Miss Petty

I think people just take advantage of me sometimes and when I look at it it’s not a good thing at all.  I always complain on my Twitter timeline about how my work colleagues are constantly asking me for one thing or the other.  If it’s not coffee, it’s probably juice, or a sandwich, a piece of whatever I would have packed in my lunchbox or whatever I happen to be eating at the time, pain killers, tampons, yes; they don’t stop at food!  I have just about had it and even after telling them to buy their own supplies they insist on coming back to ask for my things.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind sharing but what I do mind is the same person (people) who keep asking me for something all the damn time!

Let me break it down…I had a whole 500g tin of coffee just a few months back and someone discovered that and since that day him and another colleague were coming to my desk almost everyday to ask for coffee.  I didn’t mind the first week but after that I clearly told them that it was not on and they had to buy their own coffee but alas, it was certainly falling on deaf ears.  They went on to finish the whole tin and you think they replaced it? NO.  Did they keep coming back to ask for coffee?  Of course not, but listen to this, one of them actually had the audacity to ask me “When are you buying some more coffee?”   The freaking nerve!  I simply ignored him.  I know you are reading this and probably thinking MaKupsy is a tad bit petty but this is a real problem and I am actually pretty upset about it and I know if I write about it I will feel a whole lot better.

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I pack a lunchbox to take to work on most days.  The reason behind it is because I prefer my home cooked meals and healthy sandwich options that I can prepare on my own plus I save a lot of money while I am at it.  I remember when I first started working at my current work place everyone would laugh and ask why I would pack a lunchbox at my age and I was puzzled to note that a packed lunchbox had an age restriction, really??  Anyways, after they realised what was in my lunchbox the “Can I have a a bite” requests were endless, at first I would share but later on I decided this is crazy, I only have one child and I don’t remember taking her to work with me so these very able bodied people should leave my lunchbox alone!

Then there is the tampon issue.  I think that every woman should keep tampons or sanitary wear on her person and if she goes to work it would be ideal to keep a stash in her office drawer because it’s the surest way of preventing “accidents”.  I work with grown ass women, women way older than me (who you would assume are more organised than me) but trust me I am guaranteed that one of them will come to me asking for a tampon; which I gladly give them because these things happen.  What I then don’t understand is how you continue to come back month after month and expecting to get a tampon from me.  Where in the world do you think these tampons are coming from?  Definitely not Santa Clause!!  I happen to BUY my tampons and they should be doing the same too.  Better still, after asking from me so many times how about actually replacing my freaking tampons!!! So now whenever anyone comes to ask for them I simply say I don’t have any because there is a pharmacy right downstairs and they should go there and buy themselves a whole packet for all I care.

I am feeling better already after venting about this.  I am not social welfare people and my patience has been tried for too long, from now on I won’t give anyone anything because I am sick of people taking advantage of me!



9 thoughts on “Miss Petty

    • I’m glad I’m not being petty. Everyone has the same hours in a day man, they should take time and fix something for themselves the same way I do!


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