Day 16 – Friendship & Shoes

My friend of how many years…let me try and count and try to recall how many years it has been and once I remember I will let you know sometime in this post.  Saru and I met when I moved into George Fleming House in 2006.  That was the very first time I started staying on my own.  Well, not really on my own but far away from home.  George Fleming House has a hostel set up so there are rules, regulations and roommates, if you choose to have one.  We had a blast staying together and minus me playing Elevator by Florida featuring Timbaland every morning without fail we got along pretty well.  I remember the one time she sent me a message when she was in China telling me she was listening to our song and remembered the crazy old days.  Our room was conveniently right next to the swimming pool and that was one of our favourite things to do after complaining about how much noise our neighbours were making.  If Saru is reading this she will definitely remember the “Paida” days where I used to go and knock for our neighbours who would insist on staying up till ungodly hours just to make noise for the rest of the hostel wing!

It has been 9 whole years of friendship.  Oh my days!!  I had not actually realised just how long it has been before today.  I had never counted.  Ours has been a “long distance friendship” because she has been out of the country for the most part of it.  However, thanks to technology we have kept in touch throughout the years.  First through Facebook, which I ended up not liking one bit and deleted close to two years after using it; then through email and thankfully WhatsApp.  She has been there for me through a lot of drama.(insert heartbreaks,bad decisions,domestic violence,baby daddy issues,new mummy trials,achievements,weight loss journey right here!)   I have been there for her as well through the trying times and the best times of her life.  Sadly I can’t tell you about her story, it is hers to tell.

unnamed (1)

killer heels from Saru; now the task at hand is to pair these up with a killer dress 🙂

Today she leaves for Nigeria and I have no idea when I will see her next.  I do know that I will miss her tonnes and we will keep in touch.  We have one of those friendships were talking every single day is not a must but we know that we are in each others thoughts and prayers.  We are both just a message away when we need someone to talk to.  Yesterday she passed through my office and dropped off this beautiful pair of heels because she knows I love nice things and was I happy or what?!!  I am actually still happy and waiting to rock these babies when I go out for a dinner date.  A VERY BIG HINT TO MY MAN!!  I don’t like surprises by the way but she knows I love surprises that come in the form of to die for shoes.

Thank you for the lovely pair of shoes Saru and I pray you have a safe journey.  I will definitely visit once you settle in because if I don’t get to do so now I never will.  I wish you all the best and beautiful things in life my dearest.

Oh yes, she is a huge Instagram person so you can follow her over here.

Though miles lie between us, we are never far apart, for friendship doesn’t count miles, it’s measured by the heart.”



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