Someone Is Shopping By My Window!

I woke up this morning and realised my scouring powder was missing.  I am freaking pissed off beyond words!  I know you are thinking, what’s the big deal, that costs less than a dollar.  Well, it is a big deal because it happens to be MY scouring powder which I bought with my money and it was stolen from my window sometime today before I woke up!

This is not the first time this has happened.  A few weeks ago i was about to do the dishes but decided to clean my stove first.  I keep my cleaning products by the window so I reached out to grab a bottle of surface cleaner and it wasn’t there.  I automatically assumed I had ran out and so I just replaced it with a new one and continued with cleaning and doing the dishes.  Then last week I got home from work and wanted to do the dishes and some tidying up that I had been postponing on doing and noticed that both my dish washing liquid and surface cleaner weere gone!  That’s the time I realised that the first time I thought I was out of cleaning products someone had actually stolen from me!!!  I was so annoyed I went to see my friend from downstairs to vent and she had a field day laughing at me but encouraged me to keep my windows closed.  Guess what, she also got her cleaning products stolen a few days later.


I have stayed at my place for a few years now and this has never happened before.  It means either someone new has moved into the complex and has decided to do their shopping from our windows or there is someone who has decided to steal and resell these items.  I honestly don’t get it; but either way I am flat about it!

A part of me is thinking maybe I should just fill up an empty container of cleaning products with a bucket full of my pee but what will that help?  Chances are whoever is doing this will come back and throw it through my window just to piss me off even further.  Then I am left with no choice but to stop keeping anything by the window both in my kitchen and in my bathroom(in my own place!!!) because that’s the only way I can stop them from stealing from me.  I feel like a prisoner in my own home and it’s not right!  This also means I have to keep my windows shut because who knows what they will do or throw through my window when they realise that I no longer keep anything there.

What is making things worse is that those products cost money;they don’t come cheap and I can’t be replacing them every other day.  How does that person even sleep at night though?  How do they keep coming back to steal from the same place as well? The whole time knowing you are just going to take things that don’t belong to you and making the next person so upset and messing up their budget at the same damn time! What’s wrong with the world??



5 thoughts on “Someone Is Shopping By My Window!

  1. That’s all kinds of weird… I mean, I could sort of understand if you left jewellery or something by the window, but cleaning products? Aptly named post: What the heck!

    Tape a post-it to your cleaning products, explaining that you’ve installed a web-cam near your window, and will be forwarding the footage to proper authorities. Might be an effective deterrent…

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    • My blood pressure was up to my eyes the day I wrote that blog. I am feeling a whole lot better now though but now no more putting anything AT ALL by the window. I have learnt my lesson.

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