Day 7 – Give Away Challenge

I’m hosting a give away today and here’s the reason why…

MaKupsy Giveaway

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I woke up on the right side of the bed today and I decided the moment I get to work I will blog all about something that was making me smile.  Then I got to work to realise that the wallet I assumed I had left at work was actually not there!  I was gutted but after calling my mum she told me to go back home and check one more time before jumping into conclusions.  Guess what, I FOUND IT!! In the midst of my panic attack I had told myself if I find my wallet I will give away $5.  (So here I am keeping my word.)  Then I thought, hey, I have a blog, why not make use of advertising it and the winner gets themselves a cool $5 after answering a few questions.

Here are the questions:

  1. What was the title of the first blog I ever posted?
  2. Where or what does my blog name derive from?
  3. In which blog post do I write “When you break up take time to be on your own.  Go through the grieving process, feel the pain and loss of not having the person who was your everything, talk to a friend, watch the sad movies, if you go to work take days off to get yourself back together.”?
  4. Who was the Zim Hip Hop Artist that I interviewed on my blog?
  5. What is the title of the page where I document my weight loss?

I’m so happy I found my wallet.  Money for my daughter’s birthday gift, my driver’s licence, my bank cards, my spending money were all in there and I was relieved to locate it.

If you are in Zimbabwe this is your chance to win a little something to start your week.

Do you want $5 or not?



17 thoughts on “Day 7 – Give Away Challenge

      • So I have the answers ( I think) anyhoo to business

        1. This one was a bit hard, I tried to remember if you mentioned it in a recent link, then I did it the hard way scrolled all the way down (yeah way too much free time on my hands)
        3rd of June 2014 found Catching Feelings

        2. This one is easy Makupsy is Mai VaKupsy so thats roughly Kupsy’s Mother Kupsy being your daughter Kupakwashe’s “nickname”

        3. Ok I cheated on this one, I google searched hahaha the post is Butterfly

        4. I found this one while scrolling through to get to the start Mr Tehn Diamond for what!!

        5. my health fitness journey

        how did I do should I call up terrific Tuesday???


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      • CONGRATULATION Beaton! You are the winner of my first Give Away Challenge! It’s great to see a reader who reads through my work and supports my blog. Thank you for taking part and it will definitely be a Terrific Tuesday for you 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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