John Legend All Of Me Tour

I love me some John Legend, his music is soulful.  I especially like his latest album Love In The Future, there is not a single song I skip.  My favourite tracks are All Of Me, Save The Night, Caught Up and The Beginning.  He will be coming to Harare to perform.  Unfortunately all the reasonably priced tickets are sold out and if you really want to go you have to part with $150! Those are United Stated Dollars by the way.  So I will get to hear all about him on social networks because I won’t be parting with that kind of money, I have bills to pay and things to do.  Some people are saying it is actually cheaper to travel to South Africa to watch him perform from there, I am still to get the details.  All the same, he is a great musician and I hope those who get to go have a lovely time 🙂



10 thoughts on “John Legend All Of Me Tour

  1. Aww lets go! I’m not ready to pay through the nose for this concert either, but I can almost guarantee that there’s a way around this. I can bet that way cheaper tickets will be sold a week before or on the day at the door. So lets not cancel it out just yet. Or we could win the lottery and pay them 200bucks each, tell em to keep the change 😉


    • That is indeed a plan, but I am still for going all the way to South Africa, I get to leave the country for a bit and enjoy that sexy man’s concert for a way cheaper fee…


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