My Perfume Bottle Collection


I started this little perfume bottle collection a few years ago.  It is one of my few hobbies and easy to do, thankfully.  After I use a fragrance and fall in love with it I keep the bottle as a keepsake.  Each bottle in that box is a reminder of something or someone.

Avon Celebre  the very first fragrance gift I got from my very first boyfriend.  That was close to 7 years ago and I have never seen it anywhere, well, the places I have looked that is.

DKNY Red Delicious  the moment it was in stock in Harare I bought myself one and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The scent would stay on my clothes even after washing them.  Maybe I was over spraying, but who cares it was divine!

DKNY Be Delicious  a 20 something birthday gift from my parents they got me the biggest bottle that was sold at the time.

Jennifer Lopez, Live  a gift from my oldest sister, she gave me after she had used half of it, typical of her, but I still enjoyed it, a very beautiful and playful fragrance.

Serendipity  remember that very first boyfriend of mine? Yes, he bought that fragrance as well.  I loved it!

Joe Boy  I dated an Angolan guy soon after I finished high school.  I doubt we even kissed but he always used to smell soo delicious.  I went and bought the cologne he used to use when he left to go back to his country.  He was a sweet guy.

Unforgivable Woman  I bought myself this particular fragrance.  It was light and the scent lingered on for hours.  I was dating my daughters’ father at the time.

Provocative Woman  my daughters’ father bought me this fragrance round about the time I found out I was pregnant.  Each time I open the bottle all the pregnancy memories come rushing through my head.

Kenzo Pour Femme  I bought myself this fragrance after I got my first job after having my daughter.  It was an experiment fragrance.  It was an okay fragrance.

Burberry Brit  another fragrance I bought for myself.  I kept it because of the bottle design more than anything.  I would like to try the body oil though, it looked interesting.



6 thoughts on “My Perfume Bottle Collection

  1. I need to start collections too, right now i just have 3, Intimately Beckham (really good), Curious in control (Britney spears..smells very sweet, but then again all of hers do, not sure if I’d buy it again), Miss Dior (love this, twas a gift from my dad 🙂 then tumwe tuya tuya for 3-4 bucks,lol.

    Im now hunting for Ralph by Ralph Lauren for women, can’t find it anywhere but its absolutely gorgeous! and Foxy by Paris Hilton. Have you ever seen these around? What’s next on your to buy list?


    • I ALWAYS wanted Miss Dior but I couldn’t afford it but it might be on my next to buy list. How’s the Intimately Beckham one and who got it for you? Girl, you are not allowed to own any of those 3-4 bucks perfumes, they are a NO NO in any young lady’s collection. I am definitely getting Red Door Aura next I think I have fallen in love with Elizabeth Arden.

      At the moment im using Clinique Happy Heart (Birthday Gift from Kupsy’s Dad) and 5th Avenue I got just because…LOL


  2. hmmm nyc sha but i dont c any Fantasy (M Carey)??? how come?? please let it be next! i wanted the Unforgivable Woman wen i first tested it (2009) buh i cudn buy coz i had no job, no money LOL!! i have perfume moments too and my addiction is Fantasy, i keep buying and buying it for myself coz i jus cant get enuff of it. my boyfriend likes to buy me Bvlgari stuff so i have the Omnia Coral too (had Omnia Crystalline b4). i also have Someday – J Bieber (very pretty sweet girlish 5h%t) but yakupera lol. next i want Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo (exotic) LOL


    • I have to try this Fantasy fragrance because you have been going on about it for the past few days now. How much is it going for at the moment? I know Truworths is usually stocked up. Your boyfriend certainly has taste Bvlgari has some very delicious fragrances. I remember once buying Jimmy Choo and returning it before i even opened it, I can’t remember the reason why. You should start a collection soon.


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