Throw Back Thursday

MaKupsy pregnant at 9 months. The little missy in orange is Miss Kupsy’s cousin Emily

That photo was taken just a week before I gave birth to Miss Kupsy in September 2011.  Man oh man, pregnancy is one road I do not wish to travel anytime soon, maybe in my next life l will have another baby.  I went through a roller coaster of emotions, changes, and interesting experiences.  Let me share a few of them:

  • The morning sickness was from the devil himself! I had it for three straight months. I could not keep anything down and had to survive on water only.
  • I could not stand the smell of uncooked beef, heated oil, milk and eggs.
  • I could not stomach any form of fast food.
  • I used to sleep like there was no tomorrow. My lunch break at work was dedicated to making a makeshift bed under my desk and sleeping my hour away. Thankfully I had my own office back then.  The moment I got home after work I would bath and jump into bed. Imagine going to sleep at 6pm and waking up the next day at 6am, utter madness if you ask me.
  • Fruits were my best friend once the morning sickness wore off. The fruits in season at the time were masau and I would sit and eat a whole bowl of them by myself. Any other fruits were still welcome, ohhhh and cucumbers were my favourite, I could never get enough of those!
  • My then best friend ended up calling my baby bump lemon because I enjoyed eating lemons with salt. I would nicely peel them, put them in a plate, sprinkle lots of salt and enjoy.
  • I used to cry for no reason. The slightest thing would get me all worked up.
  • I was crazy about sex; I could never get enough of it. My libido was at its highest. The father of my child used to complain. You would think he would be happy right?  I oversexed him I suppose…
  • I already am a neat freak but when my second trimester hit, the rate went on overdrive. I could not stop cleaning. I would wake up at 6am, clean the house, do the laundry, cook and bath and each time I thought of something that needed to be done I would get up and do it.
  • I used to bath not once but three times a day. I always left the house looking like I was going straight to the airport. Funny!
  • I loved long walks; I could not get myself to sit still.
  • The visits to the gynaecologist were the most uncomfortable ones. For some reason I used to think he would ask me to open my legs and take a look at my vagina! HAHAHA crazy thoughts. The other reason they were never something to look forward to was because for all the 9 months I went to there on my own and I watched other women with their partners, the father of my child had zero interest and used “I am scared of the doctor’s rooms” as an excuse…anyways, MOVING ON…
  • My skin was flawless; I had absolutely no pimple in sight, or blemish or blackhead, nothing at all.
  • I terribly missed sleeping on my tummy after my first trimester. You have no idea how precious it is to lie on your tummy until you are pregnant!
  • The number of guys who attempted to ask me out for a date when I was pregnant was insane. I think some men just have a weird thing for pregnant women. Either way I found it quite amusing.
  • I read a lot on pregnancy, books, magazines, online articles you name it, I read it!
  • I listened to a lot of music when I was pregnant, and when I did so I could feel my baby move, I guess it was her way of saying she was enjoying the sounds.
  • I talked to my unborn baby from the second trimester till the day I gave birth. I read it in some magazine that it was good for the baby.
  • I have always prayed but when I was pregnant I prayed the most and the hardest. I asked God to bless me with a healthy baby and He did.

Now that’s one detailed #ThrowBackThursday



19 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday

    • Morning sickness was the worst, and any form of food used to trigger it. Thank you, in my next life i will be pregnant and looking great again. Lol


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    • Thank for reading dear. I am glad it has helped you in some way. The only thing that used to work for my morning sickness was not eating and did I lose a lot of weight or what! And yes I agree, the blessing that comes after will be worth all the 9 months of discomfort. 🙂


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