Day 6 – Easy Like A Sunday Morning

I have a love hate relationship with Sunday.  I love it because I get to relax and unwind but I hate it because it’s a reminder that I have to get back to being normal and stop spending my day in my PJ’s doing any and everything at my own time and pace.

On my list of things to do today I have:

  • attempt to get out of bed
  • decide on whether to go to church or not
  • do an indoor workout DVD for 30 minutes
  • take a bath
  • fix one heck of a big breakfast because I don’t plan on going back to the kitchen anytime soon today

    unnamed (1)

    I am having a glass of fruit juice because I miss red wine so bad but it now gives me a serious headache so now I have settled for this.

  • take a walk
  • take a lot of photos of random interesting things, selfies included
  • try and catch the 12:30 pm  movie
  • buy a bunch of lilies on my way home after the movie
  • take a 45 minute power nap
  • wake up to a dance playlist to get myself in cooking mode
  • decide on whether to cook supper or eat out but chances are I will cook and include some meals for the week that way I can just reheat as I go
  • take a nice hot bath
  • enjoy whatever I decide to cook for supper
  • jump into bed and watch a movie and send endless WhatsApp messages to the man who stole my heart and probably won’t give it back

Have a lovely Sunday everyone.



5 thoughts on “Day 6 – Easy Like A Sunday Morning

    • And then Monday comes…I think it’s harder to wake up on Monday’s and then to make things a little more spicy you wake up to the perfect weather to stay in but you have to get to work. Sigh…


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