Cape Town

It’s exactly 22:54 hrs and I have finally snuggled up in bed to do some blogging.  The day has been long and hectic but worth it.  My visit to Cape Town is mainly to come along with my nephew as he starts University and to also enjoy the beautiful city.  I am one proud aunt, he was doing his A Level and he did exceedingly well.  His results were Mathematics A*, Physics A, and Accounts A.  Next week he starts his Degree in Bachelor of Business Science at University Of Cape Town, we have a serious geek in the family.  My sister and I are the key members of #TeamVuyo and sometimes I can’t help but feel like we will be putting my nephew under pressure!  The way I am excited, now triple that and that’s how my sister is feeling right about now!  We are here together all week.  We don’t always get along with my sister (sibling issues, she’s the oldest I’m the youngest) so this week is going to be one interesting one.  There will be a lot of fasting and prayer on my behalf because I want this to be a memorable week with no fights.  So here is an account of each day for the next 6 days.


My nephew Vuyo

Day 1

I woke up at 4am to start getting ready for the day.  The flight was at 7 am so we had to check in around 5 am thereabout.  I must say the flight announcer in the plane sounded refined, cultured and articulate.  Her English was flawless and you didn’t have to ask the next person what she had said.  We were flying South African Airways and I must say the flight was long, it wasn’t so bad but because we started out early by the time we had to connect from Johannesburg to Cape Town we were drained!  Thankfully we arrived safe and sound and the airport transfer was done by the hotel shuttle.  We quickly got moving and checked in my nephew at University, went shopping for his linen mostly, grabbed a bite to eat and 4 hours later we were done with shopping.  The moment we got to the hotel room I took a nice long hot bath and just soaked in there for minutes on end.


My sister

My sister was talking the whole time, she has a gift in that department, and she can talk for days!  Over and above it was a great day and I am glad we left my nephew all settled in.  The weather here is crazy though, it is windy and I didn’t even pack a single item of clothing that is warm.  Must add a little jacket to tomorrows shopping list.  I am exhausted I need some shut eye…how about we continue tomorrow, yes, no, maybe? I SAY YES!!  Goodnight and sleep well.  The time 23:19 hrs


One of the entrances by Canal Walk Mall

Day 2

No jogging today, luckily it’s my rest day so I woke up around 6:30am.  My sister was already up, we are both morning people but she takes it a little bit too far because most times she is up at 4:30am and already tidying up and doing all sorts of cleaning up activities.  We both freshened up in time for breakfast and headed downstairs.  We got there and had fruit, yoghurt, cereal, fruit juice but there was no sign of bacon and eggs and we were agitated!  What sort of breakfast does not have bacon and eggs?  We feared for the worst thinking it was a continental breakfast, THE PANIC!!  Luckily the waitress later asked us what we would like to have for the REAL breakfast and we ordered with the biggest smile you have ever seen!


We then went shopping for a few things then after close to 3 hours of shopping we headed back to the hotel room, freshened up and headed for The Parents Orientation Day at University of Cape Town. It was a long day, but I must say it was worth every minute because we both got an idea of what my nephew was getting into and I took a few notes and will share them on another day…I usually eat healthy but this trip is just messing with my eating habits and I fear I might get a break out with all the fast food here.  But then again with the amount of walking we are doing I am sure we are burning the calories away all the same.  Oh well, today I am off to bed early, I have a 5km jog in the morning and I would like to have a feel of Cape Town as the sun rises, I am sure it is going to be beautiful.

Day 3

I was on that fitness tip.  Woke up at 5am and left the hotel at 5:15am.  I ran 5km today but I wasn’t on my 100% run game mostly because I was worried I would lose my bearings and not be able to find my way back to the hotel room and also because you know all the scary stories you read on violence in South Africa.  At the back of my head I kept thinking someone would follow me, stab me or do some form of harm so it wasn’t that much refreshing.  We spent the greater part of today shopping up a storm and I am not going to be shopping anytime soon.  Who spends 9 solid hours shopping??? I am exhausted, I am not amused, I just want to sleep and not wake up till 10am tomorrow. THERE WILL BE NO RUNNING TOMORROW.  I walked through Canal Walk Mall enough times to burn calories for the food I haven’t even eaten!!!

Day 4

I miss sadza…it has been on my mind since the moment I woke up.  It’s not even a laughing matter.  I have been eating nothing but fast food since I got here and I need a hot home made meal.  Sadly it is affecting my skin and my face is breaking out…Fuck!  I am not used to having any pimples on my face, can they go away already!!  I can’t wait to get home and detox; geez!   ( I know last night I said I wouldn’t run but I am hooked!)  I did my morning run and the guy at reception was waiting for me already.  Me thinks he has the hots for me, you know how women always know when a guy fancies them.  Now all I am thinking is marry me already. HAHAHA.  He is yummy though, very very yummy.  Back to the run, I went all the way to The Parliament of South Africa and back and did a couple of rounds close to the hotel.  I am now familiar with the area so running isn’t that much of a scare for me.  Went shopping yet again and as I type this I am beyond tired.


I bumped into some Nigerian guy when I was busy taking photos of and he offered to take a pic.  He did a good job right?   My sister and I were supposed to go to the beach today but it will only happen tomorrow since we are both not up for it anymore.  I plan on spending the rest of my afternoon sleeping and reading the novel I simply can’t get enough of, Half Of A Yellow Sun  and doing absolutely nothing particularly important till tomorrow.  Later on we had dinner at this Italian place called The Cousins, it’s right next to the hotel we are staying.  Watch this space for a review from me in one of the blogs to follow.

Day 5


Town Office for the City Sight Seeing Bus along Long Street


totally enjoying the ride!

I did my morning run as always.  Thing is now I can’t function properly without having exercised.  I ran 5 km.  Today I was surprised to bump into guy who said hello.  The whole time I have been jogging in Cape Town I have not met a single person jogging so this was a major surprise for me!  The day was laid back, spent part of it doing last minute shopping for Miss Kupsy and my sister was returning some stuff she decided she didn’t like.  At least this side returning stuff is not a mammoth task unlike back in Zimbabwe.  The one thing I have found particularly interesting about my stay in Cape Town is the dress code.  The women wear whatever they please right in the middle of town!  From very short dresses, to short shorts…you could never try that in Zimbabwe, unless you plan on getting stripped in broad daylight!  I like their open mindedness, plus this place is hot you can only be in jeans for so long.

We finally went sight seeing on  City Sight Seeing Tour Bus I recommend anyone going to Cape Town on holiday to hop onto that bus, it will be one interesting experience and trust me you won’t regret it.  It is a great way to see the whole city and whoever came up with the idea did a magnificent job.  You get a set of earphones when you get on that way you can listen in while the narrator tells you about the buildings and sights you go past.  Once you get to a destination you fancy you hop off, get some sight seeing done and then hop onto the next bus to take you to the next stop.  I like how everything is well organised and the buses arrive right on time.  We hopped off the bus at Camps Bay and I have one for that place…GORGEOUS!  Later on after the colourful sight seeing we had supper at Eastern Food Bazaar and I tried out what they call a shawarma, I LOVED IT!!  It was a day well spent, we had a great time no doubt!

Day 6

Today is my last day here.  Let me share a few pictures I took that I that I really liked.


University of Cape Town Upper Campus


Entrance to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden


It’s exactly 1 km from the hotel room to this point when i jog in the mornings. I will definitely miss the scenic views 😦


I can never forget that burger and salad I had from The Cousins Restaurant, it was orgasmic!!!
















This was a lovely experience.  When I was writing down my Travel Plans for 2015 I didn’t realise they would materialise so soon.  Traveling is definitely an eye opener; you get to experience all sorts of new things.  Traveling also makes some dreams come true hey because the way I have always wanted to come to Cape Town is insane!  I got to eat stuff I have never heard of and enjoyed it and lastly I got to recharge.  Work was stealing my joy I had to get away and this happened at the perfect time.

I am happy we left Vuyo settled in an University and I pray that he will work hard and give it his best shot because not everyone gets the chance to experience University life.  Next time I blog about Cape Town I want it to be about his graduation day!  I have that much faith in him.

I thank God for journey mercies, because of Him we had a safe trip.



13 thoughts on “Cape Town

    • oh my, you have been to South Africa?? You should totally visit it will be worth your while. I had a lovely time and hopefully I will go back sometime this year 🙂


    • Oh yes, I had a splendid time and hope to visit again soon. I really wanted to try out the Aerial Cableway when we got to Table Mountain…but there’s always next time right.
      I hope you took a lot of photos, that place is beautiful 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Plenty of photos, it has been seven years now. Great scenery! If lucky to visit again would definitely love to see Robben Island, discovered too late that one need to book well ahead of time to guarantee a space on the boat!
        Yea, always next time 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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