Day 9 – The Answer To Fighting Stress!

I am sorry to announce that my blog title was misleading, but seeing that you already clicked the link let’s get on to reading shall we?  I unfortunately do not have the answer to fighting stress but I can tell you how I manage my own stress or fears.

  1. I run.  I already have a serious and dedicated running workout plan but when I am stressed out or worried about something I run like there is no tomorrow at a pace that even scares me.  Maybe it’s my body’s way of “running away” from my troubles.
  2. I read a lot of self help articles online.
  3. I fix myself something to eat that is packed with a tonne of calories; most days it works but on some days I end up feeling worse than what I was initially feeling. (Don’t try this idea)
  4. I fix  a seriously strong drink and down it. Unfortunately my alcohol tolerance levels are pathetic lately so two or three glasses later I fall asleep.
  5. I call my closest cousin or text my very close friends on WhatsApp and try to figure out what to do about how I am feeling.
  6. I sleep.
  7. I take time off from work to try and sort out my feelings.
  8. I attempt to cry.  I am messed up like that, I can’t seem to cry for reasons that I still unknown to me.  But making out faces of what I would look like when I am crying helps me in a weird sort of way.
  9. I try and keep a positive mindset and remind myself that this too shall come to pass.

There you have it the 9 not-so-effective ways to fighting stress, do attempt them at your own risk.



5 thoughts on “Day 9 – The Answer To Fighting Stress!

  1. I’m an emotional eater so food is my go-to. On days I am stressed, I allow myself suicide using a spoon and ice-cream, complete with a soapy movie ala The Notebook or similar and some wine. This helps despite feeling crappy the next day…..except that I go by the rule, everyday is a brand new one.

    Exercise tends to help me too but when I’m stressed, I generally tend to be much more lazy than usual. If I do chose to exercise, it’ll be for the longest time I can push and also at a crazy pace. My personal trainer loves me on such days cause there will be less complaining and more doing.

    Then……a phone call to my mother. This always seem to solve all my issues. I have the most insightful woman on my side and after crying to her, life seems to go back into balance. I normally complete this with a hot bath and a movie…..or a nice book 🙂

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