Because I’m Happy!!!!

I have a couple of reasons why I am happy at the moment.

  1. My blog has reached 10 000 views!  Like who would have thought?  I am simply chaffed knowing that people have taken time to pass through my blog and have a read, two, three or more of my posts.  Whatever the case may be I am grateful.  It means I am definitely reaching a lot of people from all over the world.
  2. I have lost weight.  When I started the journey I just thought oh well, let’s see how it goes but now it has actually happened.  As it stands I have just 500 g to go to reach my 75 kg goal weight.  I had to take some of my work clothes to the tailor to get them adjusted because they don’t fit anymore but I know sooner or later I am going to have to get new clothes.


    GET YOUR HAPPY ON!! Both photos were taken on the same day. a nice 76.5 kgs

  3. The other reason I am happy has to do with exercise again.  On Monday morning I ran a nice 11 km and felt so proud of myself.  I have been running everyday this week and the plan is to go for the whole week without taking a rest day.  I got the idea when I read Craig’s blog and today is day 4 and all I can say is that it’s not for the faint hearted!
  4. I have managed to stay committed to my blog.  It’s not easy to find the time to write when you actually have a life to live.  However, I believe when you really want something you make time for it and that is exactly what I have been doing.
  5. I have made a decision to let go and let God.  Doing so has made me not worry about a lot of personal issues because I know everything is made beautiful in it’s time…



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