Be Your Own Best Friend

Too many times before I have sent a message to my friend Tillo complaining about how bored I was and how I didn’t have anything to do with my time.  In my mind I always thought in order to have a good time you have to have someone to do something with.  Fortunately Tillo always used to tell me that “You have to learn to enjoy your own company MaKupsy” and was she right or was she right?  The thing is, I always used to have friends around me.  What happened to my friends then; well most of them relocated, some got married and I outgrew the rest.  When they were around I hardly ever had time to really discover what it was that I liked doing on my own.  That was then though but now I can safely say I have mastered the art of being on my own and having a great time while i’m at it.

I once read somewhere that; “The fact is, most of us are dependent on others for our happiness. We use them as distractions. Distractions from what? From ourselves. But why do you feel the need to keep you away from you?”

Now I actually have to lie that I am not at home just so that I can enjoy some time to myself. I don’t open my door when I am not expecting anyone so unexpected visitors are no longer a kill joy.  I spent my Friday evening in bed, mainly because I was tired from morning runs.  Even if I wanted to go out there was no form of energy whatsoever so I just told people I had traveled.  Saturday was a whole lot of fun because it included shopping, now which girl does not enjoy buying new clothes and shoes??  Then I watched some Desperate Housewives and yes Lynette Scavo still annoys the heck out of me.  She is such a control freak and a part of me is actually happy that they are going their separate ways with Tom.  On Sunday the plan was to go to church but I was really exhausted after my morning run.  I took a nice hot bath, jumped into bed and told myself I would get up in time for church but alas!  IMG_7969[1]

My appetite has been pretty hectic lately so I never feel like eating anything.  All the food tastes bland and so now I wait to find out what I am really craving and then I cook that and eat.  I was seriously craving grilled meat so I did a home made braai and it was absolutely delicious!  After consuming all those calories I decided to take a walk and burn some of them off while enjoying my surroundings.  A nice hour and a half of fresh air did me good.  Nothing beats taking a walk on a Sunday when there is close to no one in the streets.  I ended my day with waffle and ice cream while watching the movie Chef, I enjoyed it and when you have the time you should watch it as well.  I really had a lovely weekend without having to compromise with anyone on what to do with my time.  Each time I spend time on my own I know for certain that I get a chance to clear my mind, focus, and think more clearly.  In a world where everyone is always busy, I dare you to take some time off from everyone and just enjoy being on your own.



5 thoughts on “Be Your Own Best Friend

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  3. I totally agree girl, spending time alone drowns all the noise and you get to clear your mind. You will know yourself better and your happiness is not based on the people around you. loving your own company and saves you from disapointements


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