I hate surprises!  

Mainly because each and every time I have been unpleasantly surprised.  The worst surprises have been birthday gifts and seeing that my birthday is just a few weeks away I am shuddering at the thought of getting something horrendous.


Image from Pinterest

I personally prefer people to ask me what I would like to get or at least give them a list of stuff I would like and then they can decide from there.  What’s the point you may ask; well, for a start I won’t get a gift I actually don’t want.  How many times has someone bought you a dress, or makeup or whatever random thing you actually didn’t want and you actually felt bad that they wasted their money on something you will probably never use?  It’s been more than enough times for me and I am hoping and praying that this year I have less surprises coming my way.

I love shoes, handbags, roses, unique ornaments, jewellery…list is endless but please do ask me what I want it will make everyone involved happy, especially me.



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