Social Media Cleanse

I used to be all over the show where Facebook and Twitter were concerned.  I lived for social media.  When I look back I envision my social media life back then as a disorganised closet.



Twitter was my greatest enemy, I would enjoy watching the retweets and favourites go through my timeline.  I broadcast my day to day events especially about my personal life. I would get involved in online drama and would thrive on the attention I would get from it.  The people I followed didn’t even make it any easier, there was always mischief and mayhem going on there so you can only imagine the mess that used to go on there.   It just took one day from out of the blues for me to stop and ask myself if all this unnecessary attention was even worth it.  I asked myself what other people my age were doing with their time instead of spending hours on end playing online doing absolutely nothing productive.  And so I took some time out to cleanse social media from my system.

That is round about the time I decided to start blogging.  I wanted to divert my energy and time towards doing something positive.  It started off at a pace of probably a blog a week just to see how things would go and before I knew it I was going for 3 blogs a week.  This was definitely a whole lot healthier than spending close to 8 hours of my day trolling and tweeting about sex all day.

I had always planned on visiting the beach at some point in this lifetime.  I guess the social media cleanse somehow helped in getting that done.  I would like to believe it was mainly because I was not ranting and raving about it for anyone willing to listen it actually materialised and I got to visit Durban and had one heck of a great time!

I started learning how to drive at the age of 18 and can you believe I finally got my driver’s licence last year???  Talk about procrastination!!  I had to focus on finally getting my licence and getting it out of the way before the year came to an end and thankfully because I was focused and I was giving my lessons the full attention they deserved I got my licence at a second attempt at the road test.  Hurray to me!

And lastly I finally got serious about weight loss.  After I weighed myself and realised I was weighing the exact weight I was at full term when I was pregnant I got the shock of my life and started dedicating an hour to exercising each day.  I started at a light pace because I did not want to shock my body and then easily give up.  It was not easy, some days I wanted to give up but I remembered all the benefits that would come with exercising.  I created a Whatsapp group while I was at it titled #TeamFitness ,a lot of good things can come out of social media once you decide to use it wisely…

A certain ex boyfriend of mine once told me that I was fat and I used to embarrass him with my weight.  Well, look at me now? I have lost 5 kgs and I plan on losing 5 more kgs and I feel absolutely brilliant.  My confidence levels have sky rocketed and I am healthy, strong and happy.   I am actually thankful for him saying that to me because it was part of the reason I decided to push myself and live a healthy lifestyle.  I would not be this healthy and happy if I had stayed at my then weight.  At least something good came out of that “relationship”.



So you see.  That social media cleanse was just the change I needed; now my “closet” is clean and neatly packed.  I dropped using social media for the wrong reasons and now I get nothing but positive things from it.

My drive and determination has also increased.  Through exercise I have become a self motivator and I push myself even further with each workout.  The amount of drive I have for exercise is insane and I plan on practising in all the other aspects in the year 2015 and years to come.



5 thoughts on “Social Media Cleanse

  1. I too go on a social media cleanse every once in a while to rid myself of all of the unnecessary drama and nonsense that social media can bring. I have never really posted for attention but it really annoys me that some of my friends do. I like how you transferred your energy into getting healthy. And as for your ex…screw him. Nobody asked for his approval!

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    • I am happy to note I am not alone on the cleanse. Sometimes too much of anything is not good for you but sadly people don’t realise that.
      Sometimes I think the whole posting for attention has a lot to do with what’s going on in someone’s eyes. There is always “a story behind the story”..
      It has been great sitting back and coming up with ideas to spend my time wisely. Sometimes all you need is a second look at some of the things you are getting yourself tangled up in to have a change of heart.
      Thank you for reading dearie 🙂


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