Rebound Guy


The guy I dated to get over my aching heart.

The guy I always talked about on my Twitter page to convince myself how happy we were together.

The guy I was with for emotional reasons and hardly had physical relations with.

The guy I nearly got married to in the name of proving a point.

The guy who constantly reminded me how fat I was.

The guy who crushed my self esteem each day I was with him.

The guy who agreed to being friends after things didn’t work out between us.


Image from Pinterest

The guy who beat the lights out of me because of his insecurities.

The guy who made me miss work for a whole week because I had so many bruises on my face and body.

The guy who damaged my hairline after pulling them out while beating me up.

The guy who went running to social networks trying to justify his actions and painting himself as a good man.

The guy who used being drunk as his reason for physically abusing me.

The guy I tried to get back with even after all the drama.

The guy who left me shocked because on the outside he looked very level headed, loving and gentle.

The guy who made me realise that not everything that glitters is gold.

The guy I will always feel sorry for because he showed how much of a weak man he really was.



31 thoughts on “Rebound Guy

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  2. This is painful, to say the least.
    I’m so glad that you are so strong, strong enough to have faced all of this…I hope that your strength never weakens and may you be blessed with all the love that you deserve 🙂


    • It wasn’t easy, but the fact that I got to sit down and lay it out there for everyone to read is a sure sign that I am completely over it. I hope anyone who finds themselves in an abusive relationship walks away as soon as they can because staying does more harm than good. Thank you for reading and I look forward to reading more of your work. Keep smiling 🙂

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  7. that touched me, my eyes are filled. you have been to hell and back BUT you missy are a survivor. Kupsy is blessed to have a mother like you. yeah ne there are REAL douchebags out there

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    • Thank you. Trust me after the crazy experiences I have been through nothing and no one will bring me down ever again.
      Thank you for reading and yes, the world is filled with people with bad intentions, you have to pray you don’t bump into them.


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