Long Holiday

I just got back from a well-deserved holiday.  The last time we had a public holiday was sometime in April and just imagine how excited everyone was when we had a whole two days of rest.  Getting back to work is actually refreshing because I am well rested and reenergised.  So what did I get up to?  On Friday it was girls night out.  I was with my friend Patience and did we “turnt up” or what?  We went to Pariah State for a few drinks and a few shots… blow jobs to be specific and some good music.  I still don’t like the place, it is too small and you can’t hit the dance floor and have a good time.  The only reason we went was because Patience likes it there.


From there we headed to SKYY and boy did we just not dance the night away.  The crowd was great, I bumped into a few friends, I didn’t drink that much, maybe old age is catching up with me or I am simply becoming a more responsible drinker?  The VIP section was $50 and no we were not even trying to get in there we were having too much fun with the rest of the normal people.  We were there until 430am.  We only had 3 hours sleep because Saturday already had plans of it’s own.  I am proud to say the rest of my holiday was alcohol free.

I left Harare for Marondera on Saturday morning at exactly 9am and picked up my daughter , Miss Kupsy, for the long weekend.  I could tell my parents were already missing her because it was just going to be the two of them all weekend long.  Back in Harare we did everything she likes, from a day out at the Amusement Park, a movie, going to my oldest sister’s place, pizza, icecream and lots of t.v.  Everyday she was with me she passed out before 7pm, that is just how much fun filled her days were.  I left her in Marondera  yesterday and when I got back to my place I was already missing her.  It’s the simplest things in life that make a child’s life so interesting and I am glad I was able to spend my whole weekend with her and made beautiful and priceless memories together. xoxo



7 thoughts on “Long Holiday

  1. You looked fab mami! and Kupsy, oh my that pic! you have an angel on your hands, but I’m sure you’ve known that from day one 🙂 I’m really glad you take time out, not just with your daughter but with your girl(s)..striking a ‘me’ time and ‘our’ time balance 🙂


    • Thank you muchly 🙂 ohh Kupsy is my pride and joy, and she looks like me right? my lil mini me. It’s important to strike a balance otherwise you might lose your mind. I cherish all the moments.


    • Lol, trust you to notice about Bae. Lol. Kupsy actually doesn’t mean anything hey, but when she was little she used to like this nursery rhyme A pusky dusky. so i decided to sing incorporate her name Kupa into it so now its A Kupsy Dusky when she sings along.
      VIP for the rich and famous gurrlll! That particular evening Rob Jnr was there.

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