What’s In Your MakeUp Bag?

I was just about to wash my blush brush when I realised I could actually blog about the contents of my make up bag, see how interesting blogging is?  So this is what’s in mine.


Mac Lipstick (Reveting Rose) – I bought this about a month ago and totally loving it, makes my lips all nice and kissable.

Mac Lip gloss – I like this because this means I don’t have to carry a whole bottle of Vaseline Blue Seal in my bag.  It keeps my lips moisturised.

Sleek Fuchsia Lipstick – My friend persuaded me to add a bright colour on my lips and it had to be this pink one.  I like it though Miss Kupsy decided to bite off half of it the one time I left it within her reach.

Sleek Blush (Flushed) – Love it! it has just the right effect on my cheeks and I wear it lightly to give my cheeks a slight blush effect.

Sleek Pout Polisher – Best thing that ever happened to me since lip gloss!

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick – I rarely wear foundation lately, I think I last used it about 2 months ago.

Glamour Lashes – I seriously struggle to wear mascara but it’s a new year right, time to try out new things…Oh, and I got that from the  December Glamour South Africa issue.  I read somewhere that you have to wear two coats of mascara for it to really thicken out, I guess this means I have to go mascara shopping sometime soon.

Blush brush – that is still to be cleaned!

Tampon – In case I get an unpleasant surprise, monthly’s are sneaky like that and a girl always has to be prepared.

So what’s in your make-up bag?

“There is no cosmetic beauty like happiness.”



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