I Brought My Sexy Back!

I have never struggled with being a good person.  I am fun loving, cheerful, I fall in love and I give it my best shot(and usually get my heart broken while I am at it), I like to view the glass as half full and most of the time I believe things will work out beautifully in the end.  But the one thing that I have struggled with over the years is my weight.  It never used to be that much of an issue until I had my daughter; then the weight came running!  I am all Miss Confident through and through but when the weight came so did the snide comments.  Now that just simply hurt and got to me and dating a guy back then who only had negative things to say about my weight did not help the situation one bit.  He would pass comments like:

“I have never dated a big woman I don’t even know why I am dating you.”

“The amount of food you eat is too much.”

“It’s embarrassing walking around with you because you are so big.”

My self esteem simply went crumbling down…Now I had to try and lose weight to make him happy and make sure he would not leave me for a slimmer woman.  Long story short, the relationship was toxic and I decided to end things and start anew to regain my confidence and get back to the bubbly person that I am.  The journey started in August 2014 and has been ongoing since then.


Blue Dress 83 kgs Red Outfit 75 kgs

Now I have lost a good 8 kgs and still going strong.  Just last week I ran 10 kms non stop and even I couldn’t believe it!  I am in a happy place, I am strong, healthy and committed to exercising and eating healthy.  To be honest, back then I WAS overweight, but I think that when you are in a relationship with someone and you have their best interests at heart you will find a way to tell them that they need to work on their weight in a manner that won’t offend them or kill their joy.  Then again, if he hadn’t been so cruel maybe I would have never had the courage to leave and start working on myself and what makes me happy.  The irony of it all is that just the other day I bumped into him and he told me just how sexy and well-toned I was looking.  A little too late now huh?

Anyways, ladies, if you are struggling with weight issues just know that there is hope and only you are standing between getting your sexy back!   It will take time, change doesn’t happen overnight but once you see the results you won’t want to ever stop, it will become a part of your life.  Now all those comments that used to break me are a thing of the past.  The number of people who have asked me what I have been doing to look so trimmed are countless, even my workmates are asking me for tips on how to get back in shape.  It’s a good feeling to know that you can overcome the things you think are the greatest obstacles once you put your everything into it.

“Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going.”



7 thoughts on “I Brought My Sexy Back!

  1. What a horrible individual he was! Thank goodness you were bigger so he showed his true colours and you could get rid of him – plus you were motivated to get fit and healthy and love youself as well! You are so much better off for having that experience – and a hundred times better off for getting the confidence to kick him to the curb! You look amazing and deserve nothing other than praise and adoration! Xx

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    • Thank you for the kind words Leanne. When I look back now I realise he actually did me a favour because if he hadn’t been so negative, all these positives would not have come about 🙂
      Thank you for reading and I am looking forward to reading more of your work.

      Liked by 1 person

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