Travel Plans 2015


Lake Malawi




Mount Meru



Cape Town

There you have it, some of the places I want to travel to in the year 2015.  I have been to other countries in Africa; the  experiences have been eye opening and I have made some beautiful memories along the way.  I love to travel because each time I disconnect from my normal life I come back refreshed and relaxed.  I have a thing for adventure so traveling gives me that adrenaline rush.  I will tell you about my very first trip to South Africa in one of the blogs to come…

P.S I still want to travel to America before my current passport expires, by force by fire! LOL



6 thoughts on “Travel Plans 2015

    • I will definitely make you my hand luggage…I plan on going to Kenya next year though. Travel to as many countries in Africa as I possibly can.


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