It’s my birthday everyone and I am super thrilled.  I am a whole 30 years old.  Three whole decades of the gift of this beautiful thing we call life.  I am thankful to be in good health above all else.  Nothing beats knowing all is well both inside and out.  I have no idea what I will do for my big day but either way it has to end on a good note.

My 20’s have been a roller coaster of events both good and bad but 30 going forward I have told myself I will let go of everything that used to steal my happiness.  Forgive those who hurt me and live a bitter free life.  This new decade comes with #NoBullshit as well.  I refuse to force conversations with people, to tolerate nonsense or to have anyone treat me like I do not know my worth.

Here’s to a lovely birthday filled with love and laughter and never ceasing to ask God to watch over me all the days of my life.

A special happy birthday to my tweinds Mai NhiyaValentine and  Kuda Chizura who also share the same birthday with me.

Cry.Forgive.Learn. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness. – Steve Maraboli



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