Day 5 – Evening Bath

How many times do you take a bath in a day?

I take two baths every single day that God created.  One in the morning and the second one just before bed time.  There have been cases when it was really hot and instead of having my lunch I would go home and take an afternoon bath.  That’s just how much I love me some water on my body.


photo taken from

The image above is what I would ideally want my evening bath to be like but it does happen on very rare occasions; when both water and electricity are cooperating.  Some days I am just too exhausted to go all out and all I want to do is jump in and out just so that I can get on with whatever I want to do.  I can never get a goodnight’s rest without my evening bath.  I have tried it once before just to see if I could sleep but it never worked out.  I was tossing and turning in bed till I eventually got up around mid night to take a bath.

Not only is bathing therapeutic but I get to wash away all the sweat and body contact I encountered during the day.  Nothing beats going to bed smelling oh so delicious, chances of having the sweetest dreams are right up there.  Who knows who you might dream off; you need to be looking nice in case Theo Walcott appears in your dreams to give you a breath taking kiss.

On that note, let me get ready for my evening bath and look sexy for my dreams.



2 thoughts on “Day 5 – Evening Bath

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  2. what if you are like a pillar of salt and every bath you took, a little piece of you got dissolved away until the was nothing left, you wouldn’t be so eager to bath twice a day…..

    note well, that is not my personal bathing theory.



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