This Getting To Know Someone Business

This a note just to say I am sick and tired of this whole so what’s your favourite colour, what do you do for fun, what’s your family setup like, do you want to have kids blah blah blah.  Gosh! No one ever warned me just how much of a drag getting to know someone can be as you get older.  It starts off on a hyped note, you realise you have common interests, the calls, the messages but somewhere along the lines you realise maybe just maybe this isn’t exactly what you are looking for and guess what? You have to start all over again.  I have always been about making new friendships and what not but lately it clearly is not my thing.sobbing-emoticon

I am exhausted and I don’t think I have the energy anymore, I am too old for this shit.  I think I am actually tired of meeting new people.  Should I be worried?



8 thoughts on “This Getting To Know Someone Business

  1. You’re perfectly fine to want “awesome” and not “boring.” Keep demanding it. Stay unapproachable and create a bubble of interesting people around you who have more to offer than the same questons. We have something in common. I had this same thought days ago. I went to the tech store to purchase a case for my camera and the store attendant asked me, “Where are you from?” I live just down the street. I am an expatriate living away from my home country for fifteen years and have lived in this present one for eleven of them. I know he just asked me that because of my complexion. Yeah, how original. The dark skinned girl must have just landed here two seconds ago and speaks your language fluently. My solution? Wear large sunglasses and tell people with a straight face that I’m from another planet.

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    • Hey Scott, I actually haven’t been looking and I have been bumping into the strangest of people. You are right, it certainly is a crazy realm and I don’t know if I still want to be a part of it or not.

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