Day 15 –

I got to work super early today even I was surprised.  You see there was no reason to stay at home lounging when I could just get up and leave for work.  I didn’t have breakfast today, it’s one of those days when you wake up feeling all shades of fucked up.  So instead of a solid something to eat I am munching on a carrot as I type this.  Man I am BORED!!

Is this what growing up is all about?  Everything is so routine, like what ever happened to the spice in my life?  Work, home, work, home, work, home then the occasional outing.   I need me some adventure!  The only problem with adventure however is that it might have to include a bit of alcohol and in my world alcohol spells calories and I can’t afford to do that given my lifestyle change.  I have tried just about anything to stop myself from feeling bored but the feeling just won’t shake off and today it’s actually worse than before.  Maybe the problem is I have just about done everything I set myself out to do this year so I probably need new challenges.

What’s a girl to do?  Suggestions are totally welcome.  I need some stimulation!!!



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