Road Trip To Chinhoyi

The weekend was definitely refreshing.  My cousin and I travelled out of town just to enjoy a day away from The Sunshine City (Harare), Zimbabwe.  We left around midday and I was the designated driver, you have no idea how exciting it is to drive when you finally get your licence!  Anyways, why did we choose Chinhoyi?  I have this serious connection with Chinhoyi.  When I was born we were staying in Kariba.  However, I don’t have any memories of the place.  All my childhood memories start from the time we moved to Chinhoyi.  I absolutely loved staying there, I went to nursery school and the greater part of my grade school in Chinhoyi.  Birthday parties, swimming, sleepovers, lunches, trips to the caves, mountain bike rides, modelling shows…all these were memories I shared with my childhood friends.  We moved in 1995 to Marondera.  I was completely heartbroken, I wanted to stay with my friends and grow up there but my parents had other plans…

1.jpgBack to the road trip.  First stop was the Chinhoyi Caves.  Gosh, I had completely forgotten that sight seeing was going to mean a lot of workout!  Going up and down the stairs was no joke, even for someone like me who exercises almost everyday  Do not attempt this if you are not fit, you will be out of breath and exposing your unfit self for the world to see. hahaha.  Everything was just as I remembered it and the caves still crept me out!  My cousin only went into the cave with the Sleeping Pool, she was too spooked out to get into the other cave.  I got into both caves, but the Dark Cave didn’t have much to go on about but still has this eerie feeling.


We later went to the Chinhoyi Motel for a drink and to check out the swimming pool but we were both out of battery power so we couldn’t take anymore photos.  I on the other hand forgot my bathing suit so all I could do was place my legs in the water.  I was tempted to skinny dip but I don’t think the people were mentally prepared for such a scene. LOL.  Supper was a braai at some place called Christos a few kms out of Chinhoyi.  The meat was delicious, or maybe we were just super hungry?  All the same it was a perfect way to end our road trip.


“Myth has it that if you throw a stone in the pool, the ancestors will throw it straight back at you with a curse! ” We were seated right by the sign where it says do not throw stones in the pool…the way I was tempted to throw one in there!

When we were heading back to Harare I felt like a part of me was left in Chinhoyi.  I can never forget or erase the beautiful memories I made when I was still staying there.  Even though we moved away, in my heart Chinhoyi will always be my hometown.



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