Start Centre)

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I didn’t realise there were so many birth control methods available.  The counselor was very helpful and talked us through all the methods.   I had to weigh in so that she could check if my BMI was in check.  Unfortunately I was overweight and according to her I could not get onto almost all the methods because the hormones would make me gain even more weight.

She suggested I try The Loop also known as IUD: Intrauterine Device (IUD) for Birth Control.  An IUD is a small, T-shaped plastic device that is wrapped in copper or contains hormones. The IUD is inserted into your uterus by your doctor.  I think that method is only for the brave because having the IUD inserted is the most uncomfortable experience I have gone through to date.  Once it was done she told me that the only thing I would need to worry about was an extra day or two to my monthly period.  WRONG!

When I got my first period after getting The Loop I didn’t make it to work.  I never get period pain and I was confused when my lower back and abdomen were in excruciating pain.  I couldn’t even leave my bed.  I felt nauseous, I was weak and the thought of food was not helping matters at all.  I had to call in sick and made my way to the doctor.  I thought I was going to die!  At the same time I thought I was pregnant but how are you even pregnant when you are on your period?  I was worried sick.  When I got to speak to the doctor he told me that I was suffering from Dysmenorrhea; which is basically painful periods.  The doctor informed me that it was part of the side effects of the birth control method I had opted for.  I got a couple of pain killers and sleeping tablets to help me sail through my monthlys.  Well, that didn’t help much but at least it made me feel a little better.

That was not all, after my period I had a massive breakout on my face.  I have never seen my skin transform into someone that I couldn’t even recognise in the mirror.  Then my pee started to smell like copper. Oh my word!!!  Maybe it was just in my head…all the same before I got to the second month of using that method I went back to New Start and asked them to remove it!  I was unhappy and uncomfortable.  The counselor tried to convince me that my body needed at least 3 months to adjust to the foreign body but I would hear none of it.  I was not about to go another month of having an 8 day period!!!  Do you have any idea how expensive tampons are?!  Being on your period already sucks as it is now imagine going at it for a whole week… Goodbye sex!


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Once they removed The Loop I went and bought a whole box of condoms.  Yes, I am one of those individuals who don’t mind buying her own condoms because I value my health.  After that experience I just decided condoms are the way to go for me, I won’t have it any other way.

P.S I tried to use the female condom, it’s a NO for me, it’s too big, actually looks like a plastic bag, but that’s just me.

Ladies, talk to me, which birth control method are you on?

Which one did you have a bad experience with?

Who taught you about birth control?

Stay in tune with your body, your health is your business.

©MaKupsy 2018

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Break Up

Getting into a relationship is easy, staying in one is a whole different ball game.  Times have changed, options aplenty and the moment things go wrong most couples are quick to give up and walk away from each other without ever taking time to work on each other instead.  There are so many different platforms you can hook up with someone and start over and completely forget about your former relationship; but is that really how things should be like?  From my personal experiences in the past you can walk away yes but you will walk into a new relationship and still face the same problems with a different person.  Perhaps before you choose to end a relationship you need to ask yourself what qualities attracted you to the once was love of your life and find good reasons to stay.

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Do you enjoy each other’s company?  Are you the sort of couple that can go out all weekend party hard and have the best time ever.  Or you’re the couple that can spend the day at home cooking, catching up, watching a good movie or whatever you both enjoy and still have a good time?  Whatever the case might be the way I see it if you two are friends before anything else chances of weathering any storm that comes your way are very high.  Love will fade eventually but friendship will likely last forever; at least I hope it will.


Everyone knows that the first few weeks of sex as a new couple is non-stop.  Once you finally decide you’re both ready it’s like the only thing you two get up to.  Over time (if your relationships gets to last long enough) you’ll be more comfortable and no longer be having sex for the orgasms and focus more on exploration and pleasuring each other.  Something called sexual compatibility is a thing and if you find that you two are the lucky few to have that hold onto it.  It’s rare to find.

Starting Over Is A Chore

So…what’s your favourite colour?  Oh my word!  If I ever have to go through that sort of conversation again I promise I’ll stab myself to death with a spoon.  That stuff is tiring.  I don’t want anyone else to know what my favourite colour, food, music is or what I like to do with my weekends.  The whole process of getting to know a completely different person is a lot of work I’m not willing to put in.  I’m good thank you very much.  I’ll stick with my partner and find new ways to annoy him instead.


If you’re a completely different person since you met your current partner then why would you even think of leaving?  Have they taught you a new skill, helped you look at life from a different lens, challenged you to be better, upgraded you not only financially but physically and spiritually?  If you answered yes to most of these then why are you entertaining such negative thoughts?  There’s no such thing as breaking up, you’re going to work through this shit together.


I know you thought of money when you read this but for me money is a bonus.  From my viewpoint emotional security is one of the reasons I would stay in a relationship.  Nothing beats knowing that you’re with someone who has your best interests at heart, someone you trust and someone who is emotionally available.  It’s not easy going through life on your own but if you’re the lucky few to have a partner with these qualities be thankful and also take notes from them so that you too can reciprocate when the need arises.

Choose to love everyday.

I wrote this post with my late colleague Itai in mind.  She died in her sleep two months ago; she had a heart condition.  We sat right next to each other in the office and everyday we had new stories and fashion tips to share.  She was such a lovely person and when she passed on I struggled for weeks.  I couldn’t believe I was never going to see her again.  She was a big sister to me.  She always used to say that life was short and that we should celebrate each day like it’s our last because tomorrow isn’t promised.  I still picture her in her red dress standing right next to me telling me she was struggling with her condition and she would be lucky if she would make it till the end of the year. I could see her health was deteriorating but I told her she shouldn’t talk like that because words have power.  Now she’s gone but I know she’s now in a happy place and she’s finally at peace.  I miss her everyday and thinking about her has my heart breaking all over again.  

Don’t take the people in your life for granted.  Today might be the last day you see them.  Find reasons to love them like it’s the last time…

©MaKupsy 2018

3 Amazing Things About UnPlugged ‘Beach Themed’ Edition

UnPlugged Zimbabwe is best known for constantly delivering a live music experience like no other.  I’ve attended almost all of the events for the past year and I can safely say UnPlugged is a “must attend event” in Harare.  If you happen to visit make sure you add it to your to-do-list; I promise it will be worth every dime of your hard earned money.  Treat yourself, you deserve a new and refreshing experience.

MaKupsy Zinarayah.jpg

MaKupsy (middle) with the group members of Zinarayah

Last Sunday was certainly the highlight of my weekend and this is these are the reasons why:

1. Venue

I loved the fact that the event was held right by the waterfront.  There’s something about water that gives me renewed energy.  The number of people I saw taking pictures right by the water confirmed that the views were indeed beautiful.  UnPlugged is a child friendly environment so the scenery gave the children a chance to run around and build castles in the sand.  The water area was manned by volunteers so you knew the children were in good hands.

2. Customer Service

The staff were cheerful, friendly and very helpful.  I remember the last UnPlugged was held at ZB Sports Club and a few people complained about a few glitches especially the one on entry and exit points.  That process is of paramount importance, once your drinks run out you need a quick dash out and back in without any unnecessary headaches.  I was happy to note that management took note of that and this time around it was easy to get in and out of the venue without having anyone man handle you.

3. Upcoming Local Artists

I had no idea a music outfit called Zinarayah existed.  They grabbed my attention when I was in the powder room trying to change from my very short shorts to my denim jeans – more about this at the end of this post...  Zinarayah is a trio of absolutely gorgeous women with the most powerful voices you’ve ever heard.  The three are Afua, Deline, and Rachel and they sing Afro Pop.   Apparently they grew up together and music is what has kept them strong.  I’m just going to call them soul sisters from now on because they stole my soul when they performed Chiwoniso Maraire’s song, Wandirasa.  After that it was one surprise after another as they continued to do cover songs and threw in a song or two of their very own.  Watch out for these three, they’re onto something!


Find below a link to the reason why I woke up with no voice on Monday morning.  WinkyD went all in.  He performed almost all of my favourite songs and I was right in the front row to capture these moments.  This man is talented and he knows how to make love to the crowd so to speak.  We were on a different kind of high.  I’ve never screamed and danced so much in my entire life and I loved it!


The Not So Great Things…

1. Weather

It played some tricks on us and switched from a sunny Sunday to rain in minutes.   Thankfully I had packed a pair of jeans and a jacket just in-case.

2. Directions

A bunch of us got lost along the way.  Thank the stars for Google Maps otherwise we would have ended up at someone’s farmhouse.  Perhaps next time more sign posts need to be put up along the way so that people know they’re going in the right direction.

Unfortunately my phone battery ran out and I missed out on capturing more magical moments.  Please feel free to share some of your high and low moments in the comments section.  I would love to hear from you.

On a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the most epic experience ever, I rate UnPlugged Beach Themed Edition a cool 8 out of 10, fun was had!

©MaKupsy 2018





Online Dating With Aunty Tari

Online dating (or Internet dating) is a system that enables people to find and introduce themselves to new personal connections over the internet usually with the goal of developing personal, romantic, or sexual relationships. – Wikipedia

MaKupsy Aunty Tari Diaries



What made you decide to venture into match making people?

I’ve always been a matchmaker at heart.  In the past I’ve matched people as friends and they’re still going strong in friendship many years later.  I thought if I could do such a great job with friendship perhaps I should give romantic relationships a go.  It also happened that someone on Twitter lamented that they were done looking for love because they weren’t meeting any new people.  In that very moment I  decided to change my handle and start offering the service; just like that.

How long has your online dating service been running for?

I’ve been doing this for about two months now.  I get match making requests daily  at any time of day.  I usually respond after work or during the weekend.

What are your thoughts on online dating?

It’s the next best thing since chocolate!  With our hectic schedules who honestly has time to physically meet new people?

What are some of the requests you have found “strange” in the match making service?

The strangest request has to be the one guy who asked me if I could hook him up with a professional prostitute.  He offered to pay me handsomely.

Have you received feedback from the couples you have paired up?

Yes, I’ve received both negative and positive feedback. Unfortunately; some people have rejected their matches because they’re either not good looking enough or they don’t keep a stimulating conversation going.  There are also those who totally ghost and you can never tell what the review is. On the bright side some people are excited about the service and sing praises of a job well done when they pair up with someone.

How do you guarantee security for your users?

At this stage I don’t offer security yet.  I try to verify the identities of all my clients.  Once matched the onus is upon the matched to do their own homework about their match.  I hope to improve on security as my service gets sophisticated.  However, privacy is 100% guaranteed.

Do you have any additional services coming up?

Yes.  I plan to start an advice column soon.  On your blog 🙂

What else can we expect from Aunty Tari?  I’m expecting wedding bells from the match making but what do you hope for your clients?

I’m hoping to raise awareness of online dating.  It’s not the scary monster everybody thinks it is.  A lot of people seem to think online dating is just for hook ups.  You would be surprised at the number of beautiful stories with happy endings that started online.  I also want my clients to realise that both love and friendship can be found online.

Any advice for those wanting to venture into online dating?

You only live once!  Try it out and above all else make sure you verify everything your match tells you.  You wouldn’t want unpleasant surprises.

Thank you Tari for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your journey with me.  If you would like to connect with her you can find her on Twitter: @tariwemadimples  Feel free to go through her hash tag #AuntyTariDatingLounge who knows, you might be lucky to find your match.

I would like to call on all the techy readers I have.  If you’re good at creating apps this might be a great opportunity to partner up with Tari and create our very own Zimbabwe Dating App.  This about it…

Have you tried online dating?  What are some of the great and not so great things you’ve heard about it?  Let’s talk.


©MaKupsy 2018

BBC (Burst Your Bubble Cooperation)

I have come across some really party poppers in this lifetime.  Like how does one find joy in ruining the next persons day just like that?  Sometimes it’s so bad you would think they probably had urine in place of their usual coffee in the morning.  Let me tell you some of the incidents that have happened in the past that left me speechless.

MaKupsy Burst Bubble.jpg

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  • I had just got my driver’s licence and I was absolutely ecstatic about it. You have to be Zimbabwean to understand just how hard it is to get your licence and go through the Eastlea Vehicle Inspection Department without catching a stroke.  That place gives you nightmares and once you get your licence that’s the last place you want to be.  I got my licence on a Saturday and come Monday I was showing everyone who would care to see.  Then from out of the blue this colleague asked “Why are you excited about a licence when you don’t even have a car.”  I didn’t have a come back to that one, I was too shocked to reply him.  Like who says things like that???


  • My weight has been an issue for a couple of years now. I then decided to get up and do something about it.  The first few weeks were hard but I eventually got to adjust to my new lifestyle.  This one time I chose to run the route were I ran all the way to Samora Machel and Glenara Road.  That’s a good 4km to get there from my place.  I bumped into an ex boyfriend (Ex 1 in that post)  who by the way is overweight.  He was stuffed in his car and slowed down and started talking to me during my run.  I told him I can’t run and talk at the same time so if he needed to talk he would have to call me afterwards.   He simply said “Uri kuzvinetsereiko uchingori wakafuta wani” Translation >> Why are you even bothering you are still fat.  I was FUMING I ran at an unusually fast pace all the way home.  How dare he say something like that?  I was now running a whole 8km nonstop and he just had the audacity to say I am fat!  I had lost a significant amount of weight by then and he just had to find a way to demotivate me.  The moment I got home I composed a very strong message and told him to never contact me again.  PLUS I reminded him that this was one of the reasons why we never worked out.  He was just a huge being of negativity!


  • My hair doesn’t grow. Well, it does but stops at a certain length which doesn’t sit well with me because I want long hair that goes all the way to my neck and shoulders.  I have tried and tested everything and I know it won’t happen because it turns out I have 4C type hair.  I’m living my long hair dream through my daughter and making sure her hair is healthy.  Back to the story at hand.  I cut my hair because my hairline was losing meaning and when I did so I felt refreshed and happy because I was holding onto something that was never going to materialise.  And while everyone was busy saying the look was great and I should have cut my hair a long time ago there was obviously an individual who said “You really look like a guy now!”  Okay, fine, this bubble didn’t burst so badly, I knew I was obviously going to look different and people would take time to get used to the look.  That was actually funny but oh well.

I am not saying I don’t like criticism or feedback I don’t entirely agree with.  What I’m saying is that sometimes some comments are really uncalled for.  What do you lose from keeping quiet if you genuinely have nothing nice to say to someone?

Have you faced any moments where someone burst your happy bubble?  Let’s share and have a good laugh.

©MaKupsy 2018

Miss Petty

I think people just take advantage of me sometimes and when I look at it it’s not a good thing at all.  I always complain on my Twitter timeline about how my work colleagues are constantly asking me for one thing or the other.  If it’s not coffee, it’s probably juice, or a sandwich, a piece of whatever I would have packed in my lunchbox or whatever I happen to be eating at the time, pain killers, tampons, yes; they don’t stop at food!  I have just about had it and even after telling them to buy their own supplies they insist on coming back to ask for my things.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind sharing but what I do mind is the same person (people) who keep asking me for something all the damn time!

Let me break it down…I had a whole 500g tin of coffee just a few months back and someone discovered that and since that day him and another colleague were coming to my desk almost everyday to ask for coffee.  I didn’t mind the first week but after that I clearly told them that it was not on and they had to buy their own coffee but alas, it was certainly falling on deaf ears.  They went on to finish the whole tin and you think they replaced it? NO.  Did they keep coming back to ask for coffee?  Of course not, but listen to this, one of them actually had the audacity to ask me “When are you buying some more coffee?”   The freaking nerve!  I simply ignored him.  I know you are reading this and probably thinking MaKupsy is a tad bit petty but this is a real problem and I am actually pretty upset about it and I know if I write about it I will feel a whole lot better.

MaKupsy healthy lunch.jpg

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I pack a lunchbox to take to work on most days.  The reason behind it is because I prefer my home cooked meals and healthy sandwich options that I can prepare on my own plus I save a lot of money while I am at it.  I remember when I first started working at my current work place everyone would laugh and ask why I would pack a lunchbox at my age and I was puzzled to note that a packed lunchbox had an age restriction, really??  Anyways, after they realised what was in my lunchbox the “Can I have a a bite” requests were endless, at first I would share but later on I decided this is crazy, I only have one child and I don’t remember taking her to work with me so these very able bodied people should leave my lunchbox alone!

Then there is the tampon issue.  I think that every woman should keep tampons or sanitary wear on her person and if she goes to work it would be ideal to keep a stash in her office drawer because it’s the surest way of preventing “accidents”.  I work with grown ass women, women way older than me (who you would assume are more organised than me) but trust me I am guaranteed that one of them will come to me asking for a tampon; which I gladly give them because these things happen.  What I then don’t understand is how you continue to come back month after month and expecting to get a tampon from me.  Where in the world do you think these tampons are coming from?  Definitely not Santa Clause!!  I happen to BUY my tampons and they should be doing the same too.  Better still, after asking from me so many times how about actually replacing my freaking tampons!!! So now whenever anyone comes to ask for them I simply say I don’t have any because there is a pharmacy right downstairs and they should go there and buy themselves a whole packet for all I care.

I am feeling better already after venting about this.  I am not social welfare people and my patience has been tried for too long, from now on I won’t give anyone anything because I am sick of people taking advantage of me!

©MaKupsy 2018

The Drakensberg Mountain Range

The Drakensberg Mountain Range is the highest mountain range in Limpopo, South Africa.  It offers incredible natural beauty and a wealth of recreational activities. My friend Danai (@Miss_Chiherahad the pleasure of traveling to this beautiful place.  She shared her experience of staying at Champagne Sports Resort with me.

MaKupsy Drakensberg Mountain Range.jpg


What I Loved About Champagne Sports Resort:


Breath taking views of the Drakensberg Mountain Range. The resort is situated along the mountain range which gives you a perfect view of the range. Absolutely AMAZING!

2. Accommodation
There are 1 to 3 bedroom chalets with kitchens, living room and dining areas.  It’s perfect for sharing with your friends.

3. The Amenities

The resort comes with a swimming pool, a lovely golf course , a spa to die for a tennis court and a fully equipped gym (You can still work out while you are on vacation).

MaKupsy Champagne Sports Resort.jpg

4. It’s Child Friendly

There’s a dedicated young guide that rallies the kids together each day to keep them occupied while you go about your day.  Activities for the kids include:

  • Putt putt
  • Jungle gym
  • Beach volleyball
  • Hiking

5. The Bar & Food

The bar has a variety of cocktails but one cocktail captured my heart.  I tried this amazing cocktail: Something Peachy which is made up of vodka, pineapple juice , orange juice and peach schnapps. The resort provides buffet breakfast. They cater for everyone; Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian; no one will feel overlooked.

6. It’s A Hideaway

It’s far from the city.  A perfect place for a romantic getaway or just a place to relax and unwind.

There is no WiFi at the chalets which gives you a chance to connect with your loved ones or detox from social media.  A must try! 

There are neighboring resorts with activities such as zip lining and canoeing.

What I Did Not Love About Champagne Sports Resort:

1. The drive from the Airport. It’s a 4 hour ride from OR Tambo Airport. You need a book and some really good music to get through it.  However, the plus side is that the resort provides a shuttle to and from the airport.

Would I want to go back?

gala dinner (1).jpg

If you would like to experience Champagne Sports Resort check out Rennies Travel on


Did you get to travel this year?  If yes, where did you go to and which were some of your favourite destinations?

©MaKupsy 2018

5 Reasons To Take A Break From Dating

Before I start telling you why you should take a break from dating just know humans ain’t shit.  People don’t know who they are; most don’t have the slightest clue of what they do or don’t want and yet they want to drag you into their lives so that you can be a part of their mess.  From my view point, only when you are fully aware of who you are must you enter into a relationship other than that, stay single; learn and unlearn what you’re about one day at a time.

MaKupsy Take A Break From Dating.jpg

Image from Pinterest

1. You focus too much on your partner and not enough on your own life.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being concerned about your partner.  However, if that’s the focus of your life then you just might have a problem.  We’ve all seen people who behave in this fashion and whose lives revolve around their significant others.  Sit at home all weekend waiting for them to suggest an outing, always celebrating their partners achievements and successes meanwhile they are doing nothing to upgrade themselves, never doing anything on their own because they “prefer to be with their SO”, obsessing about them, going on and on about how amazing they are which falls nothing short of deifying them.  Guys please work with me here; another human being is not a hobby.  You need to get a life outside this person.

2. You are not experiencing growth in your dating experiences.

Imagine never getting to try out new places to eat, new adventures, adopting new healthy habits, getting to meet new people and making new friends together.  Do think deeply about this; if you stagnate and remain the same person you were after dating someone then surely that relationship wasn’t really worth your while now, was it?  Relationships should make us grow.

3. You keep dating the same problematic characters.

Ever noticed how some people have a “type”?  Yes, that type that gives them sleepless nights and endless headaches.  The type you know deep in your heart of hearts is not good for you.  Sometimes it really isn’t them.  Sometimes it’s you.  You already know the recipe for the upcoming disaster but you entertain it anyway. You need to do yourself a favour and remember the famous words of Albert Einstein;

“Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results.” 

4. You are obsessed with getting into a relationship.

Ever stopped to ask yourself why you actually want to be in a relationship?  I know I have, countless times.  Sometimes it was for the strangest of reasons.  I would see beautiful couples on Instagram and think WOW they look so happy I also want that in my life.  Do you fall in love with the idea of being in love? Fear of missing out will take you to places that you will forever regret if you don’t manage it well.  So each time the need to be in a relationship pops up, take a step back and ask yourself WHY?

5. You just came out of a relationship or a bad break up.

Rebound relationships been there done that wouldn’t recommend it to when you are at your most vulnerable.  If you’re hurting you should be healing not dating.  Do not use someone as a crutch to get over your pain.  Then again people are different and if you feel you need to do that go right ahead but be warned that you may not be riding into the sunset for a ‘happily ever after’ ending.

What are some of the reasons you think one should take a break from dating? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

©MaKupsy 2018

Why Do I Blog?

This challenge to blog everyday in September has taken a toll on me. I’m way behind schedule and I’ve since stopped panicking. Life happens and that’s okay.

I’ve been blogging for 4 years now and people ask me why I’m still at it.  I have a lot of reasons which I will share with you today.

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  1. I blog because I got tired of writing in my journal. I have always kept a journal for as long as I remember but thanks to technology my handwriting has gone from bad to worse.  It’s a task putting my thoughts to paper now so blogging works like an online diary for me.
  2. I talk too much, I always have something to say and because those around me have things to do they can’t always be sitting and listening to my stories. This is working as an outlet for me to express my views and opinions on different things going on around me.
  3. I want to keep my memories alive especially for my daughter Kupsy. Someday I will be dead and gone and I would like her to have access to my blog and get to read all the things, both good and bad that I went through.
  4. You know how you forget about all the details that happened on a certain event years after it has happened? Well, thanks to blogging I will never forget the priceless moments and they will be right here in detail.
  5. To learn new things, since I started blogging not a day goes by that I don’t have moments that leave me thinking and adding on things to my life skills.
  6. For entertainment purposes, some of the bloggers I follow are witty and provide a good laugh on days when things aren’t exactly going my way.
  7. To get a wide readership for my work and a lot of interesting followers. I read some blogs posts before I hit the follow button, I like to make sure blogs I choose to follow are worth my time.
  8. The original reason I started blogging was because I had fallen truly, madly, deeply in love with a certain guy and there was no way I was going to tell him about it so I wrote an article about him instead which you can read about here.
  9. To keep me sane, I have days that writing is the only thing that makes sense and it works for me, it’s more on the therapeutic side.
  10. To get over the bad and heartbreaking things that have happened to me in the past. Putting them out there helps me deal with them and move on to brighter days.

*BONUS POINT*  I blog because I want to share stories from Africa.

If you’ve recently started blogging or have been blogging for a while, what are some of the reasons why you blog?

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