My Top 15 Favourite Bloggers

Ever since I started blogging I have come to look forward to reading to certain bloggers work.  Please don’t get me wrong, I enjoy all the work by the bloggers I follow but a girl has favourites right?  Today being a lazy Sunday I would suggest you take a peak at some of the blogs I absolutely enjoy.  They are in random order so follow and read whatever blog title tickles your fancy.

1. Curvy And Courting

2. Raelyricscribes

3. Soul Brother Number 2

4. Sexual Reminisces

5. Anna

6. A Opinionated Man

7. Rinse Before Use

8. Life Through The Disability Lens

9. Normal In Training

10. She Is Love 19

11. Write Shian Write

12. Worldiction

13. Successful Parenting Today

14. Mumz The Word

15. Adoptive Black Mom

There you have it.  Take a look see and get to see why I simply can not get enough of their blogs.

Have a fruitful Sunday.



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