I Finally Deleted WhatsApp!

I am officially off WhatsApp!  This was a decision that was long overdue.  You see, it was taking up too much of my time and frankly speaking it had become a pain in the ass.  I had about 150 contacts there of people I really didn’t NEED to be talking to, note the emphasis on need.  The bad thing about WhatsApp is that the moment someone has your number they can send you messages as and when they please, chain messages included (and I hate those with a passion).  I get that it is a convenient way of keeping in touch but to be honest it was just stealing my joy and here are a few reasons why I will be away from it for months to come.delete-big

  • I was getting tired of having to reply messages from people I didn’t want to speak to.
  • The “last seen” was causing drama. A contact would get upset for me being last seen at a certain time without replying their message.  (they didn’t realise they were not that important)
  • I was becoming more and more antisocial. I couldn’t pay maximum attention when speaking to someone because my attention was always on the phone.
  • I was over sharing. Sometimes I ended up confiding in someone just because they were online and afterwards I would ask myself why in the world I just told them that?!
  • Conversations that went nowhere. You know how someone just says hi, how are you, how was your day…every damn time they send you a message on WhatsApp and then you wonder why they are even getting in touch?  Last time I checked when you contact someone you want to find out how they are or ask for something or seek advice, something , anything work with me here…you can’t just be sending me the same damn message everyday without saying your story!
  • I had people I would talk to all day everyday but they never made an effort to call or meet up for a face to face interaction. It was getting boring, I can’t always be making calls or initiating a meeting; surely there must be more to life than instant messaging?
  • I could have just blocked a few people but blocking them takes too much work so it’s better this way because I know they are stingy and they won’t pick up the phone to call and that’s a plus for me because now I don’t have to talk to them at all. LMAO
  • I have days I just want to be left alone and WhatsApp takes that away from you because you are obliged to interact.
  • I left because I have some important things that I need to do and focus on and they need me to be off that form of social media for a while.
  • And I finally left WhatsApp because I can. It’s my phone, I bought it, I can do as I please with it and if I want to leave it for days, weeks or months on end I can do so and there is nothing anyone can say or do to stop me!

It has been a week away from WhatsApp and I feel good and trust me I don’t regret the decision I made.  I had become a slave to my phone and the way I feel liberated can not be expressed.



12 thoughts on “I Finally Deleted WhatsApp!

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