Dreaming Out Loud!

What did YOU want to be when you were growing up?  I know with my generation everyone wanted to be a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, a soldier an accountant, a businessman or a pilot.  Those seemed to be the only options one had to choose from in order to be labelled successful.  I on the other hand was completely different.  I had other plans on my mind and none of those occupations tickled my fancy.  I had different dreams and who knows some might still come true in this lifetime.  I always felt that if I became or got to do some of the things on my list I would be happier; so here is my list of things I thought I would one day do once I was all grown up.

  1. Study choreography.  I love to dance,(not professionally though) but I always felt that if I had the opportunity to actually study dance I would have one job I would love and literally run to every day because I can never get enough of all the dance styles that keep being created every single day.
  2. Music…sometime in my early 20’s I thought being a Disc Jockey (DJ) wouldn’t be a bad idea considering the way I love my music.  This is definitely a dream that can still come to life if I put my mind to it.
  3. Counsellor.  I would like to believe I am an attentive listener and once I put my mind to it I will encourage someone to talk about issues they feel they cannot normally share with other people.  I already have a qualification in HIV/ AIDS Care and Counselling so one day when the opportunity arises I will step up and use it.
  4. I wanted to travel the world. I didn’t want to have a permanent address.  I wanted my life to be different and planned that each year I would stay in say Kenya for one year, then move to India the following year and off to Netherlands, anywhere but home was going to be absolutely perfect for me.  I wanted to learn about different cultures and traditions while I enjoyed a big travel adventure.  Alas, that hasn’t happened yet, but on the upside I have travelled to some parts of the world and still plan on going to other places.

I have a fun personality and I want to do things that unleash my character.  My current job doesn’t allow that though, it was an occupation chosen on my behalf and each day I make steps towards pursuing what I want and find a way to escape from a job that steals my joy.  I hope it’s not too late though, I want to leave this earth knowing I did everything that brought joy to my life.

At least I get to travel here and there…

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” — Steve Jobs



3 thoughts on “Dreaming Out Loud!

  1. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a vet, until my uncle’s dog bit me :”D. Then I wanted to be an artist and draw stuff, until I realised my drawings were not so good. Then in high school, I wanted to be a DJ, and had an enormous CD collection to start me off. Now that I’m semi grown up, I want to do events management, marketing, brand management, that kinda stuff. Who knows, I might be able to change my career soon.

    Great article!!

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    • Funny! @ semi grown up
      You know they say that if you do the things you love you will never work a day in your life? whoever said that knew what they were talking about. sorry about the bite, i hope it didn’t leave a scar. events management sounds like something that will definitely go far seeing that people in Zimbabwe love to do shindigs every other given week.
      Thank you for reading 🙂


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