Hello August!  It’s a brand new month and I for one am completely looking forward to doing things differently from this month going forward. I realised that the past few weeks I have been putting other people before me and wishing and hoping those around me would do the same for me.  Guess what, you will wait your whole life if you think someone else will magically guess what you like and what you want to make you feel happier.


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So in the spirit of being good to me I bought myself a lovely bunch of roses yesterday afternoon mainly because there is just something about flowers that warms my heart that I can never explain.  The last time I got flowers was in April on my birthday and that’s like 3 months ago!  I remember complaining to my cousin that it’s been months and no one is sending any flowers my way and I was getting pretty pissed off about it.  Then just a few days ago I read a Tweet by Makholisa where she said something along the lines of buying herself fresh flowers each week and I thought why the hell not?

As the new month starts I just want to remind myself each and everyday that I deserve to treat myself right, I deserve to take a break when I am tired from this thing called life, I deserve to indulge in some delicious chocolate every now and again because I work out too damn hard not to, I deserve to take myself out and dress up and look stunning while I’m at it, I deserve to go for that photo shoot that I keep postponing and most importantly I deserve to be happy.

All I can say is do those things you have been contemplating about so many times because this life is too damn short not to!

August is officially my DO NOBODY ELSE BUT ME MONTH.



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