Gava Restaurant – Sadza With Soul


A few weeks back I had a serious traditional food craving and I was this close to losing my mind!  I asked everyone I could think of if they knew a place that made delicious traditional meal after working hours .  Most people couldn’t name a place and so I ended up tweeting @263chat for help and I got instant feedback!  How cool is it to have a platform where you can ask all things Zimbabwean and actually get a reply?  And so I made my way to Gava Restaurant.  The thing I liked the most before I even got there was that their kitchen was open till 9 pm and that meant any other time the food craving hit me I would know where and what time it would still be available.

Sadly this restaurant review won’t have much to go on about concerning the atmosphere because all I wanted to do on this particular day was to eat a nice hot meal prepared by someone else.  Methinks that is the one disadvantage of staying on your own.  Cooking for yourself becomes so monotonous and you end up sleeping on fruit or a sand-which.  Once I arrived at the restaurant I took a sit outside and the waiter was quick to bring the menu.  Seeing that I already knew what I wanted I ordered Sorghum Sadza with Chicken Stew (road runner) it came with green vegetables and beans.  The meal minus the refreshments cost $8.  There was a lot of meat in my plate I struggled to finish it but it was absolutely delicious.


Why did I like Gava Restaurant?

  • It is close to town.
  • The staff was friendly and efficient.
  • You don’t have to wait till you start growing old to get your food.
  • They had a lovely selection of music.
  • The meals are reasonably priced.


My rating on a scale of 1-10 is a 7. I will definitely go back for another meal one of these fine days.  I was thinking one of these lazy Sundays and get to experience it for a couple of hours.





7 thoughts on “Gava Restaurant – Sadza With Soul

    • For serious? I haven’t even herd of the place but now that you have told me I will look it up and give it a try. Thanks hey 🙂


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