Girl Talk

We had an interesting Skype conversation this afternoon with a close friend of mine and she pointed out a few things that got me in stitches.  That girl be crazy but she has a lot of interesting points.  We concluded that a woman’s life is complicated and you can never get an ideal situation.  This is what she had to say concerning marriage.  You can get married to a guy BUT…

images (1)

  • he will be a very good guy but broke
  • he will be very rich but will cheat on you
  • he will be ugly and will give you ugly babies
  • he will be broke and give you headaches from his cheating escapades
  • he will be drop dead gorgeous but think he is God’s gift to women
  • he will be boring you out of your mind but the sex will be so good
  • he will be a divorcee with A LOT of baby mama drama
  • he will do everything else right but the sex will suck so bad you want to cry during the act
  • he will a spaghetti back boned man when all you need is a strong man

All I can say is that my friend is insane but she makes my days.  She will be getting married soon though, I will miss her dearly because I know she will be really absorbed in her new life.  Must make plans to make single friends soon.

What are your views on her list ladies?  Do you agree with her, yes, no maybe?



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