The Unexpected Visitor

I find it very rude for someone to just show up at my place unannounced!  How do you just decide, well, I am going to pass through and see this woman today, without asking her or telling her in advance by the way… I have days I just want to be alone, enjoy my own company, sit around the house, walk about naked, even fart all day because no one is there hence no need to hold it in but no, some people just think it is okay to just show up!

In our culture, once you have a visitor it means you have to get up and start cooking.  I stay alone and cooking happens at least three days a week at most.  Now imagine having to start thinking of what to cook for this visitor, that’s if you even have food in the house to start of with!  Then there are other issues like water and electricity.  How will I even begin to start on a meal when I don’t have one of the two.  See how inconvenient this is???

Now I simply have a policy where I don’t open the door if I’m not expecting anyone to visit.  You will knock your knuckles off for all I care.  There is less drama that way.  Unless of course they send me a message or call to tell me they are by my door and have a bottle of red wine then maybe just maybe I will consider opening the door for them.

If you are one of those people who are in the habit of doing that, please stop it.  Sometimes I simply do not want to entertain you, it’s draining and time consuming and most of all it pisses me off because I am one of those people who always calls days in advance before I decide to visit someone.


The ironic thing is that it’s the same culprits that always just randomly show up at my doorstep. STOP IT!!




14 thoughts on “The Unexpected Visitor

  1. You have every right to not answer that door, i should try that. They have been warned! lol. The worst are hamas that pop up from nowhere. I was in hre about a month or so ago, and one hama calls me and says ‘Takwidza mwana bhazi kuti auye kuharare ikoko, arikuda kutsvaga nzvimbo yechikoro. saka tati agare nemi for the next week or 2 achitsvaga. AtovamuNorton saka monomutora pamabhazi paachadzikira” This was at 7pm, tatopedza kudya sadza, i was already in pyjamas. Guys!! I live a distance outa town firstly, and secondly they had never called prior to this, thirdly, it wasnt even a close hama! and there was no way i was gna let mum drive out manheru to pick this kid up so it was all on me.


    • YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN!! It is just plain rude. When they were busy making all their plans did they not think to inform the people they were sending off their child to? I think it’s a major problem in our culture. People think it’s okay to just make decisions on your behalf! I bet they came empty handed to, like they were going to be eating grass for the next two weeks!!


  2. Kana a loaf of bread zvayo. They just leech off you, just because you lead an okay life they think giving you an extra person wont do anything to your pockets! It becomes a crime to live a comfortable life. I’m not saying we shouldnt help hama, but common courtesy dictates you communicate your intentions first, what if we werent home? and at least bring something to ease the burden, cz thats an extra mouth to feed.


  3. Haha, funny write up but so true. When someone knocks on my door and I don’t want visitors I just try to remember “did I leave the garage door up so they can see that I’m home?” and if not, there’s no answering that door 🙂

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  4. Amen to that! Well said MaKupsy. I have an uncle who is in the habit of showing up jus when we’ve finished doing the evening dishes and are all relaxing and preparing to start a movie. And he expects to get entertained; meaning I have to put my movie on hold and put on something ‘decent’ hence compromising my comfort in my own house! Our culture says its rude to expect people to call in advance but I agree with you hundred percent. No appointment no entry!

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    • Ahh, how unfair is that??And our culture also expects you to then start preparing a meal. If you ask me your uncle knows very well that he will be inconveniencing you and I suggest that next time he comes through just continue as normal and even serve him juice and biscuits…trust me he will get the message!


      • Lol MaKupsy you want the wrath of the clan to descend on me for being inhospitable. You know how juice and biscuits are viewed were we come from.


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  7. I laughed and laughed…. I should try this not answering the door thing….. and only open it to beverage carrying visitors….. Oh no, but they will figure it out and be conditioned like those dogs in that Science experiment…….
    Thats why its the same people who keep coming, because they know from experience, you eventually let them in and eat you out of home and data because need tethering

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