I Hate My Home Town!

Ever since the day we moved to Marondera sometime in 1994 I knew I would not like staying there.  I went through Junior School wishing I was back in the town I had grown to love and adore… Chinhoyi.  I was relieved when I had to start High School and found a place in Harare which is a good 73 km away from Marondera.  Marondera is cold, like throughout the whole freaking year, you can never get a break from the miserable weather.  It can be sunny during the day but trust me when night comes you are guaranteed to feel the chill.  That is one of the many things I never used to and still don’t like about the place.  I never made any actual friends there, I had neighbours I would play with and talk to, but not anyone close.

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My dad was very strict growing up and I had a 5 pm curfew and was never allowed to go anywhere far without supervision.  Talk about being in a mini prison.  I actually had days I would plan on running away but they never materialised because I didn’t know where exactly I would run away to.  I know my dad had good intentions but some days I feel like it stopped me from making friends and exploring the town.  Maybe just maybe I would have grown to like some parts of it.  I remember the day I finished High School I promised myself that I would NEVER EVER go back to Marondera and live as far away from it as possible and only visit during special occasions and holidays; it was that bad.

The way I simply hate Marondera is beyond me. Each time I visit I spend the whole weekend indoors because there is absolutely no form of entertainment or anyone to even think of visiting.  The place drains me to be honest, all my feel good hormones go straight out the window when I go there.  Is there a cure for hating your home town?  I doubt it very much.



9 thoughts on “I Hate My Home Town!

  1. after reading this couldn’t help wondering about the leaving (on foot) and never looking back (on foot) how far (on foot) would you actually go (on foot), before you realise you cant run away from yourself (on foot, even a car too.)
    I ran away from home once but that had nothing to do with hating my town, I didnt want to go to kindergarten cause they forced us to take naps in the middle of the day (and I never sleep) So I walked away from home managed to get lost and realised the flaw in my plans. I asked a random security guard to direct/escort me to the police. Got to the police explained that I got lost (left out the running away from home bit obviously) but I could state my full name, my parents’s full names, places of employment, home address and my home phone number. (Darn I was a smart kid) They called to verify then went to drop me off, and funny enough no one had missed me, everyone thought the maid had taken me to creche and the maid thought the parents had. After that adventure it was decided I didnt have to spend the whole day at creche and I got to leave when everyone else had their afternoon naps
    *all’s well ends well*

    Ps nope there is no cure for hating your hometown that I know about but if its there its in the realm of hypnosis or time travel ^_^

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    • I liked how you kept going (on foot) that really got my attention. You were one smart kid indeed and at least you found your way home. I don’t think at that age I remembered my home address but I definitely knew how to get back home 🙂
      Thank you for sharing your story and I really wish there was a way to just not go to Marondera but it can’t be helped.
      It’s going to be a lot of travelling for me then to get over the hate.

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    • It’s not easy and maybe if you spend a lot of time away from it…but then again I have tried that and I still don’t like it there 😦


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