3 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Go on a ‘Man Fast’

“Once you know who you are and where God has called you to be, it will be easier for you to discern who/what is and isn’t right for you.”

Miss T. N. king

I’ve received emails from quite a few people asking me what a “man fast” is and how to go on one.  In a few of my past posts, I mentioned how I went on a man fast, but I never really shared what that experience was like and what I did when I was on it.  First, a “man fast” is a period of time where you cut off ALL communication, romance, dates, and non-platonic relationships with men in hopes of growing closer to Christ and discovering yourself.  There is no minimum or maximum amount of days to be on one.  My man fast lasted a month and a half.  Initially, I was in a place of confusion.  God had just closed the door on the guy, career path, and housing location I thought He wanted for my life.  But by the end of my fast, I was able to…

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