My A-Z Of Random Thoughts

A lot of things can happen in a year.  It’s just that a lot of people never take time to take note of it.

Before 2015 I never believed that I could actually lose weight, be a positive thinker, get my licence or even let go of all the pain and hurt I had been carrying around me.

Committing to anything does not come easy but it can be done.  I have managed to commit to my health and fitness journey and I feel all shades of happy about it.

Do not ever stop for one moment and think that you cannot achieve the goals you set out for yourself.  It really is mind over matter if you ask me.

Each day, tell yourself how capable and wonderful you are on the inside and the outside.

Forget about the past.  That shit will haunt you if you keep holding onto it.

God must always be a part of your life, if you believe in Him that is.  I hardly go a day without talking to Him.  He completes me.

Have a life of your own outside your friendships, relationships, family, you need to learn to enjoy your own company.

Issues.  Everyone has them and you just have to remember that no one is perfect and it will be a lot easier to get along with those around you, yourself included.

Jordans and our men; what is it about those sneakers???

Keep some parts of your life private. (if you can help it) the world really doesn’t need to know EVERYTHING about you.

Love, the best thing that can ever happen to you once it finds you.

Motherhood is a beautiful thing.  You have to be in it to understand it completely.


Image from Pinterest

Never lead someone on.  It wastes time, energy, effort and emotions.  Life is too short to be stringing someone along.

Orgasm.  Don’t just wait for him to guess how to make you get an orgasm.  Ladies, you have to learn to explore your own body so that when it’s time to get your freak on you direct your man to what makes you drip, drop, drip drippddy drop (insert very naughty smile here)

Period pain is the worst thing that ever happened to a woman.  I really wish there was something you could do to just stop the period altogether and no getting pregnant is a temporary solution so don’t even suggest it.

Questions should be asked when you have them.  Here’s a good example, stop asking your friends what they think your significant other feels about certain things, ask HIM not them.  It makes your life a whole lot easier.

Remember the important dates especially birthdays.  Buy your close friends and family a gift, prepare a meal, send them flowers, do something you know they love and will appreciate on their big day and then make a habit of reminding them how special they are to you as and when you can.

Sometimes it’s going to rain.  Not all days are meant to be sunny days but while it rains find ways to dance in the passing storm.  It won’t last forever.

Tomorrow is never promised, do everything that makes you happy this very moment.

Uncircumcised penis or circumcised penis, that is the question.

Violence against women is still a touchy subject for me.  Why do some men raise their hand on a woman when they know she will clearly not be able to defend herself?  Would they want their own daughter, mother or sibling treated like that?  Do they not know the amount of damage they cause?  Let me stop right here before things becomes a whole new post!

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches. – Napoleon Hill

Xerox a company I see when I drive along Samora Machel Avenue en route to wherever the fun will be.

Yoga…I tried it several times and it is official, we are not going to be doing that form of exercise anytime soon.

Zvie my second name, and chances of you ever knowing the full name are close to none….





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