Day 1 – Blog Everyday Challenge

I have finally decided to brace myself and embark on a Blog Everyday Challenge in the month of September.  I would have dared myself with everyday till the end of the year but I think 30 days is a good start just so that I don’t get some form of writer’s block along the way.  I usually post a blog every other day during the week but everyday, WOW this is a real challenge for me but I know if I stay focused I can complete it.  So here goes:

Day 1

Today I will share my guilty pleasures.  If you follow my blog you know that I am all about watching what I eat and counting my calories BUT I do have my cheat days and on those random days this is what I usually eat;

  • Kefalos Belgian Chocolate Ice-cream (it tastes soooo delicious I make sure I buy a small cup because if I buy the whole tub I might as well skip supper)
  • Pizza
  • Chocolate; I prefer plain milk chocolate.  The rest of the chocolate with nuts or fruit or whatever else they add in chocolate is a no for me.
  • Cake; either chocolate or carrot cake, I promise you those were made just for my taste buds!

I realised that if you deny your body what it craves for when the time comes you will overdo things.  I eat the foods I love the most in moderation because life is way too short to miss out on the tasty things, right?





8 thoughts on “Day 1 – Blog Everyday Challenge

      • Its a lifetime challenge really. I’ve been blogging for others on UpWork and, but I think with enough posts I should be able to generate some zeros from my blogs. You have any plans like that here?


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