Men Have Feelings Too

Everybody has gone through something that has changed them in a way that they could never go back to the person they once were.

I have the above Tweet on my Favorites list on Twitter, the person above posted it a long time ago but the Tweet is timeless.  I remember reading that and nodding my head in agreement.  I was like this Tweet has spoken to me and so many other people around me.  I am really trying to balance out women and men issues on my blog so today’s post is for the men.  They opened up to me and showed me a side of them that most of us don’t get to see.  Contrary to popular belief men have feelings too, they have been through things that have changed their lives but they are pretty good at focusing on other things and keep it moving.  The men below reveal the things that happened to them relationship wise and how it changed them.  Read on…


I used to be impatient and jealous.   This one time I saw an innocent text message from my then girl’s friend and I blew up and it cost me.  The best girl I ever dated. So sadly, I had to learn to be patient, calm and understanding. I guess pretty much grow up in a sense. I was 19 then (pretty young huh?)  I did her wrong. I rate her because she was the best girl I ever dated.

I dated a girl  who I was in too deep with for 3 years. She even met the parents. I was “The Mukwasha (Son-In-Law)Potential!” BUT she couldn’t let go of her ex and I found out.  It wasn’t one ex. She had a whole wagon of exes.  I was really sincere and that experience made me a real sour man, like major league bitter. To top it all off, she would say I was overreacting.  It changed my life man!  That’s why my policy is, NEVER KEEP IN TOUCH WITH AN EX. After we break up, we become strangers.  It is really that simple for me.

I stopped being that sweet guy who believes that your girlfriend is also as sweet as you . I never invest in anything fully.  My then girlfriend would complain that I was too sweet and wasn’t being sexual.  You would think your girlfriend would be happy that you are not after what is between her legs right? WRONG. I was 19, she cheated on me saying you are too sweet, I was never the same man ever again.  Never again will I be broken like that by mwana weumwe munhu, had me listening to Boyz2Men and James Blunt on repeat. Kweteka!!!  Since then all my relationships, girlfriend, my boys, family, the works; I don’t go in full force, people are fickle, you will die from high BP. I always tell people that I’m a product of people that have abused me and took my good side for granted.

My whole world came crushing down when my girlfriend lied to me and cheated on me with a good friend.  That’s the kind of thing that can scar an individual even subconsciously.  How do you even begin to trust again after such an experience?

We were married for less than 6 months.  When our baby was 6 weeks old I woke up one morning to an empty bed.  I looked for her all over the house but couldn’t find her.  I tried calling her number with no luck, meanwhile holding our 6 week old son in my arms.  I asked the neighbours if they had seen her.  No-one had knowledge of her whereabouts.  A few close friends had told me that she had been seeing someone after our baby was born but I didn’t believe them.  It was only on that very day that it dawned on me, she had indeed been seeing someone else and she had left and was never coming back.  8 years later I have moved on from that, but if there is one thing that changed from that day, it was my ability to trust a woman.  I raised my son on my own, I went through the sleepless nights, the doctors visits, the potty training, I even learnt how to carry him on my back, everything I did it all on my own.  The mother never called or looked for us but I hear she is now staying in a different country.  I recently remarried and my wife and I are expecting a baby any day now.  My son is now 8 years old and we are doing great.

There you have it, any comments are welcome, I would especially like to hear from the men who can share any experiences that they went through that changed their lives forever.




4 thoughts on “Men Have Feelings Too

  1. that last story really touched me. I’m glad that guy managed to care for his son even without the heart of stone woman who abandoned a marriage and her baby. tell him i said kudos and congrats on the new bby(when it gets here) 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I will definitely pass on the message to him. It takes a strong man to go through that on his on. I would like to believe some men would have left the child at the parents house or ran for dear life, but he showed that there are still some good men out there despite how most women perceive them…


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