Unexpected Life Lesson’s from a Trey Songz Concert

So those who know me know how I’m constantly lusting after Trey Songz. I mean look at him. Trey-SongzDoes anyone blame me? Those lips though *sigh* Anyway, I digress. So this past Sunday my cousin and I went to Trey’s concert in Joburg which was held as part of the Women’s Day celebrations. We made sure we got there EARLY and our efforts were rewarded as we ended up being right in front. Woohoo! The show was fantastic. Much fun was had. I spent half the time screaming my lungs out lol. I keep telling people I had like 3 seconds of eye contact with him but no-one believes me. Ask him, he KNOWS we had our moment!! Anyway, there actually is a point to this post and it’s not thirsting over Trey.

Believe it or not, I actually got a few life lessons from this concert. Three actually. And here they are:

  1. Make yourself visible

Trey is well known for regularly bringing fans onto the stage with him during his concerts. I’m sure every woman that attends his concerts always secretly wishes it will be her. At this concert, he chose this sweet looking young girl. Why did he chose her? He said he noticed her because of this huge board she had made on which she had written she wanted a hug from him. She made herself noticeable. Remember, this is not about Trey’s concerts only, but life in general. If you need things to happen and for certain people to notice you, make yourself noticeable. It may be at work, a potential partner or whatever. Make sure you somehow stand out from the crowd. She was just an ordinary looking girl so she definitely wasn’t chosen based on her looks. She came with an agenda and she made sure he saw her.

2. Let people know what you want

So this chick and her board. She wrote clearly that she wanted Trey to hug her. And that’s what she got. A lot of the time, we get upset because people don’t give us what we want or treat us how we want to be treated. This is especially true in relationships. We expect people to guess or behave like prophets and prophecy what we want. Life doesn’t work like that. Clearly state what you want (and what you don’t want) and you will get exactly that. You will also be a much happier person.

3. Put in the work and you will reap the rewards

The day before the concert my cousin and I had done A LOT of walking as she was only in Joburg for the weekend so we wanted to fit in as much shopping as possible. Our feet were KILLING us. We hoped a good night’s sleep would help but alas, feet were still hurting the following day. We had planned to go to The Dome pretty early so that we could get good positions near the stage. We almost didn’t because we were so tired. But we pushed ourselves and by 4pm we were in the queue for the golden circle ticket holders (which had already formed). After a long wait we eventually got in and we had the best position. Trey only started performing at 9:30pm but we were right in front and could not have been any closer to the stage 🙂 If we had decided to give up, we wouldn’t have had such a great experience with Trey literally just a few meters away. It was worth the sore feet in the end. This applies to so many other areas in your life. Don’t give up. Keep your end goal in mind. Put in the work even when it’s hard and I promise you, you will reap the rewards and it will be worth it the end!

So there you have it. Totally the last place I would have thought I’d get any interesting lessons. But I guess lessons are always all around us. All we have to do is just be a little more observant of what is going on around us!

For all you Trey fans, check out these snippets of the concert taken by yours truly.

Enjoy! 🙂

LMAO. Do you hear me SCREAAAAM? Lol!

This is as close to a selfie as I got lol

This is as close to a selfie as I got lol


IMG_20150812_091107 Yvonne-Michelle Tinashe Chiangwa is a shoe-obsessed blogger, proud Zimbabwean, human rights advocate, lover of travel and sapiosexual. Tina loves to write about the interesting things she sees going on in the world around her. Her moto? Live, love, laugh…and laugh some more! 🙂 Check out her witty blog lifewithdimples.wordpress.com


4 thoughts on “Unexpected Life Lesson’s from a Trey Songz Concert

  1. Goodness! I have a lot of favourites lol. Heart attack, Fumble, Already Taken, Sex ain’t better than Love, Slow motion, Simply Amazing, What’s best for you, I know, All we do…..errrrm yeah, A LOT of favourites *hides* Thanks for reading! 🙂


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