I Burnt 1000 Calories

I have always complained that throughout my running journey I have never managed to burn 1000 calories during a run.  BUT guess what I did this morning?  I got up, dressed up into my running gear but today I didn’t wear my tracksuit top because I knew the run was going to be intense and I didn’t want it to start complicating my run.  If I layer up at some point during my run my clothes feel like they are actually weighing more than me…or maybe it’s just in my head?


I MADE IT I MADE IT I ran the whole 13.1 km without a single break and I am so proud of myself.  Running is a serious mind game.  All sorts of things go through your mind and you think to yourself, why don’t I just stop and go back home?  Well, if you are a woman on a mission you can’t help it you will keep going and you will reach your target because that’s what focused and determined women do!

Right now I am suffering from serious hunger pangs but I told myself I will not stuff myself with any unhealthy food options especially after doing such a splendid job.  I am drinking water like it’s the last thing on earth and when breakfast time comes I am going to eat like the queen that I am.  I deserve it!  I can’t wait for summer to get here, I know my endurance levels have sky rocketed and my runs will be a breeze come rain or shine.  If you have been meaning to workout and you haven’t what’s your excuse??



8 thoughts on “I Burnt 1000 Calories

    • thank you kindly 🙂
      tell me more about this workout journal of yours i also want one.
      and as for running 5 km with dumbbells, you are boss!! I have a hard enough time working out with them imagine running with them!!

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      • workout journal :simple really, a fancy way of saying I write down my expected workout routine and goals for the week down to the day and then can tick off what I did do or not do and track progress…. (noticed you got them nikey thingies hahahaha)
        psshhh these light things thats only cardio you should see what I bench press (not bragging at all lol)

        *keep running*

        Ps you are invited for coffee http://wp.me/p3NqTj-2G

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