Day 2 – I Want My Sex Back

Some days I ask myself whether the world is full of shitty little people or I simply make shitty little decisions.  Here is my shitty story.

Once upon a time; a really long time ago before I got my head screwed on properly I zoomed in on an Avi on social media and I liked what I saw.  This guy had the juiciest lips you have ever seen and me being the sort to go on and grab the things I like I called him and told him that I wanted to kiss him.   Who does that? ME, I do things like that when I’m in my bored let’s do something out of sync moments.  Naturally the guy was shell shocked but oh well, I simply wanted to get a kiss and get over and done with it.  Turns out he was working out of town so chances of seeing him were close to impossible so instead we decided to take things to WhatsApp.  We would chat all day, every single day and going to bed was actually becoming something to not look forward to because that would mean not being able to talk to each other.


We eventually met and true to what I had seen on his Avi he was delicious looking as ever.  We kissed and was I happy or what?!!!  His lips lived up to my expectations, could it get better than this?  We had already been sending flirty and sometimes erotic messages so yes we had sex.  (For like two minutes)  When I look back I actually think it probably never happened, maybe I imagined it all?  There is no way I can possibly forget about having sex, honestly.  What happened after was the shocker of all shocks.  I asked him that question most women avoid at all costs.  I went all in and asked “So what are we after this?”  Wait for his reply… “I am not in a space to be dating right now and you and me as boyfriend and girlfriend, that could never work.”  I kid you not, he said that right in my face and I was absolutely speechless.  I wasn’t expecting us to start dating, in my head I was thinking we could be adults and discuss a way forward but the reply I got, I was clearly not ready for it!!  This was a guy who had just seen me naked, stuck his less than average sized dick inside me for less than TWO MINUTES and had the nerve to tell me that?!!!

He had jokes I tell you, some maaaad jokes!  But I didn’t take offence.  I was not prepared to short change my vagina anyway.  The first thing I did when he then sent me a message the next morning was to tell him that I could no longer be in touch with him because that chapter of my life was closed.  He actually thought I was joking and continued to send me messages which I ignored because once I make up my mind about something that is it; there is no going back.  The other lesson I learnt was not to actually listen to my insane thoughts, the things I end up getting myself entangled in are too funny!  Lastly, I have no hard feelings over this guy but I really do wish I could take my sex back, the kisses where divine he can keep those but gosh just bring me back my sex!!!!




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