I miss…


You know what I miss the most?

I miss walks in the park

I miss going for a picnic

I miss a coffee date on a lazy Sunday evening

I miss being a priority

I miss that mushy feeling you get when you are madly in love

I miss mid night calls that go way into the early hours of the morning

I miss that one random phone call to say “I wanted to tell you I love you”

I miss not having to worry about every little thing and just live

I miss genuinely missing someone

I miss going to bed with nothing but his t-shirt on

I miss making plans that actually materialise

I miss honesty

I miss getting flowers every other month

I miss the good old days when people actually spoke to each other in person and not text the day away

I miss cuddles

I miss date night

I miss my birthday dinners

I miss random pretty gifts

I miss intimacy

I miss love



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