Day 4 – My Hair Game Is Non-Existent

I used to be a huge fan of human hair extensions.  The only difference was that I used to get the synthetic hair and that was okay until it started doing serious injustice to my hairline.  The main reason I liked the extensions was because my hair doesn’t grow past a certain number of centimeters so at least with that I didn’t feel so bad after all for having not so long hair.

Eventually I chucked the synthetic hair and just round about that time that’s when the Brazilian/ Peruvian/ Virgin hair came along.  I have no idea which is which but I do know it is expensive.  I hear the minimum you can buy this hair that cascades down your back is a good $250.  Please note that these are UNITED STATES DOLLARS.  If that’s the minimum price I shudder to imagine what the maximum is!  This is the reason why my hair game will never succeed in this lifetime.  There is no way I am willing to part with that kind of money for hair alone.  Mind you, you haven’t even included money you will pay the hairdresser or whatever other chemicals or sprays that need to be used to keep the hair looking flawless.  The few women I have seen with this hair look absolutely gorgeous in it and the rest; well, I think they are either buying the imitation version of the hair or are perhaps not taking good care of it.

Chances of seeing me in this lifetime with Brazilian/ Peruvian/ Virgin hair are close to none because I simply can not afford it.  It is way out of reach for me.  If anyone ever offers to buy it for me they would be doing a huge mistake because I promise you I would sell it. (judge me all you like)  The things that I could do with $250 between me and my daughter!  I guess it’s also a growing up thing.  You accept that some things will just miss you and that’s okay, we can’t possibly have everything we want in this life.  I keep my hair short, saves me both time and money and I use the money for other constructive things and at the same time I stay very well in my financial lane.


photo credit the lovely @mtchikawa (Twitter) rocking her Brazilian 20 inch hair

For those who are rocking the human hair and doing a great job of it then well done ladies and keep doing what you’re doing!  As for those who are not, I reserve the right to remain silent.



10 thoughts on “Day 4 – My Hair Game Is Non-Existent

    • I worry about you Beaton, really. Hahaha
      I wonder what they call it too, now I have homework on my hands.
      I have plans of getting dreadlocks sometime soon, you are going to be amazed 🙂

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      • thats ok because I never worry about much especially not myself, though with a certain reluctance admit that I swallowed a bit of dye earlier trying to get rid of the specks of grey in my beard, I worry I have dyed a lil on the inside….
        …to dye or not to dye that should be question…

        I grew my own hair by not getting it cut and trying my best to not do illegal stuff and or at least not getting caught doing it… ( your hair gets cut when you get arrested)

        Are you suddenly going to manifest a miraculous sprouting of locks on a Nicodemus tip? Now that would amaze me 🙂

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  1. If I had African hair, there is no way I would be spending 250 Us dollars for extensions. No way ! First, because I would have much better use for that money. Secondly, dare I say it ?, I wonder whether this hair extension is not somewhat racist, a self-loathing act. Like having straight hair like a white person is what is beautiful and there is only one beauty and that beauty is white. A bit like people whiten their skin.
    I’m not saying this is the only reason, though. As a child, I dreamed of having curly hair. At the dance studio, there was this black girl who braided her head and she didn’t need pins, it just stayed like that, flawless. How I dreamed of that hair….

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    • Agreed, agreed, agreed! At the end of the day I have just concluded that some of these women just do it so that they are seen by other women. Why in the world would anyone spend so much money on hair alone? I know someone who after visiting her I was amazed to find out she didn’t even have a bed in her apartment and yet there she was with her Brazilian hair.
      It’s all about priorities at the end of the day and like you said it probably has something to do with self-loathing.
      It’s sad that we can never be happy with what we have because what we usually wish for the next person probably takes for granted.
      Thank you for reading and I hope some day soon people will love themselves just they way they are. 🙂


    • Agreeing with everything you said MsNaUnd but to add, I wear Brazilian hair out of pressure. Just like Makupsy, I never really used to be bothered. My natural hair grows but slow in growth and I prefer short hair as it is more manageable, however, my hairdresser would always push me towards this “new” hair by guilting me, saying things like, ‘all these women of today are doing it…’ So in the end thought, why not? Let’s try out the fuss. I must say though, the whole thing is overrated and not to mention difficult, expensive and time consuming to take care of. I’m back to braids. I’m so tired of picking out shedded hair from my 100% wool rug 😂😂

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      • Felistas, you HAVE to send me a photo of this wool rug of yours, I have a feeling it’s white as well.
        I am glad I am not alone on the keeping my hair as is trend. I actually want to get my hair braided sometime soon. It’s easier to manage especially with all this running I do. All I have to do is shampoo it and go. 🙂
        You look lovely in braids by the way.

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      • The rug is Cream and Red but given the state of my bank account after purchase, I have no problems at all making rules particular to my rug LOL. I don’t even like shoes on it….and children near it LOL.

        Aww, thank you for the compliment. Braids are my go-to. I can wash them just like my own hair without the fear of tangling, unlike Brazilian hair. Also, when exercising, are very convenient. You should definitely go for them. I’m sure they’ll look great on you.

        Off Topic…..what shampoo do you use? The dandruff that sometimes accumulates on my head needs deliverance 😦

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      • Hairdressing is a business..;-). I can’t remember the number of times I was asked wether I didn’t want “waves” “curls””some volume” etc. I just have such very plain and very straight hair….


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