Why Women Cheat


Brace yourself, the following post is not for the faint hearted.  Women cheat, it’s just that they don’t go on talking about it the same way guys do. Some of the information may surprise you, some will enlighten you, you may roll your eyes and judge but that’s the situation on the ground.   Life happens and at some point some women have cheated or think about cheating.  I suppose not everyone was cut out to be “Miss Goody Goody Two Shoes.”  A few women share their stories below:


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Escape from reality

Yes I have cheated because I met someone who excited me more than my partner did. Someone who made me feel alive at the time. Usually it’s fun yes but it mostly ends badly. Fact is that the guy you cheated with was never a serious thing. He was a whirlwind romance, an escape really. Sometimes the one you cheat with probably has someone in his life and he is also cheating. However there are the rare ones who are single and will actually try making things work out in that cheating scenario. Best cases are the relationships that may come out of cheating.

Forbidden fruit

I have cheated. I cheated because I was selfish and my needs were not being met and it was frustrating, got an escape, all the attention from the guy I was cheating with.  It was not everything, obviously the fun was that it was stolen wares they sell twice as dear. He called every morning, kept tabs on me, made me feel special but I never wanted to leave my guy, even though my cheating partner was okaish, It was just that a little fling to keep me sane. I eventually couldnt keep up, I loved my guy but my needs were not being met, and I knew we had to talk. The best things in life are not free, they are forbidden. the guilt, the adrenaline of cheating OMG.  I loved/love my boyfriend with all my heart and he may kill me if he knew he may be very disappointed, but ndakanakirwa hangu(I had a good time) please!!!  The other guy’s flaws made me realise my own boyfriends good side, I learnt that my guy loves me maturely and respectfully, he is human and honest, he is not going out of his way to impress me all the time but he loves me, I gave him the most breathtaking kiss ever the next time I was with him he asked what that was for, I lied…To be honest, all that kiss was saying was, I am sorry I had strayed I love you. For the record, I left the guy I was cheating with because I couldn’t give him my all. It was superficial, I had to be real with myself.  On the flip side, I learnt to communicate better with my guy, and understand him as well. Once we were in sync, paradise was peaceful again.  And you know what? I would never have known if I hadn’t cheated, maybe, who knows?

Intellectually Stimulating

Personally, I like an intellectually challenging man, but once I feel like you’re unable to stimulate my mind, or failing to keep up, I side track.  I’m attracted to men’s minds before physical appearance and all.  That was one reason I cheated once.  The other reason I think some women cheat is that you get bored of the same person.  It’s not so much the routine that you get bored of but when you know someone in and out you can predict things like reactions.  Those things then annoy you and you end up wanting a “change of environment” so to speak. Lastly, some women will forever compare their boyfriends to other men no matter what good he does.  It’s the comparing thing that exposes your man’s flaws so much, you tend to start getting attracted to the men you thing have “better” features; more money, are more caring, more attentive, bigger dick…the list is endless.


I have thought about it. But I didn’t get to doing it because I felt bad. But it was during those times when he doesn’t give you as much attention as he used to then there’s some guy who’s there giving you all the attention that you’re craving. I think men just get a little too comfortable and stop doing what they used to do. Its the little things that they stop doing that you tend to notice; things like getting you something on his way home or telling you stuff that he used to tell you all the time that they end up taking for granted.



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And I am sure you are all wondering if I have cheated before? Well, the answer is yes.  Not that it is something to be proud of but I had my reasons.  My number one problem was that I did not forgive my then boyfriend for cheating on me.  Instead I took him back and pretended all was well while in the meantime I was planning my revenge.  It was both emotional and physical cheating and in my mind I blamed my partner for turning me into this person who wanted to pay an eye for an eye.  I really wanted him to feel the same pain he put me through, the sleepless nights, the broken heart.  Did I regret ever cheating on him? No, not even a single bit, because we were even, he cheated, I cheated so I didn’t have to grin and bear it anymore.  Will I cheat again? NO that is seriously emotionally damaging and I do not plan on going through the lies and the secrets, too draining.

Moral of the story?  Women cheat for all sorts of reasons but thankfully it is not every woman who does.  And guess what, MOST times when women do cheat, they don’t get caught…



36 thoughts on “Why Women Cheat

    • Yes, and it might be sad for guys to find out that not all women stay true. But hey, we are only human right? We learn through each and every experience.


    • Most do not realise that sometimes all a woman really needs is some good old tender loving care but they get too comfortable to realise that. 😦


      • I’d like to add that the men they cheat with have a solitary goal and can bestow all their attention upon the woman who has strayed, while the husband in many cases, caught up with work, involved with raising their kids with homework and after school athletics. Marriage is difficult, and both parties should know when they do get married that there will be difficult times. Boredom ought not to be a mitigating factor in tearing a family apart.

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    • You are spot on! When they feel they matter there is absolutely no reason to go out there and look for something else. From the women’s experiences it shows that the men in their lives were definitely lacking somewhere and that lead them to look for alternative affection.


  2. Honestly, as for me i am not even surprised…i always know when my woman is cheating….i am always way ahead of her..my intelligence skills are just too much…i notice even the slightest change of behaviour kuti pano pane zvavakutoitika and i dont waste time saying ndichazoinvestigator, in catch you ipapo ipapo…and i investigate ipapo,ipapo…no one successfully cheated on me without my knowledge,,vamwe vanofunga kuti i never caught their cheating..no, you are wrong..i just didnt bring it out, otherwise i knew all the details, nekuti waenda kwaari nguvai, sei, wakapfkei, waiteyi…i had all the details…

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  3. Whenever they do those surveys, they show a certain percentage of men cheat and a certain percentage of women cheat, and if you do the math, you realize the men are either cheating WITH the women or one chick is REALLY getting around.

    I’m not sure the reasons matter… or the subsequent rationalizations.

    I have a story where the MC has a brief affair. It was tough for me to think of reasons for him to cheat, and reasons for his wife to take him back. One scenario I came up with was that she was cheating, too. I didn’t go with it because it was a distraction but also because it was even harder to figure out that angle – if I had read this first, maybe it wouldn’t have been!

    My position has always been if I wanted to cheat, I’d go to my wife first and tell her. Not because she’d say, “Okay, honey! Have fun! Take a sweater in case it gets cold out!” but because I made a deal to be truthful and she deserves to know the truth. (If they find my body in a ditch somewhere, we’ll know that was a bad strategy.) Then we’d separate or divorce or whatever, but I’d keep our integrity. It’s not a well thought out plan; I don’t intend to ever use it.

    Great post. Eye opening, as always.


  4. All the stories seem understandable. We’re all human. I think another reason (by personal observation) could be that she’s so used to dating guys that are players / cheaters that she develops the same habits since “there’s no reason to be faithful anyway” may be a thought that develops in her heart and also may be an mindset used as a defense mechanism to avoid getting close to someone that will hurt them.

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    • Sometimes I worry that you probably live in my head because I can completely relate to what you say. I have been down that road where I simply told myself “there’s no reason to be faithful” and I only realise that now it was actually a defense mechanism…How sad 😦

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