What Did I Eat Today?

This whole health and fitness thing is really working out pretty well so far.  For the first time in years I am completely enjoying this journey.  Today was my Rest Day/ Cheat Day, I get to lay back and not exercise a single muscle while eating clean.  The only downside of my day so far was that I feel tired, I guess my body is used to doing some form of physical activity every other day.images (1)

First thing I did when I got up was have a glass of warm water.  I had a banana in the morning in place of cereal , Omelette and a slice of brown toast during my coffee break.  The only downside was the omelette was too big so I ended up “sharing calories” with my colleague so I gave her half of it.  I put everything I could think of in that omelette, onion, tomato, vienna sausage, garlic…  Did I even finish off my half of it is the question??? NO I was already full.  I think my stomach is now used to taking in small portions at a time.   I had another glass of water a few hours after breakfast.  By the way, the omelette in the picture is not the omelette I had, by the time I realised I wanted to blog about it it was nicely in my tummy.

imagesLater on I had a small Mars bar because I was seriously craving chocolate and it’s been weeks since I last had it so please don’t judge me!   I had the rest of the omelette for lunch which was just a a few bites left and a glass of water.  To be honest I wasn’t even hungry but the thought of just having food lying around in my lunchbox wasn’t working well with me.  I will have another glass of water later on in the afternoon, drinking water comes naturally to me and so that is always a walkover for me.  I actually noticed that since I stopped taking so many sugary food and keeping my water intake in check my skin is flawless and I don’t get breakouts on my face anymore.  I even go without makeup some days because I just want my skin to be able to breathe.

This is probably my last meal of the day because I fear to imagine how many more calories I will consume if I eat anything else.  Besides, I really am not that hungry.  Now I eat to live not live to eat so it really isn’t such a task anymore.  I have learnt to think first before I decide to eat anything.  Mainly because working out is hard and in my head I keep thinking “today exercising was harder because of that muffin that I had in the morning.” LOL, so now I am extra mindful of what I put into my body.  On cheat days I now have just enough, I no longer overindulge .

I’m not sure what I will have for supper today, but probably take out because I am travelling so it will be fruit and maybe some yoghurt.  I like to keep my meals as light as possible when I am travelling long distances.  I am super excited about taking time off from work but that is a blog for another day…keep watching this space.



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