The Cousins Italian Trattoria and Coffee Bar


beef burger with mushroom sauce and a salad

The Cousins Restaurant was one of my favourite experiences when I traveled to Cape Town.  I don’t remember the last time I walked into a restaurant and the ambiance was absolutely warm and welcoming.  The man who welcomed us and actually pulled out a chair for each of us was all smiles.  When was the last time you got that sort of treatment??  This was already a plus for me and we hadn’t even ordered or seen the menu!  Once we got the menu and went through it we ordered a beef burger with mushroom sauce and a salad.  Ordinarily I would have ordered with chips but because of this whole watching what I eat I settled for a salad and trust me that was a good move because the salad and the burger were absolutely delicious!  The food was gorgeous to look at it, I felt bad to have to eat it because it just looked too nice. The music was nice and mellow, there were no people smoking, I loved the lighting, it was nice and dim with candles on each table…talk about setting up a romantic scene.  The waiter kept coming back to ask if everything was in order, if we needed anything, he would make small conversation and ask where we were from a little about himself and how long he had been in Cape Town.


The Bar Area

I thought that was definitely different, it gave the whole eating out experience a personal touch.  It didn’t feel like the restaurant was doing us a favour by being there but more of creating a relationship were you will definitely call again for a well prepared meal.  Next time I visit Cape Town I am definitely going back there for another meal and this time I think I will try out ravioli.  Oh, and the other thing is their prices are very reasonable, you won’t walk out feeling like you were robbed in broad daylight. If I had to rate them on a scale of 1-10 I would definitely give them a 10, they are that good! How I wish some of our local restaurants would learn a thing or two from them and improve how they treat customers and how they serve their food.  People would definitely be doing repeat visits.  I like to keep my food reviews as honest as possible and with my experience with The Cousins, all I can say is if you happen to visit Cape Town be sure to go there, you won’t be disappointed.


I was one satisfied customer, I finished EVERYTHING on my plate 🙂



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