Day 11 – Wakandipedzera Nguva Yangu (You Wasted My Time)

I got into the office and started listening to Selmor Mtukudzi.  I absolutely love this track, the beat and the message speak to me and I know after you listen to this track you will want to get your dancing shoes on. She sings about how a man wasted a woman’s time and decided she wanted some “space” in their relationship.

I want to know from you; have you been in a relationship where you felt that the next person was taking you for a ride?  At what point did you just say enough is enough?  Did you keep holding onto something  you could see was clearly going nowhere?  What were the signs that made you say my time has officially been wasted?!



6 thoughts on “Day 11 – Wakandipedzera Nguva Yangu (You Wasted My Time)

  1. I had a guy who started calling for space, i waited. Sent him msgs telling him i understood and i was waiting. He would come and go as he pleased just claiming he is thinking and then he told me he was done i said ok. He showed up 3weeks later acting like all was well then disappeared for good after leaving with the task of how to make us work. Smh

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    • Eish, now that was unfair. You can’t be strutting in and out of someone’s life as you please just like that. I hope you managed to get past it. Someone like that doesn’t even deserve a reply if he ever attempts to get back in touch with you. You deserve to be with someone who knows exactly what they want!


    • I am so sorry to hear that. That must be the worst feeling ever. Look at the bright side however, you realised it before you had gone too far into the relationship. Things could have ended up pretty badly if you had not.
      I am curious though, has this changed your take on relationships or you still give your 100%


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