Happy Birthday Miss Kupsy. You are 3 whole years old today Kupakwashe (my gift from God).  Who would have thought my little angel would be all grown up?  I can never forget the day you were born; after 17 whole hours of labour and then the doctor deciding I had to go through a Cesarean section instead you were brought into this world on a Saturday evening at 10pm weighing 4kgs!


First photo ever, Miss Kupsy

From the little baby who needed mummy by her side you have become an independent little diva in a space of 3 years. You can now count up to 10, you know your colours, you can sing most of your nursery rhymes, your grandparents have taught you to pray before you go to bed, you love to dance, you love playing dress up, you have made friends from nursery school; the list is endless… So much has changed but you are still my little princess.

Here’s to wishing you a lovely day filled with nothing but smiles and laughter.  It’s a pity I won’t be around for your big day but the weekend is on it’s way and I am going to throw you a party.  I love you my baby, don’t ever doubt that and each day I pray that nothing but goodness and mercy follow you all the days of life.  Kisses and hugs.




  1. she was one big baby! almost double what i weighed,lol..please pass on our bdae messages when you talk to her, she needs to know there are pple out here who know all about her, and love her like we were in labour with her mother


  2. See why I was all big just before I had her. I will definitely pass on the message to her and let her know Aunty Essy sent through warm hugs and birthday greetings.


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