My friend and NikePlus running partner Tariro sent me this video on WhatsApp a few days ago.  You have to watch and listen for yourself.

Tariro and I have been on this weight loss journey since last year in August.  When you see us now you would never believe we are mothers.  We look so yummy it’s a crime!  It is sad that in our culture when most women enter motherhood they completely let go of their bodies and look nothing close to what they were like before pregnancy.  I vowed that I would never again in this lifetime be a couch potato.

BUT getting to where we are today has taken a lot of hard work and dedication especially the past month.  It has been blistering cold and getting out of a warm bed to run has not been the easiest thing to do but we have soldiered on.  We send each other a WhatsApp message first thing in the morning at 5 am to remind each other that it’s that time of the day again and we go out there and give our runs 100%  I would recommend you use the NikePlus Application, it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me ever since Felistas introduced it to us.  Tariro says the hardest part for her this winter has been leaving her warm blankets and having to run in the dark.  For me the hardest part was running the 1st km.  Each time I would be telling myself that I don’t need to be doing this to myself, life is too short to wake up and run away from home. LOL

unnamed (2)

Tariro & MaKupsy

We have lost weight the natural way.  No crash diets or some pills to promise instant weight loss.  It has been clean eating and exercise; hence why it has taken a lot of time to get the bikini bodies but we are definitely enjoying this lifestyle change.
Now instead of sitting about at home doing nothing constructive we look for fun activities to do.  Like the day we went to watch a rugby match.  Months back you would not have caught be dead at a sporting event!

I on the other hand can not wait for summer so that I can show off the body I work so damn hard for every single day.  Crop tops here I come!!

“If you want to succeed in anything that you do, make sure it hurts.”  Emeka Badiwe



8 thoughts on “MAKE SURE IT HURTS

  1. I need to make you my accountability partner. Eish the way I have slacked the last couple of months is not even cool at all and to make it worse these cold temperatures have been making it hard to walk. 😦 That’s it tonight I am having soup!

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