Durban, South Africa

I was on a long awaited and well deserved holiday last week in Durban, South Africa.  You have NO IDEA how thrilled I was to finally get a chance to be on the beach.

BUT before we hit Durban the very first thing I did was get onto the GauTrain, you have noooo idea how thrilled I was.  In my head I was doing a happy dance because I am too old to be seen dancing in public for no reason. So I kept my calm and posed away.


We took the bus (City to City)  to Durban because I really wanted to see and consume everything along the way.

It was one heck of a long trip though but totally worth it once we arrived.  The view from the hotel room was breathless.  I could see the harbor from there and the cool breeze sweeping through the window.


The next morning and the rest of the mornings to come we hit the beach and I just couldn’t believe I was actually in Durban. Plus, I have been working extra hard to get a nice flat tummy to look delicious in a bikini so the excitement was crazy. Durban is a beautiful place, if you ever get the chance to go there make sure you enjoy every moment of it!


Of course there was a lot of partying to go with it.  There is a club that plays Dancehall there called Cool Runnings.  I am a serious Dancehall fan so I just could not get myself off the dancefloor!  We got there early but after a while the club was packed.  And yes, I was wearing very short shorts because I have worked hard to have my thighs to look like this so allow me to flaunt them! I was drinking Fanta  most of the time and had  a couple of this very cool shot which was red, gold and green.


The day before we left we went to Ushaka Marine World.

unnamed (2)

We did almost everything there from a tour of the Aquarium, go on these huge slides, grab a bite to eat; but the best show was the Dolphin show where the dolphin Gambit gave a great performance.  When I was walking on the beach with the warm sand on my feet I could feel that I was happy and at peace.  I really needed the break, it has been a year filled with good things and this was the best way to end it.  I was worry free and well rested.  Next year I plan on going on another lovely holiday, it really is worth it.




6 thoughts on “Durban, South Africa

  1. Finally! was wondering when we were goin to get an update on the beach holiday. Those are lovely pics mami! You shoulda posted a pic of some of your friends tho, they prolly feel left out :p


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