Dv8 Restaurant


I had a date night with friends yesterday after work.  We decided to try out a restaurant in Kamfinsa, Harare, called Dv8.  I initially planned on having coffee and cake but sadly I was informed by the waiter that they only served coffee and no cake.  Dv8 apparently specialises in steaks, their logo reads, ” Steaks You Leave Home For.”  Unfortunately I don’t like red meat so steak was not an option.  I decided to order white meat instead and seeing that I am always on a mission to prove that I prepare the best fish ever I ordered hake and chips.  I could have had hake and a salad but it was my cheat day so starch was certainly welcome!  Their service was soooo slowwwwwww, it took close to 15 minutes for a waiter to finally attend to us.  My blood pressure was already going up because I believe customer service should be fast and efficient in case the customer decides otherwise and leaves and bam, money gone!

IMG-20141217-WA0001Anyways, after a long wait I finally got my plate.  The presentation was plain, I felt the dish was missing colour in it.  Maybe they could have added some tomato, carrots, cheese, red onion, something anything to make it not look so boring?  The hake was not well cooked; I don’t know the name of the coating they used but it ended up rock hard and I was fighting it just so I could cut it up and eat it.  I was NOT amused, considering I paid $10 for that plate!  To calm myself I decided to order a glass of wine.  Lo and behold!  They didn’t have red sweet wine.  They only had white dry wine and no, they did not sell by the glass.  Really, like really and truly?  So I opted for a glass of fruit juice instead.  I was really upset to be honest.  How do I come all this way for a meal only to have to compromise and not get what I want?  Do they not know what their customers like?

To be honest the only thing I enjoyed about Dv8 was the atmosphere.  Their service was crap.  Will I go back there again? NO.  But maybe if  you go you might be lucky and get to have the perfect service.  The whole point of eating out is to try something that is tasty and will want you coming back for more right?  I for one was disappointed and certainly not planning on another experience with them.  “I won’t be leaving home for them.” Get it?



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